50 Best MoviesJoy Alternatives In 2022

Streaming content online has become so popular that you could hold a contest to find even one family that doesn’t do it. Few people today rent movies or use VHS or DVD players. You can access any kind of content you want right away. There are plenty of websites and apps that can give you a great streaming experience.

Some people think that only paid streaming services offer good quality. But there are free sites like MoviesJoy that look nicer and work better than paid streaming services.

What is MoviesJoy?

MoviesJoy is a website where people can watch free movies and TV shows without having to deal with annoying ads. Even though MovieJoy doesn’t have banner ads like YouTube, it does have pre-roll ads. But that’s a small price to pay for the great service you get in exchange.


  • Updates with New Movies Frequently
  • Dubbed movies to watch
  • Explore Various Categories
  • Additional Search Box
  • Recommendation

Domains at MoviesJoy

There are active domains for MoviesJoy.

The ones that are currently operational as of our most recent update are:






Why should you use MoviesJoy to stream?

You should stream on this platform for a number of reasons. There are a few things about this website that I really like. Today, I’ll talk with you about them.

Streaming without any trouble

You don’t have to make an ID, sign up for a service, or register yourself. You just need to go to the website and choose the title. This website lets you stream more than 12,000 titles, including both movies and TV shows. Some servers that are connected to MoviesJoy even let you download your favorite movie to your phone or computer. But I just read about this; I haven’t seen it for myself yet.



50 Best MoviesJoy Alternatives In 2022

Many people look for MoviesJoy alternatives because the service may not always have what they’re looking for or provide them with the best possible experience.

Check out this list of MoviesJoy alternatives if you’re not happy with MoviesJoy.

We’ll present you with some websites that might be more suitable for your needs than MoviesJoy.


Movie Site Name

Website URL

1        Limetorrents https://www.limetorrents.online/
2     MyDownloadTube https://mydownloadtube.to/
3 Bob Movies https://bobmovies.us/
4 CosmoTube http://cosmotube.co/
5 Fmovies https://fmovies.pe
6 Movie NO Limit https://movienolimit.to/
7 MovieDDL https://movieddl.to/
8 Movie Watcher https://moviewatcher.is/
9 1337x Movies http://1337x.to/cat/Movies/1/
10 Web Archive Movies http://www.archive.org/details/movies
11 Movies Couch https://moviescouch.info/
12 Watch Movies Free https://watchmoviesfree.us/
13 Loaded Movies https://loadedmovies.com
14 Mobile Movies https://mobilemovies.me/
15 DIVX Crawler http://www.divxcrawler.tv/latest.htm
16 123 Go Stream https://123gostream.tv/
17 EMOL Movies http://www.emol.org/movies/
18 Download Any Movies http://www.download-anymovie.com/
19 iPagal Movies http://ipagal.org/
20 WellTorrent Movies Torrents https://welltorrent.com/
21 Critic Bay https://www.criticbay.com
22 Flimade https://flimade.com/
23 House Movies http://housemovie.to/
24 Fully Watch Online http://fullywatchonline.com/
25 Xmovies 8 https://xmovies8.ru/
26 MKV Cage http://www.mkvcage.com/
27 AVI Mobile Movies http://avimobilemovies.co/
28 CineBloom https://www2.cinebloom.com/
29 C Movies HD http://cmovieshd.com
30 My Cool Movies https://mycoolmoviez.net/
31 HD Movies Maza http://hdmoviesmaza.mobi/m/
32 TOR HD http://torhd.com/
33 CineWap https://www.cinemawap.info/
34 xFilmy Wap Movies https://www.xfilmywap.com/
35 FZ Movies (Original) https://fzmovies.net/
36 Movie Cast Blog http://www.moviecastblog.com/
37 Isai Dub http://isaidub.net/
38 Movies Daily http://movies-daily.com/
39 Public Domain Torrents http://www.publicdomaintorrents.info/
40 Filmy Wap Free Movies https://filmywap.com/
41 FZ Movies https://www.fzmovies.de
42 RDX HD https://rdxhd.info
43 123 Movies Hub http://123movieshubz.com/
44 Couch Pota Movies Download https://couchpota.to/
45 Vidmate http://www.vidmate.org/
46 See HD Movies http://www.seehd.se/
47 HD Movies Point http://hdmoviespoint.info/
48 027 PPT https://www.027ppt.com/
49 GO Download Movies http://www.godownloadmovies.com/
50 Fou Movies http://www.foumovies.com/

Separation of content by country

Users can use the “filter by country” option on MovieJoy to find the videos they want to watch. Even though you can’t go to every country, you still have a lot to choose from. There are many different areas, including China, France, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, the UK, and the US. You can find a list of movies from that country by clicking on it. I think that this is a great feature. For example, if you live in the US and want to watch a Bollywood movie, you can choose India and then choose the movie you want to watch.

Excellent Interface

This point could have easily come first in this section. I love how easy it is to use this site. All of the features and functions, as well as the color scheme, are top-notch. As a website visitor, you want to stay on the site for a while. The purple tones in this platform really make it stand out from all the dark-themed sites. It’s fun to use the search, filter, sort, and navigation tools.

Filtering in depth

Most websites have the option to filter by genre, but MoviesJoy has gone one step further. It lets you sort movies not only by genre but also by their IMDb rating and where they were made. This is a great addition because you can use the genre function to find something that fits your mood. On the other hand, you can use IMDb if you want to watch some of the best movies.

