15 Best SaveFromNet Alternatives In 2022

One of the most well-liked methods for downloading YouTube videos to your computer is SaveFromNet. It’s simple to use—just copy the URL and paste it into the search box, select your preferred format, and hit the download button. Additional streaming websites like Vimeo, Dailymotion, and numerous others also allow you to download their videos. You can use SaveFromNet from anywhere in the world; it is a 100 percent secure website.

The ability to download videos from social media platforms like Facebook is one of its biggest issues. Fortunately, a lot of other options on the Internet allow you to download videos in both audio and video formats from all your favorite video streaming websites.


  • MP3s are available from YouTube.
  • Quick and free
  • It’s secure and safe.
  • Vimeo videos can be downloaded to your computer.
  • You can download and convert an infinite amount of videos.

15 Best SaveFromNet Alternatives In 2022

We have compiled a list of the Best SaveFromNet Alternatives. Let’s have a look at the list given below.

1. Private Video Downloader


Private Video Downloader


A free program called Private Video Downloader makes it simpler to download videos from the Internet to your phone. It is the quickest method of including the videos you enjoy in your library. Accessing foreign websites that are restricted in your country is possible if you have a private Internet connection.

The Video Downloader browser resembles your default browser in many ways. It features a number of simples to-use and manage options. Click the “Download” option once you’ve located the video you wish to watch. The video will be downloaded as soon as the web app recognizes it. You can look at websites that enable you to transmit hilarious movies to your pals by downloading them from social networks.


  • Assistance with various formats
  • Skype video
  • acquire the video file
  • a video to be posted on social media
  • Director of quick downloads

2. Videoder




Are you trying to find the finest YouTube video downloader for your PC or mobile device? If so, stay put as we have a list of tasks for you to complete. You may download your preferred content from websites like VidMe, SoundCloud, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, 9Anime, Ozee, and more with Videoder, which is specifically designed for PCs and mobile devices.

With Videoder, which enables batch downloading, you can also download several items. Begin adding tunes and films to your collection while enabling one-click automatic downloads. At the moment, Videoder is widely used, and people use it to download the following programs:


  • obtaining a YouTube playlist for download
  • the YouTube videos you want.
  • Built-in adblocker for the browser
  • Downloading is up to five times faster.
  • Video 4L Downloader

3. Youtube-dl




With the aid of a secure, user-friendly, and rapid video downloader, you may easily download your preferred YouTube videos in many formats. You can access it from any location in the world for free. The fact that this solution functions with over a thousand websites, including Facebook, Vimeo, YouTube, and many others, is its strongest feature.

Because it offers all the essential services and capabilities, including a browser extension and the ability to download videos in both audio and video formats, it is a viable substitute for SaveFromNet.


  • Supervisor of Downloads
  • Manager for YouTube Video Downloads
  • No Source

4. Video Grabber


Video Grabber


You may download videos from websites like YouTube, Dailymotion, and others with the free software called Video Grabber. Additionally, you may use it from anywhere in the world to download videos from social media platforms.

It allows you to download videos similarly to SaveFromNet by pasting the URL into its search box. You can choose from a variety of resolution formats that are offered. It will instantly begin downloading as soon as you select it. You can convert videos to any audio or video format using another option.


  • A free method of getting videos.
  • Dailymotion
  • on social media
  • Besides Savefrom.net

5. Free YouTube Download


Free YouTube Download


Similar to SaveFromNet, but with the addition of the ability to download videos from Twitter, Facebook, and other social networking websites. It is a comprehensive solution with cutting-edge tools and features that make it simple and easy.

The best feature of this downloader is its tiny browser extension, which enables one-click video downloads. It can download 4K files, convert videos, and do other things.


  • YouTube videos can be saved
  • Internet browser add-ons
  • 4K video downloader

6. YouTube Vanced


YouTube Vanced


You can download videos from Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Vimeo, and other websites using the website YouTube Vanced. With only one click, you can use this sophisticated application to download a complete YouTube playlist.

Simply copy the URL and enter it in the website’s search box. You can download a video in any resolution you desire from the website because it offers several resolutions like 1080p, 720p, 480p, etc. The size of the video you download will vary depending on the file’s resolution.


  • The downloader of online videos
  • Various Resolutions
  • Playlists on YouTube can be downloaded
  • Search Box

7. DownVids




Due to its versatility, DownVids is regarded as one of the best alternatives to SaveFromNet. Any browser can use it, and it is accessible from anywhere in the world. The website is also among the best because you can instantly download the entire YouTube playlist in a variety of formats. You may use them to download videos because it integrates with virtually all of the most well-known social media networks and video streaming websites.


  • Online tool for YouTube video downloads
  • Downloader for Streaming Video Websites
  • Social Media Sites
  • Playlist

8. Youtubemp3org




People from all around the world can use Youtubemp3.org to save their favorite YouTube videos as mp3 files so they can listen to them offline. Even though downloading music from YouTube is prohibited, you can do so without registering.

