50 Best Sportlemon Alternatives To Watch Sports Online

When it comes to free sports streaming sites, you can tell the good ones from the bad ones in a few different ways. The good ones have an easy-to-use interface and then good links. Even if the interface isn’t very good, good links can make up for it. But the site we’re going to look at is all style and no substance. Sportlemon is what we’re talking about.

What is Sportlemon?

Sportlemon was one of the most popular sites for streaming sports, and it used to cover a lot of sports. You could watch football, hockey, tennis, basketball, baseball, boxing, MotoGP, and a lot of other sports live. We use the past tense because Sportlemon is not the same as it used to be. There are dozens of sites with this name that use different domains and proxies but the same old design. When you try to get to the content, it will keep sending you to a site for dating, games, or gambling.

So, I have no reason to suggest that you use this site to stream, but I have faith that the developers will fix the problems and bring this site, which has a great history, back to life. Here are a few reasons why you might or might not want to stream Sportlemon.




  • Stunning Interface
  • No Login
  • Everyday News
  • Streaming for free
  • Information about what’s coming up

Why should you use Sportlemon to stream?

Sportlemon has a cult following because of how well-known it is in the sports streaming business. There are a lot of threads about how great this streaming service used to be. Aside from the history, it did a great job of giving its audience a wide range of content. Users didn’t have to do anything to watch sports like football, basketball, baseball, and American football.

Positive vs negative

If you read reviews of Sportlemon.tv online, you might get a better idea of what to expect there.

We looked at reviews from different places and found that this site is used by a lot of people. Sportlemon can benefit from having so many reviews. But it looks like the site’s administrators may need to address security issues, as there are a number of bad reviews that could hurt the site’s popularity.

50 Best Sportlemon Alternatives To Watch Sports Online

There were other ways to watch live sports besides Sportlemon, and some of them did well. This list of sites like Sportlemon may help you decide which one you like best. I hope you pick one and have fun watching as many live sports events as you want from the list.

  1. LAOLA1
  2. NewSoccer
  3. BatManStream
  4. NFLBite
  5. FootyBite
  6. Time4TV
  7. Sports RAR TV
  8. Fox Sports Go
  9. NFL Mobile App
  10. ESPN+
  11. ESPN Live
  12. Offside Stream
  13. MLB TV
  14. Stream2U
  15. First Row Sports
  16. Visiwig
  17. Hotstar Sports
  18. Time for TV
  19. Acestream
  20. SportzTube
  21. Cricfree
  22. SportSurge
  23. Crackstreams
  24. Bufferstreams
  25. ESPN3
  26. DAZN
  27. Watch Live Sports
  28. Feed2All
  29. Streamcomando
  30. StreamHunter
  31. StreamWoop
  32. SSportStream
  33. 12th Player
  34. FirstRowSports
  35. Stream2Watch
  36. ATDHE
  37. SportP2P
  38. AceStreams
  39. Sports365
  40. CricFree12thplayer
  41. SportP2P
  42. MamaHD
  43. net
  44. StrikeOut
  45. VipBoxTV
  46. Streamiptvonline
  47. com
  48. RedstreamSport
  49. FirstRow Sports
  50. SonyLIV: TV Shows Movies Sports

Streaming for free

When there was no premium streaming service and cable or satellite TV wouldn’t show your favorite game, sites like Sportlemon saved the day. Sportlemon has been around for almost a decade, and its users have never had to pay to use it. You can stream all of the content on the website for free. To watch content on this site, you don’t have to sign up for an account or pay for a membership.

A good interface for users

It’s funny that many other free streaming sites have copied the design that Sportlemon came up with first. For example, fromHOT has nothing to do with Sportlemon, but it uses Sportlemon’s design and layout. It’s very easy to use, which is why even new developers like it. It looks simple and lets you put the content in a way that looks good.

After telling you about some of the good things about Sportlemon in the past, I’d like to tell you why you shouldn’t stream on it anymore.

When streaming Sportlemon, use a VPN

Given that Sportlemon is an illegal website, a VPN must be used when watching from it. You can safeguard your online identity and privacy by utilizing a VPN. You can use this a lot in the event that something goes wrong while streaming live matches. Additionally, it helps to bypass geo-restrictions. Pick any top VPN for Android TV and use it.

Why you shouldn’t use Sportlemon to stream?

