20 Best Honto Alternatives To Read Manga Online

Honto is one of the best places to read manga online for free. There is no better place than Honto to learn manga, manhua, or manhwa. On Honto, you can read free good manga online for free. Honto wants to send you only the best manga comics. Honto was made for people who like manga and want to read a wide range of manga and even manhua. The Honto adds more comics to its huge collection every day. On Honto, you can read free updates to manga that have just come out. Also, Honto has the most up-to-date manga news. Honto is free, so if you want to read the latest manga, check it out.

20 Best Honto Alternatives To Read Manga Online

We have compiled a list of the Best Honto Alternatives. Let’s have a look at the list given below.

1. MangaHub




The most popular manga is available on MangaHub. To read any manga on a website, you must first log into your account. You may search for manga using the Directory, Popularity, and Updates filters. Every day, manga is published. It provides a large database where you may search for the best manga. In addition to reading, you can download whole chapters with subtitles and dubs from the manga website. You will receive the most recent manga industry news and updates. It is one of the best alternatives to Honto.

2. MangaEden




The second-best option to honto is MangaEden. It is a terrific website for manga fans. However, the accessible genres are somewhat limited. The collection is continuously updated with new things.

It is easy to use due to the straightforward user interface. Although the website is free to use, registration is required to access certain features. It is accessible on all platforms, and there are no irritating advertisements.

3. MangaFox




Manga Fox allows you to find the newest and most popular manga genres. Mangafox allows you to read manga for free. However, there are several types of manga, including action, comedy, drama, fantasy, romance, school life, shoujo, and shounen. Although logging in or registering is required to see them, this site provides the most popular manga releases. Additionally, a smartphone application is available. You may download manga for free on your iPhone, iPad, or Android mobile device. It is also one of the best alternatives to Honto.

4. TenManga




TenManga is an excellent alternative to Honto. There are several manga available for reading, as well as many more to discover. You can locate your favorite manga comic by using the search function. The website TenManga contains a big database of comics from a variety of genres.

If you’re unsure about what to read or want to discover something new, you can use the “Surprise” function on the TenManga website. The website’s UI is intuitive. One of the most significant advantages of our website is that there is no advertising to distract you from reading. Highly suggested is a trip to this outstanding website.

5. MangaPark



Mangapark is another place where you can read manga online. Before you can view the manga on this website, you must establish an account and log in. In addition, these alternative websites to honto teriyaki feature a variety of genres. You can locate the book by utilizing the genre’s search function. The website’s page templates are modifiable. Please list your preferred manga and refer to it as necessary. The series has been completed and posted.

6. MangaKakalot




Honto is an option to MangaKakalot. It is an ordinary website with simple navigation. On the website, there is a substantial number of comics. You can use it to locate the manga you require. Even for young users, this website’s interface is remarkably intuitive. This website functions without interruptions or issues. It is available on all platforms at no cost.

7.  MangaKatana




MangaKatana is an amazing, user-friendly website for free online manga reading. Your preferred titles are simple to locate. Due to the website’s hourly manga updates, it is possible to find the newest manga in every genre. Manga Katana is the place to begin if you’re looking for a new manga.

8. Mangainn




Mangainn is the best alternative if you are unsure of where to begin reading manga comics and are a newbie. Despite its simple interface, you will enjoy reading about this leading alternative to honto ni in Japanese. My favorite feature of this website is the absence of advertisements. It is possible to read nonstop for days. You’ll have a nice experience reading manga here due to the excellent quality and selection.

9. Mangaz




As an alternative to Honto, Mangaz.com is one of the best online manga reading services. Due to its color scheme of baby pink and white, it is one of the most adorable manga websites ever developed. However, this is not everything: Mangas are classified by gender, age, and other variables on the website. Additionally, there are daily updates to the site’s over 10,000 manga. You have free access to all of the site’s content. Mangaz is a popular manga website due to the readability of its content.

