Best Youtube2mp3 Alternatives In 2022

Every YouTube video you’ve watched is available for free MP4 and MP3 download with Youtube2mp3. Any computer, phone, or tablet can be used to access the service from anywhere in the world.

Your favorite videos can be converted for no cost and without providing any personal information or without the creation of an account. Once you have entered the URL into the Youtube2mp3 tool, choose a format and click the “convert” button. You’ll be able to view your MP3 or MP4 files in a few seconds.

You can quickly download your converted files since YouTube2mp3 videos are always converted to the best quality available. Check it out; it’s among the greatest Youtube2mp3 or Mp4 converters on the market.

What is Youtube2mp3?

The top YouTube converter, Youtube2mp3, makes it simple to download and convert YouTube videos to MP3 and MP4 files. You may use the service anytime, anyplace, because it works on PCs, mobile devices, and tablets. Your favorite videos can be converted completely for free without requiring registration or personal information.

You must copy the URL, paste it into the text field, choose a format, and then press the convert button. Your MP3 or MP4 content is available for download within a minute. Videos from Youtube2mp3 are always converted to the best quality possible, and you may quickly download your converted content. Try it out; compared to the competition, it is one of the best YouTube to MP3 or MP4 converters.

Why Is the Mp3 Audio Format So Popular?

The most widely used audio format is MP3. You can balance the quality and size of the file by creating these files at a number of bit rates. The efficient file size has made it the preferred format for file exchange on the internet. This format is the greatest audio file format for browser compatibility because it is supported by all current browsers.

Features that YouTube to Mp3 Converter can provide are:

  • The capability of file conversion to high resolution.
  • A quality selection option for file converting.
  • You may be able to download the subtitles using some software. If you wish to download a video that is in a language other than your mother tongue, you must have this feature.
  • A few premium apps, like 4K Video Downloader, offer cutting-edge functions like cross-platform compatibility and the ability to download 3D YouTube movies.
  • The ability to download playlists in bulk will be incredibly useful (Watch Later Playlist, etc.).
  • Most of the tools allow you to convert the file into various formats in addition to Mp3.
  • Some tools have built-in capabilities for editing videos.

Legal or illegal?

Although it is a paid service, YouTube Red allows users to legally download YouTube videos. Technically, downloading copyrighted content is unlawful, but converting a YouTube video to an MP3 file is legal. According to, it is illegal to use a YouTube converter to download a personal copy of a YouTube video. However, it is acceptable to download a converted YouTube video as an Mp3 file.

Best Youtube2mp3 Alternatives In 2022

The following choices were made following a thorough examination and analysis: You can decide whether Youtube2MP3 or Mp4 converter best suits your requirements. Without further ado, let us begin:

1. ClipConverter




With the help of the free online program Clip Converter, you may record, convert, and download almost any audio or video URL.

Currently, supported services include Facebook Video, Vimeo, and YouTube (HD, 720p, 1080p, and 4K). Just give it a shot! You may watch your preferred YouTube videos on your PC, TV, or nearly any other device without having to download them with our free and speedy converter.

2. Converto Youtube Mp3 Converter


Converto Youtube Mp3 Converter


Converto and the Converto platform are divided by this internet portal. It is quite easy to use. All you have to do is copy the video’s YouTube URL and paste it there along with the download button on the Converto website.

The website, however, seems to be contaminated because opening it tries to download something to your computer’s hard drive. Make sure you have a proper antivirus program installed on your computer to guard against such events.

3. KeepVid




The best online video downloader ever! Keepvid can perform a number of operations with your web video library. You can use it to help you download the collection again to your device.

The greatest Youtube2Mp3 converter can help with collecting video from Facebook and publishing it on Instagram. You can use Keepvid to turn that special, lovely Instagram video into an mp3 file so you can use it as your new phone ringtone. All of this and much more are things Keepvid is capable of. The most well-liked are listed below.

4. ToMp3




Thousands of YouTube videos can be saved to your device for free using ToMp3, the greatest free YouTube video downloader. We assist you in preserving the original video’s audio and visual quality. Without an internet connection, you may still enjoy YouTube videos with the help of this fantastic program.



