20 Best MangaHub Alternatives To Read Manga Free

Shueisha released MANGA Plus, an online manga platform, on January 1, 2019. This manga service lets people from all over the world, except in China, Japan, and South Korea, read manga for free, though not every chapter. Most of the manga is in English and Spanish. They already had their manga services, like Shonen Jump+, so they didn’t want to switch. Even though MANGA Plus says it has free manga, the only free chapters for most of the manga on the site are the first and last three. Because of the licenses for some manga, the chapters are only free on MANGA Plus for a short time. So, if you want to read the whole manga for free, you have to read the last 3 chapters before they are hidden for the next chapter.

What is MangaHub?

The most recent manga can be found on the website MangaHub. You need to create an account on this website to view every manga. Manga can be found by searching the Directory, Most Popular, or Updates. Manga is posted each day. You can use it to search a sizable database for any manga you like. You have more options than merely reading on the manga website. Complete manga chapters with voice acting and subtitles are also available for download. You will learn about the most recent developments and alterations in the manga industry.

Is MangaHub safe?

Manga Plus is a safe website to read manga on because it has few or no ads. When there are ads, they are not bad or trying to trick you. Also, you don’t have to sign up or log in to read manga or leave comments on the site. So, hackers and scammers have no reason to steal users’ personal information; even if they wanted to, they couldn’t. Overall, you can feel safe when you read manga on MANGA Plus because it is very secure and doesn’t ask for any personal information.

Is MangaHub legal to use?

MangaHub is a legal place to read manga because it is run by the publisher Shueisha, which works with many manga authors to publish and sell their work. This service only updates the manga they own and is very strict about following the manga license. MangaHub puts the new manga on the web and in its app the same day as it comes out in Japan. Also, MANGA Plus doesn’t let people download their content, so no one can download them and give them to others. When you read manga on MangaHub, you are helping Shueisha publishers and the authors. Unlike many pirated websites, you are not downloading manga and reading it for free.

Does MangaHub have an app?

MangaHub also has a website at HTTPS:// MangaHub.shueisha.co.jp/ and an app for iOS and Android phones that you can get free from the App Store and Google Play. From January 2022 to January 2023, only app users can participate in a “First Read Free campaign.” With this campaign, you can read all the manga chapters like One Piece that say “English SIMULRELEASE” once.


Whether you read manga on your computer or phone, the images are always of the highest quality. You can also change the reading direction from vertical to horizontal and the page resolution from low to medium to high. You can pinch to zoom on your phone’s screen or on your laptop’s touchpad.

Reading adventure

As I said above, I could read One Piece on MangaHub on my phone and my laptop without lag or buffering. The website itself also loads pretty fast. On each manga page, a bubble button lets you share your thoughts with other readers using the mobile app. But unfortunately, the website has turned off this comment feature, so you can only read the discussions. Since a lot of people read manga on MangaHub, there are a lot of comments, which I’m sure will make your reading experience a lot better. You can also tap the chapter button on the page to go to a different chapter in the middle of your reading.

20 Best MangaHub Alternatives To Read Manga Free

You can read manga for free by using the alternatives to MangaHub listed on this page.

1. MangaPark




On the website Mangapark, you may read manga online. On this website, reading manga requires creating an account and signing in. This website offers a wide variety of genres, just like MangaHub. To locate the book, utilize the genre search function. The site’s page themes can be changed. Please note your favorite manga so you can return to it whenever you like. The series has been completed and posted online.

2. Viz




This wonderful MangaHub substitute has been accessible for more than three decades. At Viz, there are manga publications for readers of all ages. Numerous well-known anime brands are represented in it. Additionally, Viz offers a community section where you can learn about the most recent releases and what readers like and dislike. Books, TV programs, movies, and TV series are all included.

3. MangaReborn




MangaHub can be successfully replaced with MangaReborn. Although the website is straightforward, readers will nevertheless discover some useful information there. This website has an intuitive user interface. The website’s news section informs you of the most recent manga news. You might eventually have to register. The website is available on any device and is free of bothersome advertisements.

4. MangaPlus




MangaPlus is the place to go if you like manga and want to help the people who write and publish it. It is where you can read all of Shueisha’s latest manga for free. Due to some manga licenses, the last three chapters can be read for free on MangaPlus for a limited time. Readers can not only read their favorite manga but also leave comments and talk with other readers about the manga. Even though MangaPlus just came out in 2019, its great features and high-quality manga have already brought in more than a million readers worldwide.

5. MangaStream




The most recent manga can be found on MangaStream. You need to sign up or log in before you can read your favorite manga. Select the manga you want to read from the navigation menu. To locate a manga that piques your curiosity, browse the entire catalog. These top-notch MangaHub substitutes are looking for writers and designers.

6. MangaOwl




MangaOwl is a suitable replacement for MangaHub. The most well-known manga comics are all included in its superb database of comics. The information on the website is always updated so you can discover the most recent chapters. On MangaOwl, you can search for the manga you wish to read.

The user interface of the website is simple. It offers a discussion forum where you can post information or update other readers on what’s happening. The website doesn’t have any adverts to make your experience there more enjoyable. No payment is necessary to access the website from any device.

7. MangaInn




One of the finest locations to find free manga novels is Mangainn, where you can chat with other manga readers. You can discuss MangaHub the chapters with other manga readers while you read manga online. You may also find the most recent news every day in Mangainn. The most recent details on upcoming performances. Before you can access the most recent chapter of the ongoing manga series for free online, you must register. You can’t find a better site comparable to MangaHub Shueisha than this one.

