The Best 8 iCloud Alternatives in 2022

The best alternatives to iCloud that are more compatible, have more storage space, makes sharing easy, and have other advanced features. The best way to keep important documents and data safe is to store them in iCloud.But iCloud has some problems, like the support that isn’t very good, not enough storage space, and incompatibility with other operating systems like Android. This makes it important to find the best iCloud alternatives.

If like many other users, you want to switch away from iCloud because of the problems listed above or for any other reason, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together a list of the best iCloud alternatives you should try this year. Let’s not waste your time and get right to the best alternatives to iCloud for Chrome, Mac, iPhone, and iPad.

Well-Researched List of the Top iCloud Alternatives

Here are our top picks for the best software that is similar to, or maybe even better than, iCloud.

1. pCloud

Let’s start our talk about the best alternatives to iCloud with pCloud.If safety is the most important thing to you, you will like this software. It is one of the most secure storage platforms because it has high-end features like Swiss data privacy and client-side encryption. Here are a few more things about pCloud that caught our attention.

Key things about pCloud

Files are stored at more than three server locations

It’s easy to get to from anywhere and at any time.

Options for sharing include file requests shared links, and shared folder invitations.

Up to 10 GB of free space.


Next, we’ll tell you about is one of the best alternatives to iCloud because it works with Microsoft Office and makes it easier to access and share files. is on this list of the best alternatives to iCloud because of the following things, in addition to what we’ve already said.’s best parts

Zero-knowledge data encryption makes it very safe.

No limits on the size of files you can send

Files can be sent to people who don’t have a Sync account. There are also extra features like password protection, expiration dates for data, and notifications.

3. Icedrive

Now, let’s show you around the Icedrive. It’s a strong alternative to iCloud for iPhone/iPad/Chrome because it has features like drive mounting, which lets you access your storage at any time from your desktop.

Along with this, here are some of Icedrive’s other features that make it so popular.

Icedrive’s most important parts

Doesn’t need syncing

Smart cache control

Twofish encryption is one of the safest ways to encrypt a message.

User interface that looks good

Sharing and sending data at an impressive rate

You can store 10 GB for free.

4. GoogleDrive

We can’t leave out GoogleDrive when talking about the best alternative to iCloud for Chrome and Mac.
We really like how easy it is to use and how many features it has.

Integration with useful Google tools like Slides, Docs, Sheets, and Forms is one of its most interesting features.
Users also like this one of the best alternatives to iCloud because it has the following features.

GoogleDrive’s best parts

Search technology based on AI

15 GB of free space to store things

Integration with Google Photos is smooth.

Color-coding makes it easy to organize files and is free with Gmail.

5. NordLocker

The NordLocker comes in second on this list of the best alternatives to iCloud for iPhone/Mac after Google Chrome.
When it comes to its features, it has the most advanced encryption algorithms like Argon2, AES 256, and ECC to keep your data safe.

We also think NordLocker is one of the best alternatives to iCloud because of the following features.

NordLocker’s most important parts

3 GB of free space to store things

All of your devices will automatically back up and sync.

Files are easy to share with coworkers, friends, and family

NordPass and NordVPN integration: a best free vpn

A drag-and-drop feature that is easy to use.


We’d also like to add to our list of the best alternatives to iCloud.
Some of the best reasons to talk about this software are its AES 256-bit encryption and AI-powered shield for security policy management and threat detection.

Aside from this, the following features of are also worth mentioning.’s best parts

To keep encryption keys safe, KeySafe

Tools like Relay improve workflows and speed up different tasks

Integration with Office 365 and Google WorkSpace

Getting along with HIPAA

10 GB of free space to store files.


MEGA Logo (PRNewsfoto/Mega Limited) is one of the best alternatives to iCloud because it has 20 GB of free storage space and security features like link permissions, two-factor authentication, and anti-ransomware.

Here are some other things we like about that we think you will find useful.

Key things about

MEGAdrop lets you upload files to your MEGA account and get more people involved.

High-quality zero-knowledge security MEGA Desktop sync app to keep everything on all devices in sync

MEGAcmd is a command-line option for better integration and control.

You can add an extension to your browser to make loading and downloading faster.

8. Backblaze B2

Last, in our article about the best alternatives to iCloud, we talk about Backblaze B2.
Backblaze B2 is one of the best options for business users who want to connect their current systems to the cloud.

Backblaze B2’s features include seamless integration of S3-compatible storage through APIs, CLI, and many other options.
Backblaze B2 is also different from iCloud because of the following features.

Backblaze B2’s most important parts

You can put as many files of any type and size as you want in a bucket.

You can download more than one file in a single zip file.

Caps & Alerts for data capping and reporting in detail

The same user interface for easy and quick file transfer

You can get 10 GB of storage for free.


This article talked about the best alternatives to iCloud that you can use on your Mac, iPhone, iPad, or Chrome.
From the list above, you can choose the software that best fits your needs.

You can leave us a comment if you think our list is missing some great iPhone and other device alternatives to iCloud.You can also tell us what you think about this article in the section for comments.

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