The YouTube Downloader on YT1 can be used to download YouTube videos. With our downloader, you can easily convert YouTube videos to MP3, MP4, 3GP, WEBM, or M4A files and download them for free. This service works with PCs, tablets, and mobile devices and is the finest alternative to Youtube2Mp3. The best quality video conversion is always used.

6. Y2Mate




The most well-known web application in the world, Y2mate, was created exclusively for YouTube users who want to download their favorite YouTube videos and audios. It is a free platform that can be used on any device and is accessible from anywhere in the world.

You may convert videos from Facebook, Dailymotion, Youku, and other comparable platforms to Mp3 and Mp4 in HD using this web-based solution. In addition to others, it supports all video file types, including Mp4, 3GP, FLV, MO, and WEBM.

From your favorite websites, you may rapidly download hundreds of free videos. The option to search for your favorite movie by typing its name into the text box or by simply pasting the URL to the film you want to convert is one of this platform’s most exciting features. Y2mate also offers limitless downloads, is always free, doesn’t require registration, has a high-speed converter, and supports downloading in all formats, among other advantages.

7. BigConverter




You may easily download YouTube videos in a variety of formats using BigConvert Online YouTube Downloader.




Everyone’s needs are met by the free online downloader As a consequence, you may convert and download movies from YouTube using our tool in the highest quality possible, even those with a high resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, also known as the finest 1080p alternative to Youtube2Mp3.

Downloading high-quality YouTube videos has never been simpler, so do it right away and enjoy the site’s content in full HD offline. Whether you think it’s true or not, there is a noticeable difference between 1080p and 480p, and you should be able to watch any movie in the highest resolution available.

Specifically, using our YouTube video downloader to transcode and download YouTube videos in 1080p format.

9. SaveFrom




One of the oldest and most reliable websites for downloading videos is Savefrom. After pasting the video URL, you are given a number of file format choices.

There are no pop-up ads or other interruptions, and the download starts right away in your browser. (There are very few advertisements.) the best substitute for Youtube2Mp3. Although Savefrom only supports 720p MP4 resolution and misses some of the more sophisticated features featured in other premium tools on our list, it is entirely free to use as much as you wish.

10. OnlineVideoConverter




OnlineVideoConverter Converto is one of the best Youtube downloaders now accessible and is another reliable and simple application.

Not to mention that it is the best y2mate alternative and will enable you to download MP4 video files if necessary. You can choose from a number of customization choices, such as editing your clip’s ID3 tags or downloading just a segment of a video. If you only need 30 seconds of a two-hour video, this is incredibly helpful.

11. 9convert





With 9Convert, you may get hundreds of songs in MP3 format for free from YouTube. The downloaded music is kept in the same high quality as the original video using the best Youtube2Mp3 converter. Now you may conveniently listen to music while offline while watching YouTube videos.

12. x2convert




The best Youtube2Mp3 substitute is X2Convert, a free online platform that lets you quickly convert and download videos on the internet. You can download video from the internet in any format and resolution (360p, 480p, HD, FullHD, or UltraHD) thanks to web services (mp4, WebM, audio, 3gp).

The best YouTube converter is X2Covnert, which can convert YouTube to MP3, MP4, and many other formats.

13. Videoder




A free video downloader for Windows and Android is called Videoder. The application enables you to download 4K videos from over 1,000 additional websites in addition to YouTube (whereas the android version lets you download from a little over 50 different sites).

Users of the PC version can also make their own libraries of music and movies. As a result, there is no need to buffer or sort through a mess of files.

14. HitPaw




A powerful program for converting movies and music files into a number of device-compatible formats is HitPaw Video Converter. It’s a fantastic tool for beginners because it’s really easy to use and has an intuitive structure that makes navigation straightforward.