10. MangaKisa




Mangakisa is a portal similar to Honto, where you may read manga online. There are no commercials, however. So that they will not disturb you as you read the manga. It is made feasible through crowdsourcing. This all-in-one manga reader website offers daily manga reading in HD quality.

Mangakisa is one of the leading manga platforms, boasting numerous additional features, user interfaces, and services. Mangakisa is a website that provides more than simply the meaning of manga reading honto. It can also display anime.

11. MangaStream




MangaStream offers the most recent manga titles. Before you can access your favorite manga, you must register or log in. To begin reading, please select the chosen manga from the navigation menu. You can peruse a list of entire manga in order to choose one that piques your attention. These leading Honto alternatives are seeking authors and designers.

12. MangaReborn




MangaReborn is an excellent substitute for Honto. Even though the website is simple, it contains some interesting information for visitors. This website’s user interface has been kept basic and intuitive. The website offers a news section where you can keep up with the latest manga news. Eventually, you may be required to register. The website is available from any device and contains no unwanted advertisements.

13. ComicExtra




On Comic Extra, a renowned comics website, you may read complete comics. Numerous comics and animated shows are accessible on these leading Honto choices. DC and Marvel are the best-known comic book publishers. In addition, you may read and download several anime series, so you may find what you’re seeking. You can find your favorite manga or anime here.

14. Comico




Comico made its debut in Japan in 2013 and was solely devoted to manga. It has an extensive history. The platform is owned by NHN Japan Corporation; if you wish to use it, you must purchase it from them. The website is now widely utilized in Asia, and users from around the world applaud it. You should read the most recent manga uploaded to the website. One of the sites, Comico.jp, is the best alternative to Honto for reading manga online.

15. KissManga




KissManga is a replacement for Honto. Despite having a small library, this site offers high-quality material. You get daily access to the most recent chapters of your favorite manga in the library of comics. It provides information about newly added chapters.

The user interface is basic and convenient to use. The website is secure and suitable for minors to access honto jp manga. There is no advertising, so you will not be distracted while reading. It is also accessible on all platforms.

16. SenManga




At Senmanga, you can find the newest manga novels. To read and download the most recent manga updates, you must first register for an account on the website. The shown categories are most recently published, most popular, and manga of the day. Sen Manga makes it simple to locate a list of available series. By adding your chosen episodes and chapters, you can modify virtually everything. It is one of the best alternatives to Honto.

17. Renta




Renta is included on our list of recommended alternatives to Honto. As the name implies, this is a manga rental service that allows you to rent any manga title for two days. If you wish to have infinite time to read a manga comic, you can upgrade. It offers an intuitive user interface and a contemporary web design. The site design is highly tempting because it allows viewers to view a preview of the latest manga chapter. With an extensive library of manga comics, Renta specializes in shojo, eroticism, and harlequin romance manga.

18. Chia-Anime




You may read manga and watch your favorite animated programs and cartoons on the website Chia-Anime. The website contains a small but frequently updated manga library, with a search box to assist you to find what you’re looking for. User interface (UI) simplicity is present. Free content is available on the website. The website is accessible on all platforms and has no pop-up advertisements.

19. MangaDex




There are an infinite amount of magazines available on MangaDex. This is the optimal method for searching the manga magazine database on our website. Click the manga dropdown menu on the homepage to access options such as title us no honto, update, search, features, and random. The nicest thing is that you can add manga magazines with the “Add” button. In the community section, you are able to establish groups and forums. You may also post updates on comics on social networking websites such as Twitter and Reddit. It is websites like Honto.

20. Manga Effects


Manga Effects


Manga Effects is an awesome manga website that is available online immediately for free. There is a vast range of popular and well-known manga books that will not disappoint. Manga Effects presents the top manga of the preceding week and a list of all-time favorite genres. We appreciate that each manga upload includes a timestamp indicating when it was updated.


We spent a lot of time looking into Honto’s valuable alternatives. The quality of the manga is different on each website. On websites like Honto, you may read manga for free online. You can read your favorite manga online on any of these sites.

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