15 Best UC Browser Alternatives In 2022

One of the best-rated web browsers, UC Browser, is stocked with features for a quick, effortless, and customized web browsing experience. Despite its stellar reputation, it’s important to realize that UC Browser has a few flaws you can hardly ignore. For example, the application frequently displays invasive adverts and notifications and uses a lot of RAM and storage space.

Furthermore, UC Browser does not give consumers the highest level of privacy. As a result, if you want speed, privacy, and an ad-free browsing experience, it is not the best web browser to use. You’ll be relieved to learn that there are other web browsers available besides UC Browser for using the internet. There are a few UC Browser substitutes with superior features. The finest UC Browser alternatives are listed below, especially if you seek the best web browsing experience.

15 Best UC Browser Alternatives In 2022

We have compiled a list of the Best UC Browser Alternatives. Let’s have a look at the list given below.

1. Mozilla Firefox


Mozilla Firefox


Mozilla Firefox is a well-known tool for browsing the web that gives users a lot of great options. And Mozilla Firefox is fast and works well, just like UC Browser. This makes it one of the best choices if you want to surf easily. Also, Mozilla comes with a mode called “private browsing,” which lets you surf the web without keeping a record of what you do. That means that cookies, history, and site data from the pages you visit don’t stay on your computer.

Even though the UC browser has the same feature, Mozilla’s private browsing is much better and safer to use. Even though they have some similarities that can’t be denied, Mozilla is better in some ways. For example, Mozilla’s accessibility features include Pop-up Blocking, Access Keys, Caret Navigation, and Incremental Finding, while the UC browser lacks most of these. That means Firefox is more than just a good tool for browsing the Internet.

Mozilla Firefox is also the best browser because it can be used all over the world. It can be used almost everywhere because it works with almost every language.

On the other hand, UC Browser only works with a few languages, which makes it less useful than Mozilla. Because of all of these things, Mozilla Firefox is a great alternative to UC Browser.

2. Google Chrome


Google Chrome


Because it has so many features, Google Chrome has been thought to be the best internet browser for years. The web browser is one of a kind and can do things that no other program can. Google Chrome is fast and reliable, just like UC Browser. It is also made so that it works well with almost any operating system.

Chrome’s developers added the ability to open many tabs so that it would be even better than UC Browser. This means that Google Chrome is better, especially if you use the internet a lot. Also, Google Chrome comes with a number of extensions that can hold more than enough to make browsing fast. You have to get extensions for UC Browser from Chrome Web if you want to use them.

Chrome also gets updates more often than UC Browser and other browsers. The updates are meant to keep the web browser up-to-date. For example, one of the new features is a checker for passwords. Chrome, unlike UC Browser, can help you make strong passwords for your online accounts and portals.

It is also made to let you know whenever there is a breach. That means you can feel safe as soon as you start using Google Chrome, which is the best alternative to UC Browser.

3. DuckDuckGo




Since its creation and release in 2008, DuckDuckGo has been advertised as a privacy browser, which has helped it gain a large number of fans. DuckDuckGo is a dedicated web browser, just like UC Browser. It makes it easy to go to different web pages and has many different functions and features.

But what makes DuckDuckGo different from UC Browser is that it cares about users’ privacy. DuckDuckGo was made so that its users are completely safe while browsing the internet. The app has a function called “forced HTTPS,” which makes sure that every site you visit is safe. It also has a scale from A to F that shows how secure a website is.

That means you can get a good idea of how safe a website is before you start looking around at it. All of these are unique features that you won’t be able to use if you use UC Browser. The tracker blocker on DuckDuckGo is another feature that protects users’ privacy and security. It stops advertisers from following you around the web. Also, DuckDuckGo doesn’t keep track of what you search for. In short, most of DuckDuckGo’s features make sure users are happy without invading their privacy.

4. Maxthon




Maxthon is another browser that can be used instead of UC Browser. It is known to give millions of people the best services for browsing the internet. There are only a few ways in which the web browser app is different from UC Browser.

For example, Maxthon is made to make it faster to browse the web by making it faster for different web pages to load. Also, the browser has a feature called “speed dial” that lets you save your favorite web pages so you can get to them quickly.Like UC Browser, Maxthon cuts down on the amount of data you use when you visit a website. With the help of the Smart Image Display tool, the web browser lowers the quality of images when it needs to.

Even though Maxthon and UC Browser have a lot in common, there are some things about Maxthon that make it a better choice. First of all, Maxthon has a much better user interface that makes it fun to surf the web. Also, the site has a unique tool for taking notes that UC Browser doesn’t have. Other cool features include a web clipper that works perfectly and can be changed to fit your needs and a blockchain utility that makes it easier for apps to use blockchain technology. Lastly, you will be surprised to learn that Maxthon has a dark mode in addition to a light mode. The dark mode changes the whole look of the web browser, giving you a different feel.

