Best NDTV Sports Alternatives in 2022

NDTV Sports is a well-known website in India where you can read the latest news and watch live scores for games going on right now. The book talks about cricket, golf, badminton, football, tennis, and other important sports. It has a system for alerts that you can change so that you get match alerts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A lot of people watch NDTV Sports, and millions of people watch it every week.

You can look at all of the information for free and without any limits. Just a few ads are shown to keep everyone happy. This is done to improve the experience of the visitor and win their trust and loyalty. It is best known for cricket, but it now has scores and news about a number of other sports as well. Lastly, you can choose between switching between English and Hindi.

Best NDTV Sports Alternatives in 2022

We have compiled a list of the Best NDTV Sports Alternatives. Let’s have a look at the list given below.

1. Total Sportek

Total Sportek


Total Sportek is a well-known website where sports fans from all over the world can go to watch their favorite games. Football, MMA/UFC, Boxing, Formula 1, NBA, MLB, NFL, and NHL are all covered, with news, streams, and the latest updates. You can look around the website and watch all of the games without making an account. Because it is web-based, you can also go to the site from any device and browser.

It is made to work well on tablets and smartphones, so anyone can easily look at the information on them. It works with all sports leagues and competitions, so you can show them to anyone you want. You can find out about all the games coming up and put them on your calendar so you don’t forget. The live stream player will be ready to use as soon as the game starts.

2. Yahoo Cricket

Yahoo Cricket


Yahoo Cricket is a well-known and highly-rated website about cricket. It has Live Scores for all current matches, as well as schedules for upcoming matches, images, videos, and commentary. On the front page, you can see the scores of live games, and you can use filters to only see games from certain competitions or leagues. A large number of news stories is the best part because it lets you keep up with all the latest cricket news. Check out Metrica Sports PLAY as well.

Each news story has a few “share” buttons that make it easy for readers to send the story to their friends, family, or anyone else with just one click. The website regularly adds new footage for all current and past matches, which you can watch to see what’s going on. The user interface stands out because it’s easy to use and has a nice color scheme that doesn’t make your eyes hurt.

3. Cricket World

Cricket World


Cricket World is a great place to find live scores for both domestic and international cricket games, as well as the latest news about the sport that goes into more detail. The best thing is that you don’t have to pay anything to watch live games as they are being played. Here, you can find all the cricket games for Sri Lanka, India, England, the US, Australia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Canada, and South Africa.

Fans of English County Cricket can choose their favorite team by putting their cursor over the “County” button on the top bar and choosing it from the drop-down menu that appears. The website’s strengths include a design that works well on mobile devices, no need to sign up, everything being free, fast page loading times, a great color scheme on the user interface, and fewer ads to give the best experience. The user interface also has a search function that lets you quickly find any relevant content. This is yet another NDTV Sports.

4. MyKhel



MyKhel is a good Indian sports website that gives you news, live match scores, and schedules for all major sports, like badminton, cricket, hockey, football, tennis, wrestling, racing, kabbadi, and more. It gives fans all over the world information about their favorite teams and games, which is what they want.

The website has a beautiful layout that is responsive to mobile devices, so it can be viewed on any handheld device, like a smartphone or tablet. The user interface also has a dropdown button in the menu bar that shows the names of all the sports you can click on. There is also a search option a little further down that lets you type in any term and shows the results right away. The best thing about it is that you can switch between many languages, such as English, Telugu, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, and Malayalam.

5. News18 Cricket Schedule

News18 Cricket Schedule


This is yet another NDTV Sports. News18 keeps a Cricket Schedule that is always up-to-date. It lists all upcoming matches between all countries, so you can check the date and time of your favorite match and put it on your calendar. You can look at the schedule by show, month, or date. The best thing about the website is that it is easy to read on mobile phones and tablets because it is set up for them. In order to give you as much information as possible, it also shows the location and venue of the match.

6. FloSports Watch live sports

FloSports Watch live sports

With the FloSports Watch Live Sports app, you can watch live streaming of your favorite games from a wide range of national and international sports events. You can put a sports channel in a favorite folder so that it is at the top of the list of channels. Check out alternatives to SportSurge as well.

The FloSports: Live, Replays, and Highlights app has a built-in remote that lets you control everything about a live match, as well as a slider that lets you change the volume. In the section called “Schedule,” there is a lot of information about all of the upcoming games and sports events.




After you choose your favorite sports, beIN SPORTS, a sports app made by the beIN Media Group, lets you take your sports-watching to the next level by sending you alerts about when games are starting.

Scroll up to the top of the screen and click on the category of content to watch the movie or find out what’s new at your favorite club. Under each video on the beIN SPORTS – Live scores, news, and videos app, there is a detailed description of each match so that users can learn about what happened on the field. Users can watch highlights of games to get an idea of what the game is like.

8. Sports Flick

Sports Flick


Sports Flick is a sports app made by Sports Flick that lets users watch the most popular games right from their phones. Monthly and yearly membership packages are available. This is another sports show on NDTV.

Users can sort the list of all possible matches by category, sport type, date, time, and location name, among other things. With the Sports Flick – Live Sports & On-Demand app, you can send a link to a game to a family member’s social media account so they can watch it.

9. Universal Sports TV Plus

Universal Sports TV Plus


This is yet another NDTV Sports. Users can use the search features of the Universal Sports TV Plus app to find new TV shows, movies, and other ways to have fun right on their phone screens. You can pick the sports you want to watch and get suggestions for channels based on what you like.

Users can save channels, episodes, and other content in a “favorite” folder to watch later or send the link to their family members via email or text message. In the Universal Sports TV Plus: PTV Sports Live Stream app, you can change the video quality of the stream to save data.

10. Live Sports TV Listings Guide

Live Sports TV Listings Guide


Fans can keep track of their national team’s scores and cheer them on by using the Live Sports TV Listings Guide app. The app has a full list of all upcoming games in their favorite sports. You can upload the information about your match to your social media accounts and share it with your family that way. This is yet another NDTV sports. Alternatives to GHD Sports can be found at

The Live Sports TV Listings Guide app has a side panel that lets users get information about a wide range of sports and organize the list according to their preferences.

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