15 Best Free IQ Tests for You to Try Online In 2022

The Intelligence Quotient (IQ) test, which was created in the early 20th century, is used to assess a person’s level of intelligence. Such exams are common, but even Alfred Binet, the French psychologist who is credited with creating the first one, did not think the test was accurate because it did not include any tools for assessing creativity or emotional intelligence.

However, IQ tests can also be used to establish a baseline for your cognitive performance and to gauge your mental acuity.

What Is an IQ, Exactly?

IQ, or intelligence quotient, is a shorthand term. It is one of the various intelligence estimations. Your actual IQ score is determined by how many questions you successfully answer on an IQ test, which is then normalized in light of the general population.

An IQ test evaluates a person’s language and memory abilities as well as their capacity for verbal thinking, pattern recognition, and problem-solving.

It serves as a useful benchmark because the results of the normalization process indicate that a ‘average’ IQ is 100.

The IQ range of the majority of people is between 85 and 115. Few persons (less than 0.2%) are believed to score above 145, with a score of 150 or higher being considered to be on the “genius” level.

Who Can Take an IQ Test for Free?

A free online IQ test is available to everyone. A suitable device and internet access are all you need. If you are aware that you may need to take a formal test for a job, class, or psychological evaluation, you might choose to use free online IQ tests as practice.

The readily accessible free tests to determine who has the highest IQ can be used by siblings, coworkers, groups of college pals, or really any competitive group of individuals. For your own satisfaction, you might also choose to take an IQ test online by yourself.

Academic success and high IQ are typically correlated. The IQ test is merely one method of judging intelligence, though. A person’s IQ does not necessarily indicate whether or not they will succeed in school or land a high-level position. The opposite is also true.

15 Best Free IQ Tests for You to Try Online In 2022

We have compiled a list of the Best Free IQ Tests. Let’s have a look at the list given below.

1. Free-IQTest.net

Free IQ Tests


There are 20 questions in the Free-IQTest.net test. You can answer the questions if you put in your date of birth. To figure out your IQ, it’s important to know how old you are. The original IQ test figured out the ratio between your mental age and your real age. When a child’s mental age was estimated to be 13, but his actual age was 10, his IQ was measured to be 66:

(13/10) * 100 = 130

Because of this, it is believed that a person with an average IQ of 100 has a mental age that is equal to their chronological age. Even though modern IQ tests like the one on Free-IQTest.net no longer figure out a person’s mental age, age is still an important factor.

Free-IQTest.net also shows a bell curve of IQ scores, so you can see where your score falls in comparison to others. There is also a chart of people with high IQs who are thought to have a real level IQ.

The calculation of brain age has been done away with for a long time, mostly because IQ is said to reach its peak at age 20 and then slowly go down after that. This means that someone with a mental age of 20 would have a higher IQ than someone with a mental age of 22. This makes the calculation pointless.

2. Brain Metrix

Free IQ Tests


The Brain Metrix test has 20 questions, and the site says that it shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes to finish. Some websites have timers to make sure that people finish the quiz within a certain amount of time, but Brain Metrix does not.

Some experts say that it doesn’t matter how long it takes to finish an IQ test as long as it is done all at once. Some physical tests do have time limits, but this may be because testing centers can’t stay open forever and examiners can’t sit with people all night. On the other hand, having a time limit adds a new skill element and tests a person’s ability to think clearly when they are under some pressure. People say that as we age, our brains become less alert, and the time it takes to answer a question is a good way to measure this.

You don’t need to say how old you are to take the Brain Metrix test, and you don’t even need to add an email address to get your results. Because of these things, it might be the most convenient test on the list.

3. See My Personality

Free IQ Tests


People have long thought that a person’s IQ stays about the same throughout their lives, at least until they are adults. But new research, especially by Susanne M. Jaeggi and Martin Buschkuehl, shows that training our working memory can help raise our IQ. Working memory is the part of memory where we keep information that helps us solve problems. There are many ways to improve your working memory, but one of the most important things you can do is to train and test different parts of your intelligence and memory.

In order to improve this part of the brain, children are taught to play games, like card games, and to read in a way that makes them think. Try similar tasks and don’t focus too much on your IQ level, because that could slow you down.

4. Fun Education

Free IQ Tests


Free IQ testing is available via Fun Education, and the findings are said to be immediately confirmed by a Ph.D. There is also a separate IQ test on the site for kids younger than 17. Fun Education says that its test is mostly a verbal IQ test, but there are also some spatial IQ questions. The main focus of a verbal IQ test is on logic and reasoning with words. Fun Education has a lot of words. Some tests have questions with no words to explain the problem or ask the question.

Some people do better on verbal IQ tests, while others do better on image-based spatial IQ tests. Most thorough tests will look at both of these things, and if a test only looks at one of them, the results should be changed.