8. Comixology




A cloud-based service called Comixology functions similarly to MangaHub. You can read more than a million comics on it. The application is available for download and uses on Kindle, iOS, Android, and Windows computers.

The website was launched in 2007 and was purchased by Amazon.com in 2014. The website Comixology is now managed by Amazon. MangaHub features various comics, including Chinese, American, and Korean manga. Although the website has a premium appearance, its content is not.

9. MangaFox




You can discover the newest and most popular manga genres using MangaFox. Manga Fox offers a wide range of manga, including Shoujo, Shounen, Shoujo, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Love, and Adventure. It has the most recent manga, but access to them requires logging in or signing up. There is also a smartphone application available. You can download free manga for your iPhone, iPad, or Android phone. Additionally, it is the best MangaHub replacement website.

10. Mangamo




MangaHub can also be replaced with Mangamo. On iOS and Android devices, you may download Mangamo’s titles for nothing and without any ads. Mangamo has an advantage over other platforms for manga readers because of its variety of exclusive titles. In addition, Mangamo offers a wide range of genres and titles. To access Mangamo’s content, download the app on your smartphone and pay the $5 monthly fee.

11. MangaEden




The second-best MangaHub -one-piece replacement is MangaEden. It’s a fantastic website for manga fans, however, there aren’t many genres to choose from. You can always locate the newest items because the collection constantly adds new ones.

It is simple to use because of the UI. Even though the website is free to access, some features are only available if you register with MangaHub, my hero. There are no intrusive advertisements; you may access them from any device.

12. MangaKakalot




MangaHub is replaced by MangaKakalot. It’s a typical website that keeps things uncomplicated. The website has a sizable quantity of comics. You can use it to check up on any manga you’re interested in. Thanks to how simple it is, even children can utilize the website’s UI. There are no issues with this website, and it functions well. It is freely available across all platforms.

13. MangaKatana




Another user-friendly website where you may read manga online for free is MangaKatana. Your favorite novels are easy to locate. It’s great that the manga’s website was updated every hour. It implies that the most recent manga from every genre is always available. Manga Katana is one of the best websites to use as a replacement for a one-piece MangaHub if you’re looking for the most recent manga.

14. Manga Reader


Manga Reader


Manga Reader is a feature-rich, user-friendly website where you may read manga online. It contains countless manga to read, anime series to watch, and tonnes of hentai games to play—everything a manga fan could ask for. It differs slightly from MangaHub and other websites but offers the same features and services. Your MangaHub Alternatives can be published and promptly shared with others, allowing you to receive feedback right away. This website has several different categories for manga and anime series. Every type has a title, and with each new entry, hundreds more are added. The same as the others, it has a trending area. You can download the most recent manga and anime seasons in HD quality from the “Trending” area.

15. Mangago




The best accessible option is mangago. The beta version of the website offers a tonne of useful features. The most well-known manga, like Dragon Ball Z, Astro Boy, MangaHub One Piece, Naruto, and many others, are all available on this website’s enormous database. This website provides something for everyone and won’t let you down.

Utilizing the user interface is simple. For updates, there is a separate feed section on the website. On the website, there is a spot where you may post your inquiries. MangaHub is available on all platforms and doesn’t have any pop-up advertising. It receives a great deal of appreciation.

16. KissManga




KissManga is the best black clover MangaHub alternative for sexy manga. You may read comic books in addition to manga with it. Manga and comic book files come in a variety of formats. Every kind of manga and comic book is available here. You may read the most recent manga series for free on KissManga. And You can focus on the chapters of the manga. You must register before reading the entire manga.

17. Nine Manga


Nine Manga


This website offers free online manga reading in addition to MangaHub TV. You could decide which book is right for you by carefully examining each one. Additionally, make an effort to maintain a reading list so you can follow up with specific novels as new chapters are released. Additionally, choose a book based on what you enjoy doing to avoid getting bored in the middle.

18. Manganelo




You should at least once visit the Manganelo website if you’re seeking a site similar to manga plus that has a large selection of manga comics. This website hosts so many comics that many manga search engines use it. There are almost 40 different types of comics, and all of them are excellent. You can read comics in categories such as the hottest, most recent, and newest manga. The website is attractive and simple to use. The website is straightforward to navigate. You can save data by reading all of the photographs at once.

19. TenManga




One of the most recent substitutes for MangaHub is TenManga. It also includes a database of more than 55 different genres for you, despite being the most recent website for manga aficionados. Here, you may locate any manga very quickly and easily by using just the first letter of the title. The homepage of the website features the most recent updates and has a fantastic design. You may find all of the MangaHub comics that are currently available in one more completed area.

20. MangaPanda




Another website that resembles MangaHub is MangaPanda. It serves as a suitable MangaHub replacement. You would enjoy mangapanda if you enjoyed the way the original Manga Plus by Shueisha website appeared. Once you get to the website, you can browse thousands of excellent manga comics. The website is also accessible through a laptop, tablet, or phone. Online readers have access to a wide variety of stories, including thrillers, action, suspense, and adventure. A “surprise me” button will pick a comic at random for you if you click it. Reading a different kind of comedy is entertaining.


MangaHub is it free?

Yes! This service is offered without charge. As a result, take a seat, unwind, and read. Any data charges levied by your service provider are your responsibility. Please respect your data allotment.

Is MangaHub a legitimate platform?

This service is fully authorised. The rights to the comics, pictures, texts, and other materials on this service are protected by copyrights, trademarks, and other intellectual property owned by Shueisha Inc. and affiliated businesses granted permission to use the works. The artists receive a portion of the service’s earnings. To support the series and upcoming works of the artists, read comics on MangaHub!

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