20 Best Zoechip Alternatives To Watch Movies/TV Series

Zoechip is a great streaming service with a lot of movies and TV shows to choose from. At Zoe Chip, you can also find a list of all the best-selling books. It’s a big plus that Zoechip is completely free. You read that right: you can watch movies and TV shows for free on Zoechip. Zoechip.com was a dream come true for movie fans for a long time.

So, in the last few weeks, copyright claims have been made against this platform. But Zoe chip was shut down in several parts of the country in the end. Still, sites like Zoechip are very important to keep the “binge” game going.

A long time ago, Zoechip was the best site to stream free movies and TV shows. As with any other platform, Zoechip.com has had to shut down its services because of legal problems. Because of this, the official website for Zoechip is no longer available, but there’s good news for people who care about this. With sites like Zoechip, it’s easy to keep up with your daily dose of fun. We’ve put together a list of 22 of the best ones available.

20 Best Zoechip Alternatives To Watch Movies/TV Series

The finest Zoechip alternatives or sites that are similar to Zoechip are listed below.

1. Viewster




Viewster is a free streaming website that has built up a huge library of digital web content in the last couple of years. It offers a wide range of movies and TV shows in genres like horror, anime, thriller, action, etc. Viewster is often updated with new movies that are popular, including right now. The site also has documentaries that you can watch. Still, what makes Viewster one of the best alternatives to Zoechip is that it is easy to use and is available in many languages, such as English, Spanish, German, and French.

2. SolarMovie



Most importantly, you don’t have to sign up to use SolarMovie. You can just go to the site and start streaming 720p HD versions of many of the most recent movies and TV shows. SolarMovie is also a great choice because it has a huge library of HD movies and TV shows that will suit the tastes of every kind of movie fan. Overall, SolarMovie is one of the best alternatives to Zoechip for people who don’t want to join free streaming sites.

3. Popcornflix




Popcornflix is another great alternative to Zoechip, where you can find movies from almost any category. Popcornflix also stays at the top of the video game because it has a huge library full of everything from cult classics to the latest blockbusters. You can also use its simple search bar to look through movies in categories like Horror, Science Fiction, Action, Thriller, Comedy, etc. Fans of TV shows like Game of Thrones, The 100, The Walking Dead, etc., can also enjoy the activity and stream the latest episodes of their favorite shows like these with ease and grace.

4. FMovies




Even though it gets into fights with people who own the rights to movies, FMovies is always at the front of the pack when it comes to giving its millions of followers around the world full HD movies. The website is known for making up new domain names every now and then to avoid being shut down. Also, it has a large database of movies that are being added every minute. Check out domains like Fmovies.to, Fmovies. is, Fmovies.io, Fmovies.se, etc., to get to FMovies content. Choose the one that works best in your country.

5. Putlocker




Suppose you have ever before streamed movies free online. Then you must have found this cool website called PutLocker, which lets you stream and download your favorite Hollywood or international movies from the comfort of your own home. Also, the site’s huge movie collection is constantly updated with new digital content, so you can be sure to find movies that have just come out. PutLocker has been the best way to watch free movies online for a while now. It also lets you save your favorite movies in a list format so that you can find them quickly. Look for alternatives to Bflix as well.

6. Movie4K




Movie4K has movies and TV shows that are in HD quality. Movies4K has a lot of videos to choose from. This site streams videos in different qualities, such as 1080p, 720p, 350p, Bluray, WEBCAM, DVD, and so on. You can also watch videos without paying anything. Many languages can be used on this site. Movie4K has a lot of different kinds of movies and TV shows, like comedies, dramas, action, etc. Also, look for alternatives to Zoechip.

7. GOMovies




GOMovies is one of the best ways to watch top-rated movies for free besides Zoechip. One of the best things about GOMovies that sets it apart from most other websites that sell movies is that it also shows recently released movies. The service might not be legal in your country because laws and rules can vary from place to place. Also, look for other sites like Movies7.

8. Vumoo




Vumoo has a user interface that is very similar to Netflix, and it also offers free HD movie streaming online. Also, you don’t have to sign up to check out and stream a wide range of movie genres, top-rated IMDB videos, and popular video clips. You can also stream the most recent episodes of TV shows like Game of Thrones and Supernatural. So much so that before you watch a movie or TV show, you can read about it or use the preview feature to check it out. If you want to stream full HD movies, Vumoo is one of the best alternatives to Zoechip. Also, look for other options for Sudoku.