To get a more accurate IQ test, all IQ tests should be compared to a standard deviation. How accurate and reliable the deviation is will determine how accurate the IQ measure is. At the end of the IQ test, you do have to fill out a short form to get your results, but this is normal for free online tests and quizzes.

5. Memorado

Free IQ Tests


As the site says, the Memorado quiz is faster than most other IQ tests. It is also well put together and looks nice. It uses both spatial and verbal IQ questions to get a good idea of your intelligence level. It gives you a standard measure of your IQ and tells you what percentile of the population your IQ falls in.

If you take a lot of IQ tests, you will notice that the questions start to seem familiar, even though they are not the same. A number series question is a common type of question that you will see often. Usually, you are given four or five numbers and asked to figure out what the next number would be in the series.

These are what are called “numerical logic” questions. Some of them may be easy, but others may be very hard. People think that the series is a good way to measure IQ because it requires logical thinking.

6. IQ Exam

Free IQ Tests


The IQ Exam is made up of 25 questions, and each question is given 60 seconds to be answered. As is typical for these kinds of tests, you are not allowed to use a pencil, paper, or calculator to help you. The tests aren’t meant to see how good you are at math, so they only ask you to do very simple calculations that you can do in your head. Some people think that writing some of the questions down would make them too easy.

The test was made by experts at Virginia Tech University, according to the website. You can even have a certificate proving how well you performed sent to your house if you reside in Virginia. IQ tests are rarely used for anything other than personal satisfaction or as a requirement for joining high-IQ societies like Mensa.

7. IQ Test Prep

Free IQ Tests


The same IQ test should only be taken once. If you take the test a second or later time, it will be easier because you will already know the questions, and later questions may give you hints about answers to questions you already saw. So, if you want to take another test, you should move on once you’ve finished the first one.

There are two good tests on IQ Test Prep, one from 2018 and one from 2021. You can take the test in 2018 to prepare for the test from now. When you’re done, you’ll get the results of your IQ test, and if you give your email address, you can get a certificate with your IQ score on it.

On the IQ Test Prep website, you can take both short and long tests. IQ tests can have anywhere from a few to 100 or even more questions. The best test length is somewhere in the middle. With ten questions, your answers don’t necessarily show how smart you are, and there isn’t enough difference between participants to be able to figure out percentiles. If a quiz is too long, the brain starts to lose its ability to work, and by the end, the quiz has lost all of its meaning. The official Mensa test has 50 questions, so that’s something to keep in mind.

Preparing is a good idea whether you’re taking the real Mensa test or just want to keep your brain active. With IQ Test Prep’s variety of tests, you can do just that, whether you only have a few minutes or a lot more time.

8. Genius Tests

Free IQ Tests


Genius Tests is another website with a variety of tests, some of which are short and some of which are longer. Most groups like Mensa look for people with IQs in the top 2% of the world. To prove their IQ level, they also need the person to take an official IQ test, which is usually given in a strict exam setting.

Some groups do accept old tests as long as the results can be checked and confirmed by an official source. The Stanford-Binet, the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale, and the Cattell Culture Fair Intelligent Tests are all examples of tests that are allowed.

Practice tests from Genius Tests can help you if you want to take one of these tests or an official test to join an organization like Mensa. Even though they don’t count toward membership, they have similar questions so you can get used to the language, concepts, and even the spatial or verbal logic that will be needed on the real tests.

9. 123Test

Free IQ Tests


Sample tests are available for free on 123Test without having to sign up or become a member. When you finish the test, you’ll get your score and the number of questions you got right. You’ll also find out if you’re smart enough to join one of the major high-IQ societies.

The free demo test isn’t as thorough as the full tests, but it’s meant to give users an idea of what to expect. You are asked ten questions, incorporating ten different question types. They include tests of verbal, numerical, logical, and spatial reasoning, so they give a good idea of how wide an IQ is.

The Culture Fair Intelligence Test also gives you a free sample, and it is a non-verbal test, which is a plus. Not only do these kinds of tests check for spatial and nonverbal skills, but they can also be taken by people who don’t speak English.

As the site says, taking IQ tests won’t make you smarter, but it can help you get better at them so you can do better on mental aptitude tests, like those on job applications. The 123Test website is full of tests, but keep in mind that not all of them are free. To find the ones that don’t cost anything, go to the free test and test sample sections.

10. Free IQ Test

Free IQ Tests


FreeIQTest.info is a simple website with an IQ test. It talks about the history of the idea of IQ. It has a chart that shows the kinds of numbers you should expect compared to the rest of the population, as well as the IQ test itself.

