Best iTunes Alternatives You Can Use In 2022

The worst part about iTunes on Windows is that it uses all of your resources to execute the most basic of tasks: play some music. For this reason, we’ve introduced the finest iTunes alternatives.

Not only that, but it seems like the UI for iTunes gets worse and also worse every year, confusing even the most tech-savvy users. You’re still in luck if you don’t like Apple’s music player for any reason. You may enjoy many more excellent music apps on Windows, most of them are more powerful than iTunes anyway.

What is iTunes?

Users can link their iPhone to the computer and exchange data using the Windows program iTunes. Users can play music from their phone list on the system using Apple’s Geriatric media player software. It displays all the information about the media files, such as music files, movies, TV series, podcasts, etc., that a user has on their phone.

By connecting their iPhone to a computer and activating the software, users can save music on their iPhones. After choosing the songs from the system they wish to copy to the mobile, users can proceed to the file tab. They must then sync the device with iTunes. Users can backup their mobile devices using iTunes and restore data from that backup on their computer or in cloud storage.


  • highly adaptable.
  • Logical user interfaces
  • powerful feature for managing music.


  • The only form of data transport allowed is music.
  • Available only on Windows.
  • Unable to handle huge files well.

Best iTunes Alternatives You Can Use In 2022

Returning to the question of which program is the greatest iTunes alternative for you, let’s start;

1. MusicBee



One of the greatest iTunes alternatives software is MusicBee if you don’t want to maintain paperwork and simply want a gamer to help you manage your music and listen to it. On your computer system, MusicBee makes it simple to manage, find, and play music files. Your Windows computer and your iPhone devices can easily sync your music. Not only that, but MusicBee also integrates SoundCloud and partners with podcasts and web radio stations.

Listening to music on MusicBee is enjoyable since it offers a tonne of features that enhance your audio experience in addition to a fairly simple and intuitive user interface. I adore its 15-band equalization since I can customize the settings for my test. This software has several features, including gapless playback, logarithmic volume scaling, support for WinAmp plugins, style aid, and more.

2. WALTR 2



I can find a video I’ve transferred in the Videos app. This means that I don’t need any additional software to listen to my music or see my movies. Every file transferred using WALTR 2 is treated as a native file. WALTR 2 is priceless for this feature alone. And WALTR 2 is the program to get if you want to transfer files between your desktop and iOS devices easily.

WALTR 2 is my fave iTunes substitute program. Although this software is not cheap, it is incredibly useful and powerful. I can connect my iPhone to WALTR 2 through WiFi or a cable. Its Wi-Fi connection is just as speedy as the built-in AirDrop and uploads music and images in a matter of seconds. Additionally, the lengthy movie files only take a few minutes to upload from my Mac to my iPhone. I also appreciate that WALTR 2 can transfer any type of file that we routinely transmit. WALTR 2 recognizes the files we are transferring automatically and sends them to native Apple applications, whether they be songs, movies, PDFs, ePubs, or audiobooks. Likewise, look into CXT software options.

3. WinX MediaTrans


WinX MediaTrans

If you use Windows and are looking for the finest iTunes alternative that enables simple music transfer, look no further. This app will allow you to transfer photos, videos, and other data between your computer and iPhones. The software has features like automated photo backup, two-way music transmission, and song monitoring. Ringtone producer, video clip transfer and publication organizer, and also much more. The ability to encrypt my library of images and video clips is one of my favorite features of this program.

Additionally very user-friendly and fuss-free, the app. You only need to install it and connect your phone to be ready to go. The application does not necessitate the installation of iTunes on your computer in order to function. This is the program to get if you need to manage media and files between your computer and iPhone.

4. Vox Media Player


Vox Media Player


If you use a Mac and are looking for a simple yet feature-rich music player to replace it, iTunes suggests the Vox Media Gamer. One of the best features of this top iTunes substitute is its support for many audio genres. Not only does the application handle popular media formats like MP3 and MP4, but it also supports alternative file types, including FLAC, CUE, APE, and M4A, among others.

Vox’s support for both Tunes and personal song libraries is fantastic. Not only that, but the software also supports streaming music from sites like SoundCloud, YouTube, and more than 30.000 internet radio stations. Gapless playback, enhanced stereo audio, a bass sound engine, cloud storage for all of your songs, and more are among the application’s additional features.

5. Musique




Musique is a non-artistic music gamer for your Mac. The software is not only well-organized and simple to use but also incredibly active and packed with features. My favorite feature of this top iTunes substitute program is its built-in verses finder, which eliminates the verses from any song you are listening to. I really like how this program arranges my CDs and music by artists to create a gorgeous tiled mosaic effect.