Multiple genres

You can watch thousands of movies and TV shows from many different genres on MoviesJoy. “Action,” “Adventure,” “Animation,” “Crime,” “Documentary,” “Drama,” “Family,” “Fantasy,” “History,” “Horror,” “Kids,” “Music,” “Mystery,” “News,” “Reality,” “Romance,” “Sci-Fi,” “Soap,” “Talk,” “Thriller,” “War,” and “Western” are some of these genres. So, you can find content that fits your mood, whether you want to spend time with your family or be alone to summon a demon.

How do you get into MoviesJoy?

You can get to MoviesJoy in two different ways. 1. Do a search for “MoviesJoy,” and the website will be on the first page of the results. 2. Use this link: MoviesJoy to go straight to the website. Make sure you’re connected to a VPN before you go to the site. This will protect your identity from hackers and your device from malware. Most of the free streaming sites could be dangerous because they use software from other sources.


MoviesJoy does have a unique look, mostly because of the way it uses colors. Aside from the colors, the search bar, the way you can sort things, and just looking around the site are all great. The whole site is made up of different shades of purple


The website’s header has a logo on the left and six links in the middle: “Home,” “Genre,” “Country,” “Movies,” “TV Shows,” and “Top IMDb.” On the right is a panel where you can sign up or log in. The background of the header section is dark, while the background of the hero section is light.

The Hero Part

At the center of the Hero Section is a huge search bar. You can use it to find the name of any movie or TV show. Under the search bar, there are links to Movies Joy’s pages on different social media sites. Some of these icons are “Twitter,” “Telegram,” “Email,” “Reddit,” and “WhatsApp.” Under the social media icons is a section called “Trending,” where you can choose from movies and TV shows. And finally, you can see eight thumbnails in each row, and an HD mark will be in the top right corner.


The most activity is in the body of this website. There are almost six rows, each with different sections like “Latest Movies,” “Latest TV Shows,” and “Coming Soon.” Each category has 16 pieces of content, which are split between two rows. Under each thumbnail, you can see the title, the year it came out, how long it is, and any tags it has. In the upper right corner, you’ll see an HD mark that tells you whether or not the title is available in HD.


On the left side of the site’s footer is a short summary. Under that, there are four choices: “Terms of Service,” “DMCA,” “Contact,” and “Sitemap.” You can find the “Help” button to the right. The dark background with white text looks really cool, and the header, which is the same color, goes well with it.

Inner Pages

The pages inside this website are clean and stylish. The stream page has a big stream player and important information like the title, trailer, quality, release date, genre, cast, length, country, and production information.


With over 12,000 movies and TV shows in its library, you can stream content from anywhere and on any device, such as a PC/MAC, Android, or iPhone. In this section, we’ll just look at how good the content is, and there’s no better way to do that than to look at the most popular movies and TV shows on the platform.

Latest Movies

Birds of Prey, IP Man 4, My Spy, Underwater, Jumanji: The Next Level, Bloodshot, Spies in Disguise, Dolittle, Just Mercy, Frozen II, 1917, Onward, Avengers: Endgame, Invisible Man, and Joker. Murder RX, The Windwalker, Doctor Death, The Wishmas Tree, Dead by Dawn, Burden of Dreams, and Ordinary Love.

Most recent TV shows

Workin’Moms, Vanderpump Rules, The Resident, The Last O.G., Schitt’s Creek, Our Girl, and Mixedish, Heavy Rescue, For Life, Empire, Bless This Mess, Almost Paradise, Three Busy Debras, The Neighborhood, The Good Fight, and Game of Thrones. The Walking Dead, Modern Family, Siren, Home Before Dark, Tales from the Loop, Grey’s Anatomy, Manifest, Cosmos, and Chicago Fire.

Desktop/Mobile experience

I used this platform to stream “The Windwalker,” and the whole thing was as smooth as butter. Except for the time it took to load the first time, there were no other problems. And to be honest, we can’t think of the initial buffer as a bad thing. I also noticed that the website keeps adding new content every two weeks. When I checked this website the last time, some titles weren’t up yet, but they are now. So, it’s good to see that the developers are still working on the project.

I have some ideas for MoviesJoy

The pop-up notifications are the only thing I don’t like about the site. Most of the time, they don’t have anything to do with the website. Instead, they just send you to a third-party site that a user might not like. Can we throw those away?


Can I trust MoviesJoy?

Can I trust MoviesJoy? Yes, using the original MoviesJoy website is safe. It does, however, have numerous mirror sites that might be infected with malware or that are made to gather your data. Therefore, when using free streaming services, we advise using a VPN to secure your traffic.

In the US, is MoviesJoy prohibited?

Like the majority of websites of this kind, Moviesjoy makes money for its owners through advertisements; however, it does so by utilizing rogue advertising networks, which means that it displays misleading advertisements and opens/promotes other dubious websites. Use its illegal movie streaming service at your own risk and stay away from this website.

Do you allow movie downloads from Moviesjoy?

A well-known torrent website is Moviesjoy. It includes a vast catalog of the newest movies, making it simple for consumers to acquire content. They provide HD movie downloads in a variety of quality options, including 360P and 720P.


MoviesJoy is a great platform with a wide range of content and good streaming. You can watch over a thousand movies and TV shows in high definition (HD) for free. What else do you want from a free streaming site?

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