5. Brave Browser


Brave Browser


Brave Browser is one of the best alternatives to UC browsers that lets people surf the web at full speed. One of the main ways in which Brave Browser is better than UC Browser is because of this. Brave Browser blocks unwanted ads and turns off ad trackers so that you can still surf the web quickly. This means that the page loads quickly and without any problems.

Even though being able to browse at full speed is one of the cool things about the Brave browser, it’s not the reason why it’s one of the best UC Browser alternatives. When compared to UC Browser, the app is worth mentioning because it protects users’ privacy.

First, Brave Browser has a mode called “private” that gives you “real privacy” and lets you surf without leaving any traces of the sites you’ve been to. Also, when you turn on private mode, your browsing is sent through different servers to hide where you are. That is a useful feature that you won’t be able to use in UC Browser’s private mode. Brave is one of the best UC browsers you should look into because it is fast and has great privacy features.

6. Kiwi Browser


Kiwi Browser


Kiwi Browser is a useful program that can be changed to fit the user’s needs. It is designed to make browsing the web a great experience. The Web Browser is just as different as UC Browser, but it isn’t as fast. The Kiwi browser is a great alternative to the UC browser because it has a lot of great features that will help you have a great time surfing the internet. For example, the interface of the Kiwi Browser works with almost all Chrome extensions.

Also, it keeps user privacy safe. But then, just like with UC Browser, you have to change the privacy settings to keep your content from showing up on the pages you visit. As part of privacy, there is a setting that stops screenshots from being taken. When the privacy mode is on, no one will be able to take a screenshot of the pages you are viewing.

There is also an ad blocker tool with a pop-up blocker that comes with the Kiwi browser. You don’t have to worry about seeing ads or pop-ups that you don’t want because of these two features. The address bar on the Kiwi browser is at the bottom of the screen, which is different from the UC Browser. That makes it feel different, which is something that most alternatives to UC Browser can’t do.

7. Microsoft Edge


Microsoft Edge


Microsoft Edge is one of the most trusted browsers on the market right now. Like Chrome and Mozilla, Microsoft Edge is well-known and used by a lot of people. The main reason why this browser is one of the best alternatives to UC Browser is that it has great features like Kids Mode that UC Browser doesn’t have.

Microsoft Edge’s Kids mode is made for kids and has themes and pictures that they will like. It also keeps kids from seeing certain things. In general, the Microsoft Edge web browser works the same as UC Browser when it comes to bookmakers and syncing passwords. The browser also has security features built in that stop phishing for information.

You can also use the InPrivate search function, which is similar to the incognito mode in UC Browser. When added to the password monitor function, each of these privacy features makes sure that you can browse faster and safer. The best thing about Microsoft Edge is that it gets regular updates, which means you’ll always be able to find new features. Since the browser is run by one of the biggest companies in the world, it is reliable and continues to grow in popularity. Most devices come with the browser already installed.

8. Opera




Opera has become one of the most popular web browsers. It caters to a wide range of people, such as gamers with Opera GX, which UC Browser doesn’t have. Not only does Opera have a private browsing mode, but it also has extra privacy features. The browser gives you access to a great virtual private network (VPN) that hides your location.

You can also use a useful ad-blocker and pop-up blocker to keep the pages you’re looking at clear. Like UC Browser, the Opera browser is fast because of these and other things. Like UC Browser, Opera has the best news updates that you can read in the background. You can also choose to get alerts if there are any breaking news stories.

You’ll be most excited about Opera’s built-in messenger. The way to talk lets you stay in touch with family and friends while you’re surfing. This is a great feature that you won’t find on UC Browser or in most of the other browsers.

9. Surfy Browser


Surfy Browser


Surfy Browser is one of the most exciting apps that gives you access to billions of web pages and websites in a way that no other app does. The interface of the browser can be changed, which lets you browse in style. Surfy Browser is popular with young people because it has more themes and looks than UC Browser. You can also use the browser to make a menu that fits your needs.

So, when you’re done making changes to the platform, you’ll have a unique interface that meets your needs. The text-to-speech function is another thing you should expect to find on Surfy Browser but not on UC Browser. The feature turns text into sound, so you can listen to what’s on the website you’re looking at.

You’ll also be interested in the fact that you can switch between pages and you can turn on full-screen mode. The browser also lets you surf the web quickly, so you won’t have to wait long for pages to load. So far, Surfy Browser is one of the best UC Browser alternatives that you can use to browse the web better.

10. Vivaldi




Even though Vivaldi is a new web browser, it has proven to be a great alternative to UC Browser for many reasons. First of all, the web browser gives users the highest level of privacy.