9. Yidio




Yidio is one of the best alternatives to Zoechip for people who want to stream content from multiple sites at once. It is a unique search site that brings the best of all worlds together under one roof. It also includes movies and TV shows that are streaming on Hulu, Netflix, and other sites on its portal. You don’t have to keep a lot of tabs open. As a result, there is now a huge library of free movies, TV shows, and online streaming options. Look for other words to replace Afdah.

10. Tubi TV




Don’t want to pay for a membership that costs money every month to watch movies and TV shows online? Then Tubi TV is a good way to fix your problems. Sign up for a free account on the site, and you can start streaming popular movies and TV shows whenever you want. And, if you want to watch free movies on your Android phone, Tubi TV has a special app for that. Also, look for alternatives to GenVideos.

11. 123Movies




123Movies is a very popular website for watching free movies online. It has a huge selection of movies, and TV shows that you can stream without any restrictions. The main reason why 123Movies is one of the best alternatives to Zoechip is that the site doesn’t have delays and is mostly stable and bug-free, even when there are a lot of people using it. But 123Movies has had many problems with copyright, so it would be better to use a VPN service to get to it. Also, look for other sites like TamilYogi.

12. Kissmovies




Kissmovies is one of the best alternatives to Zoechip for watching movies and TV shows. It has videos of good quality. It has comedies, dramas, action movies, and so on. Kissmovies is like a whole package for streaming online, and it’s free to use.

13. MovieWatcher




Movie Watcher also gives you the chance to watch movies online for free. It has videos that are of HD quality. Even though it’s free, you have to sign up in order to watch movies. Videos are put in order by how popular they are and when they came out. There is also a search engine that lets you look for movies.

14. IOMovies




IOMovies has a nice way to use it. It has a huge number of movies that are out now. This site has a lot to offer. You can also watch shows on TV. It has movies that are in HD quality. Sorting motion pictures by genre is available, plus it has some unique features. It has great content and is a great alternative to Zoechip.

15. CMovies



Even though it’s the same as all the other options on our list of the best Zoechip, CMovies can be used as a backup resource if other sites aren’t working for whatever reason. Fairly, though, CMovies does have a wide range of scary movies that are hard to find on other free streaming sites. So, fans of scary movies should definitely check it out.

16. WatchFree




Many people think that WatchFree is the best place online to stream documentaries, movies, and TV shows like Grey’s Anatomy, The 100, Supernatural, etc., and its name says it all. No undesirable B.S. With WatchFree’s immersive and very clean interface, it’s easy to get around. You can sort through a huge number of movies, and a section is set aside for the newest ones that come out each week or month. There is also an IMDB section where you can watch top-rated movies based on their IMDB scores.

17. Niter




Niter makes searching for movies, anime, TV shows, and high-quality videos online much easier with a simple search bar on its home page. Niter Movies has a responsive user interface that makes it easy to get around, and it also has a lot of free streaming options. You can stream TV shows and anime and choose from a wide range of movies, from action to comedy.

18. Netflix




The slogan “Netflix and cool” is still going strong, as Netflix has become the best place to stream movies and TV shows online for free. You can watch Grey’s Anatomy, The Walking Dead, and even Supernatural here. This trendy streaming site also has a wide range of movies and TV shows, but you can only watch them for free for about a month. After that, you will no longer be able to sign up for free.

19. Sony Crackle




Crackle has become a major player in the free streaming market after becoming well-known as the site that offers uncut Director’s Cut versions of movies. Crackle has all of the great things about Zoechip, except for the free shows that you can stream. You can stream anything, from hit TV shows to your favorite movies, which are sorted by genre in its huge video library.

20. Hulu




Modern Family, South Park, SNL, and Hulu are all popular TV shows, and now there’s a great new way to watch episodes of those shows. Hulu has been right behind Netflix for a few years now. It has a list of several networks that you can stream in real-time, and you can watch new movies. Because of this, it is a great alternative to Zoechip if Zoechip isn’t working. Even Hulu’s own content is free, but you have to pay $5.99 a month to get unlimited streaming.


In this post, I’ve made an effort to provide you with several great Zoechip alternatives so you may enjoy some time viewing your favourite movie for free online. You can utilise any of them to view the movie of your choosing, or you can visit all the sites mentioned above, such as Zoechip, and pick the ones you want.

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