The test is based on the WAIS IQ score and has 20 questions. Wechsler Adult Intelligence Score, or WAIS, is one of the most well-known intelligence tests.

The test is timed, and the final score takes into account how long it took to finish. People taking the test shouldn’t use calculators or paper, and since it’s anonymous, your results won’t be shared or saved.

11. TipTopGlobe

Free IQ Tests


The TipTopGlobe Intelligence Test has 40 questions and can take up to 30 minutes to finish. It says that you shouldn’t use a calculator or paper when taking the test, since this will give a more accurate picture of how you did.

The site talks about the Flynn Effect, which is a trend in which the average IQ of the population has been going up by about three points per decade, with most of the gains happening at the lower end of the scale. This is called the Flynn Effect, but it is not clear if people are getting smarter or if the changes are caused by the way IQ tests are used or by something else. The Stanford-Binet Test and the Wechsler Test are the two main official IQ tests. The Stanford-Binet Test is a mix of Alfred-early Binet’s work and that of Stanford.

The Binet-Simon Intelligence Scale was written by Binet and his partner, Theodore Simon. The goal of this first test was to find out which kids would need more help in school. In 1916, a professor at Stanford University named Lewis M. Terman took the idea a step further and said that a person’s intelligence could be measured on an IQ scale.

On the TipTopGlobe website, you can take a free IQ test and find a long list of famous people and their IQs. This way, you can see how you compare to people like Abraham Lincoln, Bill Gates, and Leonardo da Vinci.

12. IQTestCenter

Free IQ Tests


There are a number of cognitive and memory tests at the IQ Test Center, including a free IQ test. In fact, the website has IQ tests for kids as young as 4 years old and as old as 14 years old, as well as tests for geniuses.

People with very low or very high IQs are not thought to be able to trust IQ tests. They don’t give enough grades to accurately predict intelligence at these levels. Instead, you should use one-on-one tests with very specific criteria.

Also, 4 years old is thought to be the youngest age when IQ starts to develop. However, because this is such a young age, a low or high IQ at this age is not necessarily a sign of how smart a person will be as an adult. But it does give you a starting point and lets you track a child’s growth as they get older. As you might expect, the IQ test for younger children is easier and asks more about spatial reasoning through pictures than through words.

13. Mensa Workout

Free IQ Tests


Mensa is one of the world’s largest groups of people with high IQs. Most of the time, people who want to join have to take a test at a test center while it is being watched.

If a person’s IQ is in the top 2% of the world, they are eligible to join Mensa, which has many activities and groups for its members.

On the Mensa website, you can do what they call an “online workout,” but you can’t practice or take tests there. This is a set of 18 questions that are similar to those you might see on a supervised test. They are used to figure out how well you would do on the real test.

The Mensa Workout questions are easier than the real Mensa test, but they do give you a good idea of what to expect on the real test. The site will also tell you how likely it is that you will get a test score high enough to get into the Mensa group.

14. IQ Test Labs

Free IQ Tests


You can take more than one IQ test at the IQ Test Labs. There are also practice questions, verbal quizzes, math quizzes, and culture fair quizzes on the site. All of these quizzes will be added together to make an overall IQ test.

Culture fair quizzes are called that because they don’t have anything to do with language and don’t require the participant to know or be good at English. They use patterns, pictures, and numbers, and anyone can answer them, no matter what language they speak as their first language.

The site also has links to related news stories and polls, and you can sign up to get a regular newsletter that includes even more questions. The site is for people who like to take IQ and intelligence tests, and it also has a good practice test. Many of the other IQ sites online aren’t as well-rounded as IQ Test Labs, but they can give a more complete picture.

15. Compare Your Score To NFL Players

Free IQ Tests

Football IQ Score is an intelligence test that NFL players take, but anyone can take it too and compare their scores to those of NFL players. The site has both a short and a long test. The long test is scored out of 50 points. The test is similar to other IQ tests, but it might be better because it has more language questions and other types of questions as well.

The website keeps a record of everyone who has taken the quiz. You can search for your favorite player, see their score out of 50, and then take the test yourself to see how you do. During the time the test has been going on, one player has gotten a perfect score of 50. You can look at scores by the player, but you can also look at them by the average position they play.

On the website, you can take the full test, the short test, or look at the database for free. The whole test should take about 12 minutes, and the premise adds something unusual and maybe even interesting to a typical IQ test.


Even its creator has criticized the measurement of intelligence since it does not account for factors like emotional intelligence or creativity. IQ is not always a reliable indicator of general intelligence.

However, standardized tests do exist, and they are utilized by both individual test takers and high-IQ organizations like Mensa to assess how well a person compares to the general population. You can use the 15 free online IQ tests listed above to test your IQ for fun, to gauge your own intelligence, or to prepare for the Mensa entry test.

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