A very angry user wrote on a popular forum thread, “What’s wrong with Sportlemon? On my Play Store, I keep getting sent to apps for dating. There are always pop-ups, and the site doesn’t have much or any streaming content. Please help me before I miss a big sports game!” I found posts on different forums that all had the same tone and said negative things about the streaming service.

There’s nothing to stream

Let me tell you what I’ve learned. I know that Sportlemon used to be very popular and everyone’s favorite streaming site. But that’s not true anymore. When you go to the website, you’ll see all the updated schedules. However, if you click on them, you might be sent to a dating site, or in my case, a betting site. There’s no streaming page inside, so you can’t watch anything. So, if you click on any of the options on the homepage, you’ll be taken to a different site run by a third party.

Risky for first-time users

People who aren’t used to free streaming and are trying it out for the first time might lose a lot on this site. And this has everything to do with the adware, malware, and pop-ups on this website. For example, a couple of weeks ago I got an email from a user telling me that he was tricked into upgrading his Flash player for $18 because it was out of date. Now, streamers who have done this before might laugh at this, but think about a new streamer whose first experience was spam. They would never again trust another free streaming site.

How can you get to Sportlemon?

I don’t think you should look at this site, but if you want to, make sure your VPN and ad blocker are on.


Despite all the bad things that have been said, I have to give credit where credit is due. When it comes to design, Sportlemon was one of the first. This website was the first to use Air Force Blue and Powder Blue, which are two different shades of blue. About 7–8 years ago, a white background was added to some fixtures, and symbols were used to show what sport was being played.


In the header section of Sportlemon, there are 10 main categories: Home, Football, Hockey, Tennis, Basketball, Baseball, American Football, Boxing, MotoGP, and Other. The background of the header is a powder blue gradient, which helps the white text stand out.

The Hero Part

The hero section of this website is nice because it doesn’t have a lot of ads all over the place. In fact, the homepage doesn’t have any banner ads. At first glance, this site looks like it’s real. You can see a list of all the current and upcoming events, which shows that the website is being watched. But when you try to click on a fixture, you find out that it doesn’t do anything.


The only thing in the body of this website is a short note that doesn’t make much sense.


The Privacy and DMCA options in the website’s footer are better than what we saw on fromHOT. But there aren’t any really great ways to navigate, which is a big turnoff.

Inner Pages

Sportlemon doesn’t have any pages inside of it. The website just sends you to a site run by someone else. I’m not sure if this is even a directory of sports.


Visually, you can find fixtures for football, hockey, tennis, basketball, baseball, boxing, MotoGP, and many other sports. But there is no real content or working links to stream it.

Desktop/Mobile experience

I looked at the website on my HP 15 laptop and didn’t even bother to check it on my cell phone. I recently wanted to watch an EPL game, so I went to Spotlemon. However, other than redirects, this website doesn’t have much to offer. So, I didn’t waste any time and went to Stream2Watch to watch Watford play Liverpool. My recent time on this website didn’t last very long.

Suggestions I have for Sportlemon

I’d love to see the website get back to where it used to be. In the past, it was a great website where I watched many football and tennis games. I’d just like the people who made this project to make it more active by adding good links that actually let people watch content.


Does the Sportlemon app work with Android phones and tablets?

No, there isn’t an Android version of the Sportlemon app.

Is Sportlemon illegal?

Due to its unauthorized live streaming of sporting events, Sportlemon is an unlawful website.

Can I watch live football matches online?

Through streaming services like Hulu + Live TV, Sling TV, FuboTV, YouTube TV, Paramount Plus, Amazon Prime Video, Peacock Premium, and NFL Sunday Ticket, you can watch some NFL games without a cable subscription. Local NFL games can also be viewed with an HDTV antenna. On September 9, the 2021 NFL regular season was underway.

How can I watch sports in real-time?

Subscribers to SportLemon + Live TV may view live sporting events from popular networks like ABC, CBS, ESPN, Golf Channel on NBC, ESPN College Extra, and more! Apple, Android, Roku, Fire TV, Chromecast, Xbox, Samsung (select models), LG (select models), and Nintendo Switch all support Hulu Live.


Sportlemon isn’t even close to the website it used to be, so I wouldn’t suggest you check it out. But if the gods of streaming are listening, they might as well fix everything wrong with the website.

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