15 Google Chrome Alternatives Web Browsing on 2022

Google Chrome is the most popular desktop web browser right now, but it is not the best. Chrome uses more of your computer’s resources than other web browsers.

Google Chrome Alternatives for Web Browsing

If you have a low- or mid-end PC, Chrome might not be the best choice. Also, Google Chrome is missing important features like an ad blocker, VPN, and more.

So, if you’re looking for the best PC web browser that’s better than Chrome, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll talk about a couple of the best web browsers that have more features than Chrome.

15 Best Google Chrome Alternatives

We’ve put together a list of the 15 best alternatives to Google Chrome for desktop systems like Windows, Mac, and Linux. Let’s go see what it is.

1. Mozilla Firefox

The Firefox browser should be at the top of the list because it uses few resources and has great features.It is a lightweight browser with features that are very similar to those of Google Chrome, which makes it a good choice.
For example, you can open a lot more tabs than you can in Chrome without worrying about RAM.

2. Opera

Opera is another great choice if you’re looking for something like Chrome. Because both Chrome and Opera are built on Chromium, they have many of the same features. I like how well Opera is able to use system resources while still giving me a great browsing experience. This browser takes up even less space than Firefox. As the browser scans your data, it will give you quick access to the websites you visit most often. This is a feature that Google’s Chrome browser has also added to its latest versions.

3. Tor Browser

Many governments, institutions, and businesses have looked closely at the Tor network many times.
A network that makes it easy and clear for all connected users to hide their communications and general movement.

Let me clear up one thing about the Tor browser: the well-known Tor browser is a popular alternative for people who often use privacy-focused browsers.

Tor is based on a network of “hidden” relay servers that can hide your public IP address by routing your connection through many shared nodes.

4. Microsoft Edge

If you have Windows 10, Microsoft Edge, the company’s newest browser, can be a great alternative to Chrome.

It’s not as good as Chrome, but it’s fast and has some unique features.
Because you can use different themes to change the main page and all the other tabs in a big way.

You can also add Chrome extensions and themes to the Microsoft Edge browser that comes with Windows 10.

5. Safari

We’re going to guess that if you have a Mac, Safari is your main browser.
So, if you have an Apple device, you should use this browser instead of looking for something else.

Safari is one of the fastest and most reliable browsers, and it works perfectly on the devices it was made for. You may already know that when someone writes code for a specific architecture instead of making it work on as many devices as possible, they always get great results. This is why Safari is better than Chrome and Firefox almost all of the time.

6. Maxthon

Maxthon is another web browser that is similar to both Chrome and Firefox. Its great compatibility and Cloud storage are the things that stand out the most. It was made so that all of your navigation information can be shared between all of your devices. Cookies, history, and the cache will be kept in sync with the help of a cloud storage provider. You can easily send information to any of your devices without sending it through email, which many of us do.

You can also open Cloud tabs, which will sync your browsing history with all of your devices right away. This means that when you use your phone, everything will be the same as it was on your computer.

7. Avant


Avant is a browser that does a good job of making the best use of RAM. In Windows operating system, it is the one that uses the least amount of memory. Each tab is handled on its own, so if a script makes our browser freeze, we can end it with the process manager.
It’s a feature that’s also available in the Chrome browser. Avant, like Maxthon, has other features like mouse gestures, form auto-completion, and Cloud bookmark synchronization that let you access your data from any device at any time.

8. Comodo Dragon

Comodo, which is in the security business, made the Comodo Dragon web browser.
Yes, Comodo is the same company that, among other things, sells well-known SSL security certificates.

This browser is also based on Chromium, and its best features all have to do with keeping your information safe.
Everything about browsing is almost exactly the same as Chrome, but there is more security.

9. Vivaldi

It is also a web browser that is still in beta and needs a lot of work. But this browser has a bright future because it is made for people who want full control over their browsers. It has themes and many ways to arrange tabs, like in order, stacked, or in the background of the browser. You can also put them anywhere in these and move them together to make a group. You can also drag the tabs to a sort of trash can to get them back.
Not only that but Chrome extensions, even ones bought from the Chrome Store, can be used right in Vivaldi.

10. Chromium

.If you don’t like any of the browsers that are based on Chromium, you can just use Chromium.
It’s not as powerful as Chrome or other browsers, though.

Your privacy will also be at risk because your data will still be linked to the tech giant Google in some way.
Chromium is on the list because its source code is available to everyone. If you don’t like closed environments, especially if you use Linux, this could be the browser for you.

11. SeaMonkey

It is also a well-known web browser with an email client similar to Mozilla Thunderbird, an IRC client, and a feed and newsreader based on the Mozilla Firefox source.SeaMonkey is made for people who want something more than just a browser.

It hasn’t been updated in a long time, but the latest version supports HTML5, has better performance, and speeds up 3D.

An HTML editor and an ideal developer inspector are also built into the browser. Also, it is possible to add a lot of plugins that are the same as those in Firefox.

It’s not a better choice than the others we’ve talked about, but I thought it was worth mentioning because of its extra features and reputation as an “all-in-one” browser.

12. Brave

Brave is a well-known web browser that puts privacy first without slowing down the speed of browsing.
Brendan Eich started the project. He was also a co-founder of the Mozilla Project and the person who made JavaScript.The Brave browser is based on Chromium and can be used on iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux computers.

13. Torch Browser

Torch is a well-known web browser that is based on Chrome. As we all know, Chrome works well, but Torch sometimes lacks key features or gets too slow in other situations, especially when you open a lot of tabs.

So, if you usually open a lot of tabs, the Torch browser is a great alternative.

14. Epic

Epic Browser is a well-known web browser that is based on Firefox and is focused on Indian customs and traditions.

So, Epic Browser is advertised as the first browser made for Indians to use.It is a version of Firefox that comes with a number of add-ons that make it easier to get around and give you security tools, a text editor, or a tool for making to-do lists.

Also, the most interesting thing about the web browser is that you can write in any of the Indian languages spoken in India, like Punjabi, Bengali, or Assamese.

15. Yandex

A great dealYandex Browser is a simple web browser made by the people who made Yandex, which is one of the most popular search engines in Russia. In many parts of the world, Google’s most popular search engine is the only one people use to search the Internet. However, there are other search engines that do well in certain areas.
This is the case with Yandex, which is the most used search engine in Russia.

Yandex Browser also wants to be a strong competitor to Google Chrome, which can’t be stopped.
Both browsers are based on Google’s Chromium, so it’s not surprising that they have some similarities.

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