50 Best HorribleSubs Alternatives In 2020 to watch free Anime

Horriblesubs is another name for a new service that lets you watch anime online. It is the best choice for anyone who uses the internet and wants to watch many free anime shows and movies hosted by third-party servers.

You can watch and download HD anime shows from the site. The Horriblesubs database has many movies and other interesting content that you can access anytime, anywhere in the world.

It is easy to use and has a simple interface. When you open the site, all the new series are on the front page, and you can use categories and a search bar to find the things you like.

Horriblesubs is also a place where anime fans can get together and talk. The site also has many fun things that make it better than others. All in all, it’s a great place for anime fans to get hooked.

What is HorribleSubs?

HorribleSubs is one of the oldest and most popular fansub groups. Fans translate, encode, time, and edit their shows at HorribleSubs. Overall, HorribleSubs is a well-made website where you can download the latest free indie anime content at a decent speed. Most popular free independent content has more seeds than leeches, so downloading is usually smooth.

How HorribleSubs Came to Be

AniDB says that HorribleSubs has been on the internet since 2009, so it has been there for over a decade. It is one of the biggest groups that sub movies and TV shows.

What can you look forward to from the HorribleSubs?

Contemporary Design: HorribleSubs does have an up-to-date design. HorribleSubs is more like a free streaming service than Nyaa, which has a more traditional look. The way the colors go together is simple, but it works. Even though the logo looks flashy, the rest of the site, including the menus, sidebar, and background with the “Corona” metaphor, is pretty. I like how padding has been used to separate the different parts of the website, which makes it look clean.

Schedule: The daily schedule on this torrent site is one of its most interesting things. In the sidebar, you can see what time it is right now in PDT. Under that is a banner, and then it says Today’s Schedule.

Streaming vibe: As we’ve already said, HorribleSubs has a modern look. It doesn’t have a fixed menu with content that stays the same. There are banners right on the homepage, and as you scroll down, you’ll see a variety of menus that break up the sameness of the content. Under the banner with the leaderboard is a small section with content. On the right side of the page is the schedule. This layout is typical for a site where you can stream videos.

Comments and Interaction: I think comments and interactions give a platform more depth and make it look real. People usually use bots in a dishonest way, but you won’t think that when you read the comments on HorribleSubs. People will complain about the free independent show, how well it streams, compares to other services, and so on. You can join the community using services like Disqus, Facebook, Twitter, and Gmail. You can also “tweet” the thread or “Share” it with your friends and family. Not only that, but you can also sort the comments the way you want. Almost all of the best posts on the platform get 100 or more comments.



How can you get to HorribleSubs?

You can find HorribleSubs by typing “HorribleSubs” into your search engine. If you would rather go straight to the platform, you can use this link: HorribleSubs.

50 Best HorribleSubs Alternatives In 2020 to watch free Anime

We have compiled a list of the Best HorribleSubs Alternatives. Let’s have a look at the list given below.

  1. MangaReader.net (Popular Manga Website)
  2. BATO.to (Top Manga Website)
  3. Mangadex.org – Good Manga Site
  4. Crunchyroll.com
  5. MangaFox.me
  6. MangaPanda.com
  7. Zingbox.me
  8. Mngdoom.com
  9. Niaad.com
  10. MangaFreak.net
  11. MangaPark.net
  12. Myreadingmanga.info
  13. Animenova.org
  14. Viz.com
  15. MangaInn.net
  16. Comic-Walker.com
  17. MangaDoom.com
  18. Comico.jp
  19. Mangaz.com
  20. Niadd.com/hot-manga/
  21. BookWalker.jp
  22. Honto.jp
  23. Mangakakalot.com
  24. Ebookrenta.com
  25. Comixology.com
  26. MangaHentai.me
  27. MangaHub.se
  28. MangaPark.me
  29. NineManga.com
  30. FreeComicOnline.me
  31. HolyManga.com
  32. INKR.com
  33. MangaEden.com
  34. ManyToon.com
  35. MangaNelo.com
  36. Manga.club
  37. Mangago.me
  38. Hentaifc.com
  39. Myanimelist.net
  40. Mangaowl.net
  41. Anime-planet.com/manga/all
  42. Manhwax.com/manga/
  43. Koomanga.com
  44. Mangasee123.com
  45. Mangahere.cc
  46. Mangakomi.com
  47. Mangaclash.com
  48. Mangabat.com
  49. Mangajar.com
  50. Mangaeffect.com


The most interesting thing about this website is its design. Most of the top torrent sites offer good quality free indie content, so what makes one platform different from another is how it looks. When you go to the website, you’ll see an ad for HorribleSubs J-List on the leaderboard. This ad gives you a 5% discount. Under that title, you’ll find a section called “Latest Releases,” followed by a section for comments. On the right, there’s an ad, but this one is in 336280 formats. Under that, there is a daily-updated schedule. Even though there isn’t a “dark mode,” the website’s header has a black background with a colorful logo.


In the website’s header, the logo is on the left, and six options are on the right. Some of these are “Shows,” “Current Shows,” “Schedule,” “IRC,” “FAQ,” and “Follow Us.” Even though the black background with white text doesn’t feel high-end, it still looks good.

Inner Pages

When you click on a free independent show on the homepage, you’ll be taken to the page for that show. This page also makes you feel like you’re on a site for streaming. The name of the free independent show comes first, then a brief description and links.


There is a lot of good free indie content on HorribleSubs. It has a huge library of free independent content where you can find the newest and most up-to-date free independent anime.

Desktop/Mobile experience

Even though there are ads on the platform, they don’t get in the way of your browsing or navigation. Even getting free independent content is not too hard. Just click on the free independent title you want to download, and you’ll be taken to the page where you can download it. Under the banner and summary, there are options to “Download Episodes,” where you can find links to download in 360p, 720p, and 1080p. For each streaming quality, you can choose Magnet, Torrent, XDCC, Uploaded.net, DropAPK, or Rockfile.

Suggestions I have for HorribleSubs

I’m not sure if the ripping claims about bots are true. But I hope not because HorribleSubs says it is a fan-submitted community that grows naturally. So, if it turns out to be false, it could greatly hurt the site’s reputation, making it hard for people to trust it again. It takes time for people to trust torrent sites, and things like this can make them feel bad.


Is there something else that can replace HorribleSubs?

In many ways, Erai Raws is a great replacement for HorribleSubs. It has a huge collection of unencoded and encoded anime and subtitles. There are subtitles in different languages, different resolutions, and more than one way to download them.

What will become of HorribleSubs?

One of the most popular pirate anime sites on the Internet, HorribleSubs, has closed down. According to the people who ran it, it was hard to balance working on the project and doing other things. “After some thought and evaluation, we decided that the best thing to do was to move on.

Do I have to pay to watch anime?

HorribleSubs is a site where anime shows can be watched. You can look around the site for free to watch the dramas or animations.


Based on what I know, HorribleSubs is a cool community. There is great free independent content and an interactive platform to go along with the good design. You can join the community in several ways, and you don’t have to sign up on the platform. You can download the free independent content as a guest without any trouble. None of the annoying pop-ups or full-page ads are common on other streaming sites. So, HorribleSubs does have a lot to offer in terms of experience and value.

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