15 Best Free Movie Downloading Websites in 2022

Are you seeking a way to get free HD movie downloads? You’ve come to the correct place; I’ve compiled a list of the greatest hand-picked websites from which you can simply download all of the most recently released movies on your device.

Not everyone has super-fast internet access to stream movies online or pay for monthly movie subscriptions. As a result, these movie download sites are their last resort.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the greatest movie downloading sites where you can get any movie for free, whether it’s in English, Hindi, or any other language.

To download movies from these sites, you do not need to pay or subscribe to anything. Third-party adverts are how these movie download services make money. While visiting these movie download sites, you may encounter some annoying advertisements. I tested over 100 movie download sites before compiling this incredible list of free movie sites. The majority of these sites post the most recently released films the same day they are released.

Almost every movie released in the world, whether Bollywood, Hollywood, China, Korean, Italian, Spanish, or other, may be downloaded for free from these websites. The majority of these websites offer films in a variety of languages, including English, Punjabi, Spanish, Korean, and other regional dialects.

To make your movie search easier, you may sort your favorites by genre, year, IMDb rating, and a variety of other factors. There are over 100 genres to pick from. The majority of these sites upload movies on a daily basis. Instead of movies, these sites offer free downloads of TV shows, online series, and live shows.

15 Best Free Movie Downloading Websites in 2022

We have compiled a list of the Best Free Movie Downloading Websites. Let’s have a look at the list given below.

1. SkyMoviesHD




Skymovieshd is a great resource for both Hindi and English movie downloads. You may be able to obtain a substantial amount of free content. To discover what they require, users must sift through hundreds of sub-categories.

Premium downloading servers enable you to download files quickly while maintaining a seamless experience. They don’t use pop-up ads like other websites, which I think is a significant bonus.

You can receive the complete series as a direct download or as a torrent. If your internet connection is poor, you can download your favorite Bollywood web series using BitTorrent.

2. ExtraMovies




One of my favorite movie download sites is Extra Movies. They have a large selection of different movies that have been released in different languages. On this site, you may simply find the most recently released film.

The nicest thing about extra movies is that the featured image has an IMDb rating, which helps you decide whether or not to watch it.

As of now, they only provide movies in 1080p resolution. The most essential part is that they categorized movies according to popular streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Videos, Hulu, Voot, Hotstar, Zee5, Netflix Kids, Yupp Tv, and many others.

They don’t employ third-party pop-ads, which is another item to add to this list, and they upload movies as soon as they are released, which is usually the same day, in my opinion. This site’s interface is clean and well-designed, the speed is excellent, and it is mobile-friendly. You won’t have any problems downloading movies directly from this site using any device.

3. SSR Movies


SSR Movies


SSR Movies offers movies in a variety of screen resolutions, including 480p, 1080p, and 720p, as well as mobile formats to save data.

Movie Minions is a wonderful fit for our list because it has no pop-up advertising or intrusive redirection commercials. The site is currently operational, with the latest videos being uploaded as quickly as possible.

Movie Minions is the ideal option if you want all of your multimedia stuff in one location for free. They also have a Telegram channel where you can get the most up-to-date movie links and alerts. Not only can you download movies, but you can also watch them for free online.

4. Mkv Cinemas


Mkv Cinemas


MkvCinemas is one of the most popular movie download sites on the internet. I’ve utilized this site to download the most recent movies. On the day of release, they post all newly published, digitally released, cam rips, DVD rips, blu-ray rips, HD rips, and several more formats.

You won’t need to pay for Netflix or Amazon Prime if you know about this fantastic website where you can obtain free movies. They have over a million monthly visitors and thousands of movies available for free download via premium file-sharing platforms such as Google Drive, Openload, and others.

The nicest thing about this website is that it offers movies in 4K resolution, which is difficult to get across these days for free. You can download your favorite movie in 480p, 720p, or 1080p screen resolutions instead of 4K. You have the option of selecting the video quality based on your data and internet speed.

The majority of Hollywood and English films are available for free download on this website. They also feature a large collection of dubbed movies in Spanish, Italian, and other languages.

You can download TV series, TV Shows, Web series, Anime, short films, and a variety of other videos in addition to movies. They feature a “Chat” part where you can request a movie if it isn’t available anyplace else.

5. Flix Films


Flix Films


This website is a movie buff’s dream come true. With just a few clicks, you can download all of the latest released movies from the Google Drive service, which is quick, dependable, and safe.

They post movies in various formats up to 4K video quality within a few hours after their release. Hollywood, Bollywood, Dual audio, multi-audio, blue ray, English, Spanish, Asian, and other films are available for download.

The nicest thing about this website is that it does not contain any third-party pop-up adverts. These pop-up adverts are quite irritating, but you won’t have to bother about them on this website.

They have a Telegram channel where you can get notifications and links to the latest movies that have been released. They offer movies in a variety of sizes and formats, allowing you to download them according to your internet usage plan.