The whole site has security features that stop phishing for information and keep web owners from keeping track of what people do online. Like UC Browser, Vivaldi comes with a tool that blocks ad trackers, so you don’t have to worry about being watched without your permission. The web browser is also quick. You can get the best speeds, especially if you don’t use the internet very often.

When you open the web browser, you can choose from a number of themes. So, it’s up to you to choose which of the options given is best. Even though UC Browser has this feature, it’s not as interesting as Vivaldi’s.

Lastly, to make sure that every user is happy, Vivaldi lets you make some changes so that you end up with a fully customized browser that works well. Because of this, the number of people who like Vivaldi keeps growing.

11. Stargon




Stargon is a small web browser that makes sure users can browse the internet safely. The site has been updated many times, which has made it a useful application. Some of the best features of Stargon that you won’t find in UC Browser are the ability to record and the easy-to-use interface that makes you look great.

Keep in mind that the web browser is still being worked on, so you shouldn’t expect too much from it. But then, you should think about Stargon if you want a web browser that loads pages quickly and doesn’t get in the way.

The most interesting thing about Stargon is that it has been made to give you an unbeatable browsing experience on any device. This is because HTML5, which is known for making browsers flexible, is used. Also, like UC Browser, the web browser recently added a tab for YouTube. Stargon, on the other hand, has the tab on the address bar.

The best thing about Stargon is that there are no banner ads. Also, the web browser doesn’t have video ads, so you can browse without being interrupted.

12. Tor Browser


Tor Browser


Tor Browser is one of the browsers that is growing the fastest. The whole program is made to protect user privacy, so you don’t have to worry about phishing data. Tor’s privacy is much better than UC Browser’s. The site uses a proxy network to hide what you are doing while you browse from your ISP.

The Tor browser also keeps users from being watched, blocks ads, and you don’t have to manually delete cookies when you’re done surfing. Users can also browse freely, making Tor one of the best alternatives to UC Browser. You can easily access websites and web pages that have been blocked. It is better than UC Browser because it is one of the few browsers that cares about user privacy.

Because of this, all traffic is encrypted three times before it goes through the Tor Network. This keeps information from being lost or stolen.

13. Ghostery




Ghostery is a great web browser that lets you surf the web without being tracked or followed. It is one of the few browsers that can protect user privacy better than the UC Browser. The browser is also quick, so you can easily move between web pages and websites. So far, its latest browsing suite has promised a lightning-fast browsing experience. Ads are another thing you shouldn’t expect when you use Ghostery. The browser gets rid of all the ads from your searches, leaving you with clean, easy-to-navigate sites that are less distracting.

You should also know that Ghostery is made to stop users from being tracked and watched. So, you don’t have to worry about other websites using your information to keep track of your online activities, like the pages you visit.

It’s also one way that Ghostery speeds up how fast websites load. Last but not least, unlike UC Browser, Ghostery comes with a website that looks nice and can be used by anyone.

14. Dolphin Browser


Dolphin Browser


Dolphin is a free web browser you can use on any device and have a great time with. And Dolphin is one of the best alternatives to UC Browser because it has many of the same features.

With Dolphin, you can easily open multiple tabs and look at different websites without any trouble. Dolphin also works with Flash, so you can watch videos while you’re surfing the web. Most importantly, Dolphin lets you use gestures, which makes it easy to browse. Even though it’s not quite the same, you can also get the feature on UC Browser.

Sonar, a smart voice search feature built into the Dolphin mobile app, lets you search with your voice, just like UC Browser. That means that, unlike with UC Browser, you don’t have to download and set up the voice search extension.

Dolphin lets you sync your data across multiple devices so that they all work well together. Remember that every Dolphin feature is meant to make sure you have a great time browsing the web, no matter how much you use it.

15. Puffin Browser


Puffin Browser


Puffin Browser is a great web browser that makes it easy to get on the internet. Unlike the UC Browser, Puffin is made to be used by individuals, families, businesses, enterprises, and schools.

That’s because, compared to UC Browser, the web browser is big and has great features that will make you enjoy surfing the web. For example, Puffin promises secure web browsing, which means you are completely safe while you are on the internet. Also, the web browser has a mode called “incognito,” which lets you surf in private. Once you turn on “incognito mode,” you don’t have to worry about your search history being saved on your PC.

The interface and design of the browser are even better than UC Browser, which means that the user experience will be even better. Last but not least, the web browser is made to avoid cybersecurity problems. Users don’t have to worry about hackers attacking them when they go to bad sites. The Puffin browser is a great choice for heavy browsers because it has all of these features and many more.


It is evident from the list above that UC Browser is among the top applications for accessing the internet, albeit it is not the only choice.

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