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Whether or not you use WooCommerce, you may already be aware that it is one of the most widely used open-source eCommerce platforms out there. Like any other piece of software, it does have some limitations and drawbacks. In this essay, one of these will be examined. The login and registration pages cannot be fully customized and/or separated.

One of the most frequent requests from users of the woocommerce register shortcode is the capability to modify and adjust both the login and registration pages. Instead of having them all on one page, many users would appreciate the option of splitting these pages.

We’ll look at how to get both of these capabilities for your WooCommerce website in this article: a login/registration page that is both totally customizable AND unique.

Make sure your wifi settings are accurate, or restart your device.

The first and most fundamental piece of advice we have is to restart your device. Try turning your device’s wifi on and off if you don’t want to perform a complete reset. Reconnect to the wireless network once you’ve finished one (or both), and then go to a website to start the laborious login process.

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You’ll reach the login screen after doing this. If that doesn’t work, try forcing the router to load its default login page; there are a few web addresses that will send you there.

Open your web browser and type, one of the most popular choices, while connected to the wifi network.



Try the following if that doesn’t work:

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Include your email in the blanks.

By signing up, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Statement. If none of the aforementioned methods seem to be effective, verify the following settings twice before trying again:

In your web browser, empty the cache.

Usually, be carried out through your browser’s history menu. After momentarily deactivating any additional DNS servers you’re using, go back to the default DNS servers.


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What justifies customising the WooCommerce Login and Registration Form?

Limited Field Options

The standard WooCommerce login registration form, which has enough fields, can be used to establish an account for a user. However, you won’t be able to do so by default if you want to add more fields. Wherever they are needed or desired, you are unable to create and display fields with checkboxes, dropdown menus, and payment and delivery addresses.

Separate login and registration pages

The WooCommerce registration and login forms are both displayed on the same page by default. This is also highly advantageous, but you won’t be able to create separate pages for the login and registration forms. You must use code or another plugin to circumvent this.

Design Limitations

For some users, the visual representation of the standard WooCommerce login and registration form may be a little dull and uninteresting. In that case, the woocommerce register shortcode does not also let you change it. As a result, you won’t, by default, be able to use different colors, font styles, or borders on the form.

Customize the WooCommerce sign-up and login forms.

With just one plugin, User Registration, you can customize the majority of the login page and registration form for Woo Commerce. It’s a plugin designed to improve the efficiency of the login and registration forms on your website. You can make changes without knowing how to code, thanks to its straightforward drag-and-drop interface.

The Best Way to Create a Longer Registration Form

The User Registration plugin makes it simple to build an improved WooCommerce registration form. A variety of registration forms can be easily created using the User Registration plugin.

With the pricey WooCommerce Integration Add-on, you can also integrate unique Woo Commerce Fields, such as billing and shipping addresses.

You can get essential Woo Commerce data directly from the source thanks to these custom Fields.

Additionally, you can add Woo Commerce elements to the “My Account” page for user registration, including downloads, orders, billing and shipping information, and more. It enables customers to manage and check the orders and purchases they make on your website. You’ll need a WooCommerce integrated registration plugin if you use WooCommerce. The User Registration plugin is also one of the best user registration plugins available.

In addition to customized Woo Commerce Fields, the User Registration plugin offers a number of other features. Let’s get started with the User Registration Plugin’s Extended Woo Commerce Form creation. Step by step, adhere to the directions.

Install the User Registration Plugin after downloading it.

  • Installing the User Registration Plugin is a prerequisite before proceeding.
  • Visit your WordPress dashboard and choose Plugins -> Add New from the drop-down menu to accomplish this.
  • Then, find User Registration in the plugins area and select Install Now.
  • After installation, don’t forget to activate the plugin.

How to Create a WooCommerce Sign-Up Form

After downloading and installing the add-on, we can proceed to build the unique WooCommerce registration form. The three plugins—Woo Commerce, User Registration, and WooCommerce Register Shortcode Integration—must first be activated.

When you’re ready, use the straightforward drag-and-drop form builder and go to User Registration->Add New. It’s simple to create a registration form with this user-friendly interface. If you scroll down, the WooCommerce register shortcodeForm Billing and Shipping fields are added to the form builder.

Drag and drop the necessary form fields onto the WooCommerce Registration Form to complete the process. You can add up to three form fields in a row if you’d like. Once you’re done, remember to save the form. It displays the WooCommerce Registration Form. Put the registration form on your website at this time.

Any WordPress page or post can include the WooCommerce Registration form. Either the User Registration Gutenberg block or the shortcode provided for each form can be used to add the form.

Establishing a Shortcode

The first choice for showing the WooCommerce Registration Form is the form Shortcode. The top-right corner of your form builder contains the shortcode for the form.

The shortcode for woocommerce’s register You are undoubtedly already aware that the My Account page, which houses the shortcode, has both a Login and a Registration structure. In any case, this isn’t always a smart move, especially if you’re using landing pages or offers pages for a particular objective, like client enrollment.

It seems sensible that you would prefer not to have a login mechanism in place when this occurs. I offer two new shortcodes in my response, one for the registration structure and the other for the login structure.

The content of both shortcodes is copied from woocommerce registration shortcode format records if it’s not too much trouble to remember. If Woo Commerce publishes an update or modifies these documents, you’ll need to change the shortcode coding as well.

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