Best 15 TMDB Alternatives Websites to Watch Movies and TV Shows Online

Alternatives to TMDB: TMDB, or TheMovieDB, is a non-profit organization that provides information about movies and television shows. You can find a film or TV series that you wish to watch online. Since 2008, TMDB has been the primary data source for metadata, including information on which movies were the most popular in a given year.

Metadata is what TMDB is. In its interface, you’ll get the most up-to-date information on actors and actresses and information on the film’s sales and why it was made.

TheMovieDB can also assist bloggers and content writers who want to write about a film or television show. Finally, TMDB is a film review service that allows users to watch movies and television series in high definition. 

Best Sites TMDB Alternatives to Watch Movies and TV Shows Online

1. Primewire


Like TMDB, Primewire has its own website. You must first create a free document in order to watch movies or television shows. Logging in is as simple as it gets, just like in other sections. A simple blow of the wind is all it takes to create a blank document, which can then be filled out with the necessary information.

You can sort movies by the date they were released, as well as the date they were scored. Like 123Movies, the streaming quality here is also top-notch. That way, you can see the trailer before you sit down to watch the movie itself. The best information they provide is consumer feedback and an IMDB rating. PrimeWire is a fantastic choice for moviegoers from both Hollywood and India.

2. ViewSter


One of those “TMDB-like” sites. When compared to TMDB, it stands out; yet, the value it adds to this review astounds them. This is a venerable video-on-demand service that requires no registration and has a well-organized user interface.
It’s still stuck in the dreaded stage of film streaming.

To watch the movie, click on the read option and select your preferred format. It will play all of the movies and also make a schedule based on the genre you select. views allows you to create a document so that you may experience all of its features.

3. GoStream


Movie streaming site GoStream is ad-free, much as TMDB. Try not to miss out on their watch now, as well as the opportunity to download and install. To watch a film, simply click on the image of the film and then play catch. Now, there is only one server dedicated to movie theatres.

You’ll have to choose a new website to watch your favorite movie if your connection is down. Several advantages, such as no registration and rapid streaming, are similar to other film destinations. Despite this, the selection and quantity of films available are modest at the moment.

4. VexMovies


This is a real TMDB substitute called VexMovies. You won’t have any problems watching your favorite movies down there. In addition to being easy to use, the user interface is handy. Instant access to your favorite movies is just a few clicks away thanks to options such as pressing an inquiry or using the search bar at 123movies.

The amount of scope that can be streamed is enormous. Click on the movie’s thumbnail and then play catch to watch it. Additionally, the instant your film starts spitting, it will commence.

5. 123Movies


123Movies’ most remarkable feature is that you can watch movies, TV shows, scenes, and anime all in one location. To view your favorite anime or TV shows, you no longer have to remember a long list of URLs.

Simply go to the top of the page and click on the “Style” option, which you’ll find on the left side, and then select your preferred genre, such as “Action,” “Dramatization,” “Sport,” and more,” from the list that appears.

The quality of their streaming is excellent. Most of the time, I utilize this service to stream movies over the web. I hope you get my top pick from TMDB in the unlikely event that you do.

6. Fmovies


If you want to view movies and TV shows from all over the world, this is a great alternative to TMDB. The Fmovies user interface features a slew of advertisements, but none of them are very bothersome until you choose to click on them.

You may search for short films by genre, country, and year of release right here. Every subcategory on Fmovies has a big number of films and TV shows to choose from. We don’t require any form of login or registration. It’s a lot of fun to watch sporting events when you don’t have to deal with annoying pop-ups.

If you’re seeking for an alternative to TMDB’s film database, give Fmovies a shot. You won’t look anywhere else. It’s worth mentioning that you can use it as your primary method of accessing free online streaming of entire movies and TV shows.

7. Hulu


A great site that I would like to list as a replacement for TMDB is Hulu. Hulu is the place to go if you want to watch a certain video. Even though it’s a subscription service, you may try it out for a month at no cost to see if it’s worth it to you.

Hulu is a benefit that allows you to watch TV shows and movies over the internet. More than 50 live channels can be requested and viewed on-demand. To appreciate Hulu’s TV strategy, you must pay. It’s possible to read Hulu on your workstation, as well as on AppleTV, Android, and Xbox One.