Simply said, I adore looking at record covers and pictures of my favorite musicians. This application’s ability to keep the folder structure of your collection and display your music exactly as you’ve organized it is one of its unique features. This is the one to get if you’re looking for a simple and also effective music player, and also, given that it’s free, there’s no reason you shouldn’t give it a try.

6. DearMob apple iPhone Manager


DearMob apple iPhone Manager


The all-in-one utility DearMob iPhone Supervisor enables you to manage media and music, transfer files between your computer and iPhone devices, produce automated backups, and encrypt your data for overall protection. Generally speaking, DearMob can perform any small task that you can perform using the greatest iTunes alternatives. Even though the software has a lot of features, it has managed to keep the user experience simple and straightforward. I never used any of its features because I found it to be so simple to operate. The app’s ability to help me manage my photos is my favorite feature.

In addition to transferring photos quickly between devices, it also enables me to manage albums, preview and even access is hidden HEIC images, as well as handle and erase photos. Additionally, it offers a feature-rich sound management tool that makes managing your track really simple. Last but not least, it is compatible with both Windows and also macOS, so whichever operating system you use, you are good to go.

7. Dr.fone




I use iTunes for a variety of other, more complex tasks, such as creating backups, fully wiping the data off of your iPhone, and more, in addition to just playing music. The top program for iTunes alternatives is Dr. Fone. The program includes a wide range of capabilities, such as the ability to create backups, recover your iPhone, recover deleted data from your iPhone, move files, messages, and contacts between your computer and iPhone, safely erase data, and more.

The ability to run mending manuscripts is one of this application’s features that I like the most. Common iOS problems like “stuck at bootup,” “healing mode looping,” and others are swiftly fixed by the application. Even though this data recovery program is somewhat expensive, those who want to play around with their Apple iPhone will find it useful.

8. Swinsian




Additionally, it offers a fully customizable interface that may be altered to meet your needs. I particularly enjoy how easily you can control the song playback using the app’s tiny window. You will appreciate that it enables you to quickly import your whole iTunes music library if you are switching from one of the finest iTunes alternatives to another. Overall, I think this program is really good and would suggest it to anyone searching for a simple iTunes alternative for playing tunes.

Swinsian is yet another song gamer for Mac that I enjoy. The program offers outstanding features like advanced tag editing, folder viewing, wide style support, duplicate finder, smart playlist support, and also much more. Despite having a vast library, the application never lags and is incredibly quick. Check out auto repair software, too

9. PodTrans



This list will undoubtedly come to a conclusion with a piece of software that makes it simple to move tunes from your computer to your iPod. With just a few clicks, users may transfer music using this application, one of the greatest alternatives to iTunes.

It works without iTunes being installed on your computer. If you own a more modern iPod that features the gorgeous retina display, you’ll be delighted to know that it also offers monitoring of many other media files, like as videos, TV shows, movies, iTunes U, and more. The program is a little but useful one that is quite helpful for iPod owners. It’s also totally free, so you should definitely check it out.

10. Fidelia




Fidelia is the app for you if you enjoy music and want to listen to it in the best quality possible. For those who haven’t used it before, Fidelia is primarily a high-definition sound player for Mac. The software features a sophisticated user interface that specializes in songs and supports all current sound file types.

Customers have the freedom and power to manage, personalize, and enjoy their electronic music collection at the greatest fidelity, thanks to the application. Additionally, it adds support for 64-bit audio unit plug-ins and a complete set of sound tools, including equalizers, compressors, CanOpener headphone modeler, and more. In general, Fidelia delivers a player designed for audiophiles, in contrast to iTunes, which simply completes the task.

11. Gihosoft iManager


Gihosoft iManager


Gihosoft iManager, a best iTunes replacement that claims to be the best iPhone file manager, contains all the necessary components to be a useful iTunes substitute for both macOS and Windows. You may easily manage and transfer your music, photos, videos, and documents from the PC to iPhone/iPad using this gadget at your disposal.

Additionally, Gihosoft does fairly well when it comes to filing backup, allowing you to keep your information. Additionally, safeguard it and restore it when necessary. To ensure an additional layer of protection for your personal information. Like iTunes, Gihosoft iManager enables you to secure your data. You can archive previous backups, which is still another improvement. It guarantees that you can free up a significant amount of needed space on your PC system.

12. PhoneRescue




There are instances when difficult issues cause you to delete crucial information unintentionally. A full-featured data recovery program like PhoneRescue has a role to play in situations like the “black screen of death.” What gives this iMobie service a competitive edge over many of its rivals, including iTunes? 31 different kinds of documents, including pictures, videos, music, documents, and more, can be recovered.