Additionally, the conversion speed is quite swift, which makes it the best option for people who need to convert a number of films to different formats quickly. It has an unparalleled feature set, and it is quite convenient to be able to convert movies and music into more than 800 different formats. It is also very helpful that it can download media with only one click from more than 1000 well-known websites. The robust and flexible video editing tools enable us to customize our videos. Everything you need to produce outstanding, expert-looking results is included in the free edition. HitPaw Video Converter is a solid video converter that you should give a shot. Overall, a great product that we wholeheartedly recommend.

15. iTubeGo YouTube Downloader


iTubeGo YouTube Downloader


You may download videos from well-known websites like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Dailymotion, Vimeo, TikTok, Pornhub, Xvideos, SpankBang, and xHamster with the iTubeGo YouTube Downloader.

The SD and UHD video formats 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K, and 8K are all supported on YouTubeGo. iTubeGo can extract the music from videos and save it in high-quality 320kbps MP3 format in addition to downloading the videos themselves.

16. SnapDownloader Video Downloader


SnapDownloader Video Downloader


Another well-known name in this subcategory of software programs is Snapdownloader. You can use it to download YouTube videos in MP4 format.

If you’d like, you can convert the audio to an MP3. This application stands out since it allows users to download videos with an 8K resolution. Most music websites’ MP3 download options are supported.

17. Video Hunter


Video Hunter


A full-featured HD video downloader called VideoHunter can convert online videos and audio from over 1,000 websites, including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SoundCloud, Vlive, Niconico, Bilibili, TED, and CNN, to MP3, MP4 formats. It does this with a user-friendly interface and lightning-fast speed.

With quality options from 1080p to 4K and even 8K, VideoHunter offers an exceptional offline experience.

18. 4K Video Downloader


4K Video Downloader


A well-known source of free material retrieval tools is a 4K Downloader. The 4K Video Downloader, which enables you to download videos from websites like YouTube, Vimeo, and Facebook, is their most well-known product.

This is yet another tool that needs to be downloaded before usage, similar to TubeMate. Only Windows is currently compatible with it. You may download entire playlists using the 4K Video Downloader, just like with a few of the other tools previously mentioned.

19. Allmytube – Download Videos from 10,000+ Sites


Allmytube – Download Videos from 10,000+ Sites

A very effective YouTube to MP3 converter is AllMyTube. It is not only easy to use, but it also supports more than 10,000 websites that stream video. The capability of AllMyTube to send downloaded audio and video files to iOS and Android devices is a big benefit. It may download entire YouTube playlists and channels in addition to individual videos.

20. Airy Youtube Videos Downloader


Airy Youtube Videos Downloader


You will be astounded by Airy YouTube Downloader for Mac and Windows superb quality in every way: it is functional, aesthetically pleasing, and convenient. This program sincerely values your time.

The software, suitable for a variety of video and audio formats, is made to provide nothing less than complete delight.


Is it prohibited to download MP3s from YouTube?

Is it acceptable to download music for personal use from YouTube? Quick response: Yes. If you do not have formal consent, you are not acceptable to download copyrighted content. You are permitted to “rip” or download the audio and the video from YouTube uploads if the content is not copyrighted.

Why am I no longer able to convert YouTube videos to MP3?

MP3 and MP4 are the two output formats that are offered. Similar to, you may also convert videos to MP3 by pasting the YouTube video URL into this substitute. Next, select MP3 and press the “Convert” button. Finally, click “Download” to stop experiencing YouTube to MP3 issues.

What is a converter for YouTube to MP3?

Applications and websites called YouTube to MP3 Converters let you download YouTube videos as MP3 files. Most of these programs/websites just need the video URL and output an audio MP3 file of the video that you can download and save locally.

Some provide further options for configuring the output audio files’ format, size, and quality. Using these programs or websites, you can obtain high-quality MP3 sound files from YouTube videos. Many of these services/websites don’t require registration. However, some of them have a history of security and privacy problems.


There are several YouTube downloaders, but some of them cost less money. The best-value apps include 4K Video Downloader, Youtube2Mp3, BitDownloader, and iTubeGo.

These programs allow for downloads from various platforms and save them in various formats.

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