The best source to go to download your most popular YouTube videos into mp3 files without having to register is Youtubemp3org. The Youtubemp3.org app was removed from the market in September 2017 due to issues with the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).


  • Obtain YouTube video mp3s.
  • the person who downloads music from YouTube
  • Free method to download YouTube videos
  • Convert YouTube videos to MP3

9. Snappea




You may download YouTube videos to your Android or iOS device using the highly rated and well-liked Snapper app. Using Snapper eliminates the need to switch between various apps in order to access YouTube and other popular platforms.

Users can download high-quality videos in the best formats on their cell phones from YouTube and other websites. People can create playlists or watch videos simultaneously in picture-in-picture mode. Millions of videos are available on YouTube, and you may browse them and free download the ones you want to your Android devices.

Because it violates various restrictions, the Snapper software isn’t available in the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store, but you can download it for free from its website. If you wish to download YouTube videos to your smartphone from a platform other than Snapper, you can do that too.


  • Download videos from YouTube
  • Investigate countless media
  • YT video downloader in HD
  • Obtain YouTube videos in a variety of file types
  • Free method to download YouTube videos

10. SaveDeo




You may download videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter, Vevo, Metacafe, and Facebook with SaveDeo, an all-in-one video downloader. You don’t have to register or provide any personal information to use web-based apps. To use SaveDeo, simply copy and paste the link into the bar. Before downloading, you have five different format options.

Everyone may use it for free. You can immediately obtain popular videos with the help of this application. SaveDeo is simple to use, constantly adds fresh, well-liked videos, doesn’t require registration and more.


  • easy to use
  • for a multitude of websites
  • HD videos are playing
  • updated
  • quickest and easiest

11. YTMP3




Do you wish to obtain free YouTube videos? If so, try out YTMP3.cc. It is regarded as one of the top tools available at the moment. You may stop searching right now since we have something fantastic for you, whether you’re seeking a way to save videos or convert YouTube to MP3. Let’s talk about the tool that has an intuitive user interface and a straightforward operation.

You only need to copy and paste the link of your preferred video into the link field. Next, you’ll see two choices: YouTube videos can be downloaded or converted to MP3. It functions on all gadgets, including laptops, mobile phones, and tablets. Additionally, downloading a video that is up to 90 minutes long just takes a few minutes.


  • YouTube videos can be saved
  • Download YouTube videos as MP3s.
  • Convert YouTube to MP3 for free
  • App for YouTube Video Conversion

12. Videograbber




Users can obtain media items, including music and videos, using a video grabber. Customers have access to a wide selection of well-liked material on the platform. Additionally, they display information about the number of downloads, the type of video, the acceptable quality, the number of characters, subtitles, views, and more.

Among other things, VideoGrabber enables you to record with a single click, convert music or video to a variety of formats, modify the media you’ve downloaded, and access media from numerous websites. Additionally, users can share it on a variety of social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and YouTube. You don’t have to skip a file because it supports all popular formats, including MP4, 3GP, FLV, WebM, WMV, and MP3.


  • Google Video downloader
  • Recorder
  • Multi-language
  • Filters

13. Video2mp3




With only one click, you can convert and download video clips as MP3 files using the free online program known as Video2mp3. One of the top free video to MP3 converters, it supports YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and a wide range of other well-known video streaming platforms.

Simply copy the video’s link and type it into the website’s search bar. Click the search button after that. In less than a second, the website will locate your video file and convert it to an mp3 file. The site’s sophisticated recommendation system and display of the most popular films, which helps you save time and effort, are two of its most intriguing features.


  • Easy to use.
  • Everyone is free.
  • Video Downloads: Which Do You Recommend?
  • You can download and convert an infinite amount of videos.
  • No Login Needed

14. Tubeoffline




On the website TubeOffline, you may locate and download media files from all over. This platform is built on a real-time responsive web application, allowing users to access their media instantly. No matter the operating system of the gadget, accessing it is simple.

Users do not need to download and install a specific app in order to access Tubeoffline’s services because they are equally free. They only need to visit the website. They even support numerous websites, giving it a one-stop shop for anyone looking to download their preferred material to watch when they aren’t connected to the internet.


  • Google Video downloader
  • Videos from Facebook can be downloaded.
  • several places
  • Cost-free use

15. Savido




David is a marketplace where users can advertise downloading, watching, and uploading services. Users of this platform can interact in real-time with Facebook and YouTube-related media. Users can bookmark their preferred videos and access them whenever they want while offline.

You can paste the URL of the video you wish to save and watch later into David’s search field. Even without logging into the platform, you can download the media and convert it from audio to video and vice versa.


  • Links to YouTube
  • YouTube videos are converted into Mp4 files.
  • Obtain a video
  • Videos on Facebook

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