18 Best Pubfilm Alternatives to Watch Movies Online

Pubfilm used to be a very popular place to watch movies online for free, especially in the US. It got into trouble with the law in 2014 over copyright issues, but Pubfilm won in the end. This happened because the developers used a lot of Pubfilms domains to keep the site from being shut down. Pubfilm kept its legitimacy and popularity as a free movie streaming site for years, but in 2018, the government shut down all of its Pubfilm.com domains, forcing the developers to give up.

In this post, we’ll tell you about the best alternatives to Pubfilm, where you can watch free movies and TV shows.

18 Best Pubfilm Alternatives to Watch Movies Online

We have compiled a list of the Best Pubfilm Alternatives. Let’s have a look at the list given below.

1. Vumoo


Vumoo is a site like Pubfilm that doesn’t have as many movies as Putlocker, but if you want to watch a movie that not many people have seen, you’re in the right place. The best thing about this site is that it doesn’t have many ads.

The website works perfectly. There are small buffers between streams. But the titles aren’t as well organized as they are on other free streaming sites. You don’t have to sign up for an account to start.

Even though the site doesn’t have many HD movies, the video quality isn’t bad. In terms of quality, it’s about average.

2. Putlocker




Putlocker is a site like Pubfilm, and it is at the top of the list. The portal has a wide range of content, from cartoon movies to your favorite thrillers. You could even say that the site has a title library for every type of movie. Putlocker used to be one of the fastest free streaming sites on the internet, but because it has so many users, it has slowly slowed down. Even so, Putlocker is still one of the best places to find free movies you can trust.

To start streaming for free, you don’t need to sign up for an account. Just keep in mind that the site is full of ads, which is how the platform makes money.

3. SolarMovie




Based on how it looks, you might think the site is a paid streaming service like Netflix. But even though the website looks great, all of the video content is free. There are a few ads, but they are not too bad.

You don’t need to sign up for an account to start streaming. All of the movies on this site, such as Pubfilm, are in HD. Like FMovies, this site is well-kept when it comes to movie content. The streams are practically buffer-free and smooth. This is the only free streaming network that has never been accused of copyright infringement, which is impressive since SolarMovie is also a popular streaming service.

4. Fmovies




This site, which is like Pubfilms, doesn’t need a lot of pictures to look good. The platform was made by experienced programmers. The site is easy to find your way around and loads quickly.

You do not have to sign up for FMovies to start streaming. There are not many ads. The order of the titles makes sense. The site’s creator also makes it a point to keep adding new movie titles so that you never run out of things to watch.

5. Popcorn Time


Popcorn time


This is a service that lets you stream for free. It’s not even like the website Pubfilm. There is a website, but you won’t be able to stream your favorite movies right away. You will instead be sent to their website, where you can download and install their program.

After that, you won’t have to make an account to stream all of your favorite movies. But we strongly suggest that you use VPN software to protect your location and identity.

If you use this software, you won’t have to deal with a lot of ads, that’s for sure. It will be a lot like signing up for a service like Netflix. There is also a VPN service for Popcorn Time. But you can only use it while the program is running.

6. YesMovies




This site is very appealing, just like Pubfilm. People might wonder why the site hasn’t signed up for a service that requires a subscription yet. The video quality on the site is also HD. There are not many ads. You don’t need to set up an account. YesMovies is a popular site for free streaming, but it’s not as well-known as Pubfilms. This site’s good rating comes from the fact that it has new video content. They have a lot of different titles for movies and TV shows. The owner of the site regularly adds new content so that there is always something interesting to watch.

7. Kanopy




This is for people who belong to the library. If so, you can make a Kanopy account and borrow copies of movies from your library’s resource files. This site, like Pubfilm, doesn’t have any ads. You can’t keep content that you’ve borrowed for very long. Most of the time, you have two to three days to return the movies you borrow. This means that if you save a copy to your device, it will be deleted once the deadline has passed, even if you did it before the deadline. Even though the site doesn’t work with every library in the world, it is still considered useful software, especially for kids who have to watch movies for school.

8. Hotstar




There is a free version of this streaming service and a paid version similar to Pubfilm. To use the service for free, you don’t have to sign up for an account. Given how the site makes money now, you might expect that it doesn’t have any ads. The best thing about this alternative to Pubfilm is that it has Disney movies as well. In the free version, you might only hear oldies and a few lesser-known songs.

If you want more and better content, you can upgrade to the paid version, which will require you to create an account. There are sections made just for kids, which makes it a great place for families. The streaming quality is great, and there is no buffering. High definition is also used for the videos. The main flaw is that it only works in a few countries. The good news is that you can quickly fix this small problem by using a VPN service.

9. YIFY Movies




Even though the site looks simple, it has a game for different movie titles. It also has a collection of TV shows. You don’t need to sign up for an account to start streaming. There are some ads, but there are not many of them.