8. Couchtunerhub


Couchtunerhub is one of the best alternatives to TMDB that you’ll find online. Couchtuner is well-known for providing high-quality locations for watching movies online and downloading them. It’s possible to find links to other websites that supply all you need on Couchtuner. Direct movies can be viewed for free online.

9. YesMovies


Alternative TMDB is a well-known choice for movie buffs who want to watch movies and TV shows online for free in high definition (HD). You don’t have to log in or download anything to view movies on YesMovies.

YesMovies lets you search by genre, country, or IMDB rating to help you locate the perfect film. Despite the reality that there are a few ads here, it’s important to note that there are no pop-ups or redirects when you click the Play button. In order to watch your favorite web content in the form of movies and TV shows, this is a free option.

You will not be invited to sign up for an account or log in. Watch the movie, TV show, or web scene by clicking on it. You may access your favorite online community at any time, from any location.

10. Bmovies


A standout among the top sites like TMDB that allow you to watch TV shows and movies online in HD is Bmovies. The content on the website is free of charge. Furthermore, it doesn’t require a login.

It, too, makes use of a plethora of film categories, such as sort, country, top IMDB, and alphabetical ranking, to name just a few. You can choose to read the course in accordance with your own preferences. However, if you want to keep an eye on specific cuts, you can use the quest bar.

There is a wide range of films in each genre. It, too, features advertisements and pop-ups, just like many other websites. In addition, it provides more than one outstanding streaming webserver for the worry-free streaming of your favorite movies.

11. PutLockerfilms


Your next option in the list of Sites similar to TMDB should be this. To say that it’s simple would be an understatement. Everything has been planned out perfectly.
PutLocker makes it easy for visitors to browse through their collection of movies and television shows.

The PutLockersfilms website is ideal for those who enjoy watching the most popular films on IMDB. The second menu at the very top of the Leading IMDB film makes navigating through it a breeze. Additionally, the internet site has categories like most popular, most seen today, most rated, and many more.

However, you may be able to get it to work on your end, so give it a shot and don’t forget to write a review. There are a lot of great features on this site aside from the streaming quality, which is superb. Streaming high-quality movies online is the first step in watching movies online.

12. EuroPixHD


For those who want to watch movies and TV shows in HD with subtitles, EuroPixHD may not be the most popular choice, but it’s still an excellent one. Classifications such as kind, movie genres, the “Top 50,” the “Year-Year,” and television shows are all essential.

In addition to inclining, top-of-the-line, and critically acclaimed films, Bollywood movies are also categorized. If you want to observe a movie or TV show online, you can sign up for a free account, but you may get a pop-up ad or be redirected to another window that you have to dismiss in order to watch the movie.



Consider giving a try if you’re looking for a site like TheMovieDB where you can easily watch movies and your favorite TV shows. The design of is both attractive and functional. You can watch any movie you want right here.

Find your favorite movie’s title in the Look box, which may be found in the upper left corner. If you are examining a website like TheMovieDB to sign up with, this is a fantastic option.

When you’ve finished viewing a movie or a TV show, you can use the statement section to share your thoughts. You may also read other people’s reviews before you listen.

In any case, it’s wonderful to learn about other people’s objections. In both places of work, they provide the same level of downloading as well as spurting. The quality of their dripping is exceptional.

14. BobMovies

bob movies

BobMovies is a fantastic resource for downloading high-definition (HD) videos for free and without the need for registration. Movie theatre movies, HD movies, ideal movies, movies 2018, Top IMDB, Serials, and also Cartoons are all categorized in the media section.

TheMovieDB’s additional choices, such as sorting by kind, year, or country, are also available here. They documented all of their knowledge on movies and television shows. It doesn’t send you to pages that aren’t good. Definitely, you’ll be able to watch full-length movies without ad-blocking here.

15. Vumoo


This is the next best thing to The Movie DB if you want to watch movies and television online. When compared to the top websites we’ve shown you, this one is less well-organized. There are only two categories in which the site’s media online content has been divided.

The first is movies, while the second is a television set-up. Vumoo’s material rate is outstanding, and you don’t even need to sign up here. To avoid having to switch to another site to watch movies or television shows, Vumoo offers up to three different leaking servers to choose from.

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