If you have a data cap, you can choose between 480p (about 300 Mb per movie) and 720p HEVC (sized around 500 Mb per movie). They currently have roughly 20,000 films available for download. The majority of these films were released recently. All of the films are categorized by genre and year of release to make it simple to select your favorite.

6. Hub for Downloads


Hub for Downloads


One of the best and most popular movies downloading sites is Downloadhub. They upload the most recent movies just as well as the other sites. They’ve been doing this for a long time, and Downloadhub is now a household name. Every day, millions of movie buffs look for this term.

The sole disadvantage of Download Hub is that they rely on pop-up adverts to generate cash, which can be bothersome at times, and they don’t offer movies in 4K resolution.

But the best thing is that they offer movies in HEVC format, which is an excellent compressed video format for those with limited internet access. Movies in 1080p or 720p video quality can be downloaded for less than 1200 or 500 Mb. There are many other categories to pick from, including Hollywood movies, Bollywood movies, English movies, English TV series, Tamil movies, Punjabi movies, Spanish movies, Pakistani movies, and many others.

They offer a large movie database; over 30,000 movies are available to download for free without registration or subscription on their website. On the movie download page, you may also watch, direct download, or magnet download (Torrent). They distribute a film to over 25 file sharing and streaming services.

7. KatmovieHD




KatmovieHD is a top-rated piracy website that offers free downloads of illicit content such as movies, TV shows, episodes, and web series. In this pirate game, KatmovieHD is the best player. They upload content at the same rate as the original owner.

It’s a torrent site comparable to the Pirate Bay that offers a wide range of unlawful entertainment content. KatmovieHD is famous in Asian countries because it offers free content in a variety of file formats, including movies and web series. People are always looking for free things, and they are willing to give them away. To access KatmovieHD, you do not need to subscribe to any plan, sign up for anything, or fill out any forms. All you have to do is type KatmovieHD into your browser, go to their site, and download your favorite movies.

KatmovieHD distributes movies and other multimedia content on the first day of release in a variety of formats, including 300MB, 480p, 720p, 720p HEVC, and 1080p. As a result, KatmovieHD is a popular website in India and other Asian nations including Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Nepal. Every month, almost a million people use Google to look up the word KatmovieHD. You can get a sense of how popular this website is by looking at the number of visitors it receives.

They also show local and regional films, which is one of the reasons for their appeal. On their website, they have films in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Gujarati, Punjabi, Bengali, Kannada, and other regional languages. Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Hotstar, Voot, Zee5, and dozens of more on-demand streaming services are among the services they offer.

From KatmovieHD’s official website, you can quickly download all of your favorite movies and web series. Because the government suspends their sites due to policy infractions, they maintain dozens of mirror websites. But don’t panic; you may still access their website through VPNs or a variety of mirror URLs. In this article, I’ve included working KatmovieHD mirror URLs. KatmovieHD created its original website in 2011, which was a torrent site at the time, but now offers direct download links for speedier downloads.

8. Ola Films


Ola Films


If you want to watch movies in ultra-high resolution, practically every film on our site is available in at least 1080p, with several in 4k as well. My favorite aspect of ola movies is their downloading servers. They make use of Google Drive links, which are ideal for fast downloads.

They upload practically every movie, as well as TV shows like Bigg Boss, Khatron Ke Khiladi, and others, in full HD on their website on the first day.

The only thing I don’t like about this website is how much advertising there is and how many redirections there are until you get to the actual downloading link. To receive a single downloading link with a lot of pop-up adverts, you’ll have to spend about 2-3 minutes. Which is a little inconvenient.

If you don’t mind a lot of redirects and pop-up adverts, this site will be a terrific place to receive free HD dubbed movies and TV episodes. Try it right now.

9. Afilmywap




This site is for you if you enjoy watching movies on your mobile phone. This is a mobile-friendly website template. They only have 480p movies available. If you’re okay with the video quality, you can save a lot of data.

On average, you may download the most recent movies for less than 300 Mb. That’s fantastic if your internet provider has a data cap. This website may include pop-under advertising, which is used to generate cash. This ad is obnoxious, but it’s fine as long as everyone gets free movies. All of the movies are in mp4 format, which means you can watch them on your smartphone. With just a few clicks, you may download movies from filmy wap.

Filmywap also offers free downloads of the most recent Hollywood films, English films, and animation films. On their homepage, they feature a section called “Latest Updates” where you can simply obtain the latest movies with only one click.

10. Mp4Moviez




Another excellent movie download source is mobile-friendly. If you don’t have access to a computer or a laptop, this movie site is for you. On this site, you may see pop-up advertising, popunder ads, and redirection ads, but you must understand that they are all here to make money.

As a result, it’s preferable to see a few commercials here and there rather than paying a large sum to such streaming sites. They provide movies in 480p resolution, which is excellent for mobile viewing. The majority of the movie will be around 300 Mb in size, which is ideal if you have a low internet usage plan.

The best thing about mp4moviez and Afilmywap is that you can quickly download your movie file from their direct download links with just one click.