This site, which is similar to Pubfilm, loads very quickly. At the beginning of the movie, there may be some buffering, but after that, everything is fine. The site’s owner adds new titles every once in a while.





This site is like Pubfilm and is one of our favorites. Few people know about this site because it is not easy to find on Google. We think, though, that the owner is just trying to avoid getting into copyright problems.

IoMovies isn’t exactly a low-traffic site, but it’s not even close to Putlocker or SolarMovie in terms of how many people use them. There are no ads on the site, and it loads quickly. You don’t need to sign up for an account to start streaming. It is definitely a haven for people who love movies. People can enjoy a smooth streaming experience because there isn’t a lot of traffic. The owner of the site also makes it a point to add new movie content to the site often.

11. Tubi TV




Even if you aren’t looking for a specific movie, you should definitely start watching Tubi TV. It’s a trusted website that lets you watch free movies and TV shows. You don’t have to make an account, but we think it’s better if you do. Use of it is free.

There are no ads on the page. The site is paid for by the person who owns it. You won’t find many of the most popular movies here since they are often heavily advertised and don’t let you stream them for free.

No matter what, the collection on this Pubfilm Alternative is one of the most beautiful we’ve ever seen. Some of these songs are timeless classics that you may not know. The rest of them are newer. Still, the plots and production values of both movies are great.

12. ZMovies




ZMovies is a Pubfilm Alternative that shows you don’t need a lot of pictures to make a beautiful website. The color scheme gives the site a feel of being from the 2000s. It loads quickly, and there aren’t many or any ads on it. You don’t have to sign up for an account to start. There are a lot of movie titles on the Pubfilms site. This site has everything you could want, whether you’re looking for old books or more recent ones. The site owner can still add new movies and keep the site up to date.

The order of the movie titles makes sense. The streaming and video quality are also very good. High definition is used for almost all movies.

13. GoMovies




The main goal of the GoMovies website is to entertain younger people. This is what we thought because there are no classic games on the platform. It is still a great place to watch movies for free.

There are a lot of pop-up ads on the home page when you click on a movie to watch it. But once you’ve watched all of the ads, the movie will play perfectly. Even though there are a lot of ads, the site loads quickly, like Pubfilms.

You don’t have to sign up for an account to watch your favorite episodes for free. We’re especially happy with how great the video quality is, especially since it’s in HD.

14. Movie4k




It’s possible that the site’s creators didn’t do much to make it more interesting. But that’s just because they’ve been too focused on adding as many movies as possible to the platform. Because of this, it remains a popular way to stream movies.

You don’t have to sign up for an account to start streaming on this Pubfilm Alternative. There might be a few ads, but they aren’t very common. Also, the quality of the video isn’t bad. You’ll get standard quality at the very least, and the rest will be in HD.





We use AZ Movies, which is a free streaming service, to watch movies. It’s a great alternative to Pubfilm because there’s no annoying advertising on the user interface. Even when you click on a title, there aren’t many ads on thisPubfilm Alternative.

Users don’t even need to sign up for an account to use a free website like Pubfilms. The movies have great picture quality. Most importantly, it has a big collection of movies that keeps getting bigger over time.

16. CMoviesHD




CMoviesHD is an alternative to Pubfilm. They are very proud of the fact that they have never had a copyright problem. Even though there was a lot of traffic, they were able to do this. They were able to do this because they used a lot of places with mirrors. They won’t have to switch domains because of this.

Like Movie4K, this one is praised for having a large library of movies. The platform’s designer keeps adding new movies to it so that people never run out of movies to watch.

17. Rainierland




Like Pubfilm, Rainerland is known for giving away really high-quality stuff for free. The website also has a number of popular movies from the past and the present.

When you use this platform, keep in mind that it doesn’t have any original content. Instead, it gives you links to other sites so you can watch movies without ads or other notifications getting in the way. You can find the most popular shows and movies on a site like Pubfilm. So if you want to find something popular, you don’t have to look through the whole site.

You can quickly find your favorite movie or TV show by using the search box. Also, if you can’t find your favorite content on the internet, you can ask for it. After some time, the content will show up in the “asked” section.

18. See HD


See HD


As the name suggests, this site is a great alternative to Pubfilm that lets you watch your favorite movies in high quality. You can also watch TV shows and web series from streaming services like Netflix and Prime Video on this website. SeeHD users can use a lot of different features. For example, if you like to watch comedies, you can sort the list by the category “comedy.” In the same way, you can sort the movies by your favorite genres and interests.

Also, this service lets you download your favorite song in the best quality possible. You can also choose the format of the video you want to save. Also, there are a large number of titles to choose from, so you have a lot of options. So, you should check out this website at least once to find out more.


One of the best things about Pubfilm is that it gives you free access to a huge number of high-quality movies and TV shows.

But since the Pubfilm website has been taken down, you can go to other websites that are similar to those we’ve listed in this guide. Any of the sites on our list of sites like Pubfilms, where you can stream movies, will work. You can stream and download movies and TV shows for free from these websites.

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