SimplyAWeeb Alternatives 13 Best Sites To Watch Free Anime

Why watch anime if you can’t find all the shows you want to watch? It’s easy to figure out:
It is complete. But if you want to find other sites like SimplyAWeeb, you can find them here.

Alternatives of SimplyaWeeb

You can watch anime shows on these 13 sites that you can’t find on SimplyAWeeb.Here is the list, ranked from best to worst by quality, popularity, price, speed, and ease of use:

1. AnimeHeaven

You can watch anime online at AnimeHeaven, which is a great site. There are a lot of shows to choose from, and it’s free to use. The interface is easy to use, the search engine works well, and there is a good community where fans can talk about their favorite shows.AnimeHeaven also has an app for iOS and Android devices that lets you use your phone or tablet to access all of the site’s content.

2. 9Anime

9Anime is a site where you can watch Japanese cartoons online for free. It has a large collection of anime.
The site’s user interface is simple, which makes it easy for new people to use.
It also has a detailed recommendation system and a more advanced search function that can help you find your favorite shows.

3. AnimeLab


AnimeLab is a service that lets you watch anime series, movies, and OVAs online. It’s also free of charge!AnimeLab is a free service that lets people all over the world watch anime online. There is a lot of content to choose from on the site, from new releases to old favorites.AnimeLab can be watched on almost any device, such as a PC, Mac, iOS or Android phone, tablet, TV, etc.

4. AnimeFreak.TV

With AnimeLab, you can watch anime TV shows, movies, and OVAs online. It’s also totally free! People from all over the world can use AnimeLab, which is a free service that lets them watch anime online. On the site, you can choose from a lot of different things, from new releases to old favorites.AnimeLab can be watched on almost any device, like a PC, Mac, iOS or Android phone, tablet, TV, etc.

5. AnimeDao

AnimeDao is a website where you can watch the best anime shows and movies for free. The website has a wide range of anime shows and movies in different languages and styles, such as comedy, drama, romance, science fiction, action, and more. You can watch English subtitles for all of your favorite Japanese dramas on AnimeDao.

You can also read manga comics online at AnimeDao. There are a lot of them there.
It has manga like Bleach, Naruto Shippuden, One Piece, and Death Note, which are all very popular.

6. is a free site where you can stream anime shows. You can watch everything from old favorites to new ones. This site has thousands of shows and movies that you can watch in either English or Japanese. Some of the most popular ones are Attack on Titan, Naruto, and Dragon Ball Super. You can choose between high definition (HD) and standard definition (SD) (SD). This platform also doesn’t have any ads.

7. GoGoAnime

GoGoAnime is a website where you can watch anime shows and movies for free.
There are more than 30 different studios’ videos on the site, which have more than 100,000 titles.

Users can search through the website’s many categories based on the type of show they want to watch. For example, if you want to watch a romantic or action-packed show, GoGoAnime’s homepage gives you a number of choices. You can also search by genre, like sci-fi or fantasy, by season (if you’d rather watch all the episodes at once), or by year (if you’re looking for older shows).

8. is a site where you can watch anime shows and movies online. You can use your computer, tablet, or phone to watch Crunchyroll (Android or iOS). There are two ways to join Crunchyroll: for free or for a fee.The free membership lets you watch the newest episodes of much popular anime shows just hours after they come out. It also gives you access to several manga titles and lets you watch without ads. Premium memberships cost $7.99 per month (or less with annual plans) and give access to even more content, like simulcasts, which are new episodes that air outside of Japan at the same time they do in Japan.
You can also use this link to try any plan for free for 7 days!

So far, more than 100 million people have downloaded the Crunchyroll app. This makes it one of the most popular ways for people to watch their favorite shows outside of their web browser.


KissAnime is the place to go if you want to watch anime online and want to watch a lot of popular series.
There are a lot of anime shows, movies, and OVAs on the site.
KissAnime is a site where you can watch the latest episodes of your favorite anime shows.
It also has a large collection of dubbed and subbed anime shows from MyAnimeList, Anime-Planet, and many other sites like YouTube and Vimeo, so you don’t have to download anything from these sites if you already have an account with them.

KissAnime isn’t just a place to watch anime online, though. It also has forums where people talk about different things related to this genre, such as which site has the best quality streams and what new shows are worth watching.
These forum posts often have links to download torrent files, which may be illegal depending on where they are hosted. Make sure they don’t have viruses before you open them.


There are a lot of anime shows on the website are both free and paid anime shows, as well as anime movies. In its database, the site also has series and TV shows.

11. is a website where you can watch anime shows for free. The shows are in both English and Japanese.
With more than 1 million registered users, has a large community of anime fans who like to watch Dragon Ball Super, Naruto Shippuden, Sword Art Online: Alicization, and other popular anime shows on the website or on their phones.
This site also lets you stream videos for free, but there are ads between episodes or series. If you sign up for a premium membership, you can download content to your favorite device and watch it anywhere, anytime.

12. is a great site for free anime streaming. It has a search bar and a list of all the episodes of a particular anime series. There are also lists of the best and most popular anime series on the site.


Gogoanimes. tv is a free website with a good selection of anime shows. It has a good variety of anime shows with English subtitles, and it’s also a good alternative to SimplyAWeeb.


We hope that sites like Simplyweed will help you find the anime shows you want to watch.
If not, don’t despair! There are a lot more websites with a wide range of anime episodes and movies.
Just make sure to look at our list before you sign up for a new service so they don’t try to scam you or lead you down a dark path of disappointment.

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