Therefore, it makes no difference what the situation is or what kind of files fall victim to unforeseen problems. They are painless to obtain. The straightforward user interface is one of my favorite features of this top iTunes substitute program. UI promises that you won’t need to invest a lot of time to master the information recovery tools. You can choose the missing data and specifically retrieve it based on your needs.

13. CopyTrans




The software also enables you to edit meta-tags, scores, and even song lyrics. So that your music library can appear perfectly synchronized. Despite your best efforts, duplicate music will eventually find its way into your collection no matter how well you manage them. You’ll be able to easily locate and also get rid of all the duplicate songs with CopyTrans.

In terms of efficiency, such as how well it handles songs, CopyTrans would be right up there with the finest in the business if I were to rank the best iTunes replacements. You did really hear correctly. In contrast to iTunes, CopyTrans offers complete customization, allowing you to design your music library exactly how you want. For instance, track titles, CD titles, song styles, and artwork are all easily editable. Inspect data entry software as well.

14. MediaMonkey




I’ve saved “MediaMonkey,” in particular for people who maintain sizable music and video collection. This might be the iTunes choice you’ve been waiting for if you’re one of them. With support for numerous file types, including MP3, AAC (M4A), OGG, MPC, and all others, iTunes is equipped to handle music and video files. Its UI, which is rather neat compared to Apple’s, makes navigation simple.

The ability of this software to automatically recognize films and music is one of my favorite features. As a result, handling duplicate items and even sorting out tracks with missing tags is extremely simple. In conclusion, MediaMonkey should be one of your top choices for iTunes alternatives. If you need to manage a large number of audio/video files.

15. Clementine




If you want the greatest iTunes alternatives, get the app. Give Clementine a chance to arrange your song collection for you in an easy-to-understand manner. This multiplatform music gamer, which was inspired by Amarok 1.4, has a very intuitive user interface. As a result, you may keep all of your music perfectly arranged according to your preferences. Additionally, this open-source tool enables you to listen to Internet radio from a variety of streaming sources. It features numerous music services, such as Spotify, Grooveshark, Soundcloud, Icecast, SomaFM, Magnatune, and Jamendo.

This quality might appeal to you if you enjoy listening to contemporary radio shows. Clementine is integrated with a number of cloud services, including Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, and also OneDrive, unlike iTunes. You can thus play tracks that you have actually uploaded to these cloud-based services. Additionally, you can convert tracks into a variety of formats with this free iTunes option. Like MP3, Ogg Vorbis, Ogg Speex, FLAC, or AAC, which is another benefit from the perspective of the customer.


What would make an excellent iTunes substitute?

Many programs, like WALTR, MusicBee, and Vox Media Player, are regarded as being excellent alternatives to iTunes.

Which Windows-compatible iTunes substitute is the best?

WinX MediaTrans can lay claim to being the greatest iTunes substitute for Windows when it comes to quick and effective file handling. Although they are also strong competitors in terms of file management, WALTR, and MusicBee.

Is there an alternative to iTunes that I can use with my iPhone?

Yes, you can manage your iPhone without iTunes using programs like MacX/WinX MediaTrans, MusicBee, and Vox Media Player.

Will iTunes still be available?

Yes, iTunes for Mac has already been shut down by Apple. Even while the firm hasn’t yet discontinued iTunes for Windows, a more effective replacement’s launch doesn’t appear to be too far off.

Can I no longer purchase music on iTunes?

On iTunes, you may still purchase music and movies. The program continues to function normally on Windows and macOS Mojave or earlier.

Which music library program is the best?

Vox Media Player can be used since it supports a wide range of file types, your music library, and iTunes, and over 30,000 internet radio stations.

Is MusicBee an upgrade over iTunes?

You may manage files, transfer files, and listen to music with MusicBee, a good iTunes substitute.

Does iTunes for Windows still exist?

Apple has not yet formally stopped supporting iTunes on Windows. However, given that the firm has already discontinued iTunes for macOS, we can anticipate that it will also discontinue iTunes for Windows in the future.

How can I manage my library on iTunes?

Apps like MediaMonkey and Vox player can be used to manage your iTunes library.

What serves as iTunes’ replacement for Apple?

Apple created specialized apps, like Apple Music, Apple TV, Apple Podcasts, and Apple Books, with the release of macOS Catalina to mimic the features of iTunes.

I don’t want to use iTunes; how can I put music on my iPhone?

Without using iTunes, you can transfer music to your iPhone using programs like MusicBee and WinX MediaTrans. Additionally, these apps function better than the standalone ones since that Apple has abandoned iTunes.

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