You may also download WWE episodes, award shows, Hindi TV shows, Hindi Web series, English web series, English series, English TV shows, Animation movies, and other multimedia content in addition to movies.

11. VegaMovies




In India, VegaMovies is one of the most popular movie download sites. It receives about 3.5 million monthly page views. You can get a sense of how popular this website is in different Asian countries. They are so popular because they offer a variety of piracy content for free on their website. On VegaMovies, you can quickly find all of the hottest movies, web series, shows, and series.

Most people in South Asian countries cannot afford to view the latest series and shows on on-demand streaming platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, Hotstar, Voot, Amazon Prime, and others. As a result, they continue to look for other ways to gain access to such valuable content. This is why sites like VegaMovies are so popular in India and the rest of South Asia.

They get movies from a variety of file-sharing sites, and they may also see the latest blockbusters without paying for a subscription. As a result, VegaMovies is one of India’s most popular multimedia sites. You may watch the latest Bollywood films, Hollywood films, Punjabi films, Pakistani films, WWE episodes, Tamil films, Telugu films, Kannada films, Gujarati films, and other regional films online.

They have around 100,000 videos on their server that span the years 1990 to 2020. Everything is completely free, and you are not required to register or sign up. Depending on your internet speed, you can download or stream your movies in a variety of file types. The most popular component of this website is the 300 Mb movies section, where they compress all of the latest movies to under 300 Mb while maintaining the best possible video quality.

Because of the slow internet speeds in many Asian nations, customers are continually looking for sites where they can download high-quality prints in a small amount of time. VegaMovies has become a popular platform for free movie downloads because of its 300 MB movies area.

12. HDHub4u




Another good movie download service allows you to download numerous popular TV series and movies for free. This website often offers screen resolutions of up to 1080p and, in most cases, 720p.

They have over 4000 movie collections to choose from, as well as hundreds of TV episodes to download. They primarily offer Hollywood and Bollywood films. If you’re seeking other languages, such as Spanish or Italian, this site isn’t as good as the others on our list.

The majority of the most recent films are unavailable, however, you may easily find a few months’ worths of newly released films on this website for free. They won’t make you join up or register in order to download anything. There aren’t many pop-up ads. Be on the lookout for it.

Even still, HDhub4u is a superior option for watching or downloading movies to other expensive platforms. If you are unable to access the above-mentioned movie downloading sites, you can try this one.

13. Movies Verse


Movies Verse


Movies Verse is yet another fantastic movie download site that is available for free on the internet. Movies Verse has an incredible database, with over 20,000 titles to choose from.

Every month, almost ten million people visit our site to obtain newly released movies. You can now get a sense of how popular this website is. On this site, you may find practically every film released in the last several years. The disadvantage is that they only upload videos with a resolution of up to 720p. This site is a decent choice if you don’t mind a 720p screen resolution. You’ll get 720p in both HEVC and x264 formats, which gives you a lot of flexibility in terms of screen quality.

This site is ideal if you enjoy Hindi movies in HD or Hindi dubbed movies. They post practically every Hindi film accessible, whether it is a Hollywood Hindi dubbed film or a South Indian Hindi dubbed film.

They offer Hollywood films, Bollywood films, Pakistani films, Telugu films, Pakistani Films, and English films. As of now, they mostly focus on Hollywood and Bollywood films. You can also download Web series, TV shows, Adult movies, Anime, Cartoons, and other genres in addition to movies. It’s a one-stop-shop for all of your multimedia fancies.

14. 9xMovies




If you enjoy Indian regional films, this site offers free access to practically every regional film released in India. They also upload Hollywood films in a variety of screen resolutions, which you can download or stream directly from their website.

To download movies, there are more than ten file-sharing servers available. You may download Hollywood and Bollywood movies, as well as Nepali, Korean, and Iranian films. They recently began uploading films from various countries.

They employ third-party redirect advertisements, which is a little frustrating, but it’s worth it as long as they give out free items. On the movie download page, you’ll find screenshots, quality kind, and the number of resumable links. They also post movies to free streaming apps like cloud videos, streaming, cup, and others.

15. Disney Plus Hotstar


Disney Plus Hotstar


The one drawback to Hotstar is that it is currently only available in three countries: India, the United States, and Canada. If you live in one of these countries, you can get free access to their premium content. It is a legitimate website run by Novi Digital Entertainment, a Star India subsidiary.

They collaborated with Disney, DC, Marvel, Pixar, Star Wars, and other well-known brands. The majority of the films are available for free viewing or download.

If you want access to their premium content, like English TV shows, premium AAA-rated movies, live sports, Disney shows, and other premium films, you may sign up for their yearly plan, which costs INR 299 (about $5 USD). I’ve never seen a cheaper quality on-demand service than Hotstar.

With their cheapest subscription, you may get Live TV, Live Sports, Live Events, Live News, DC movies, Marvel movies, and other premium content in addition to movies.

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