14 Best GHD Sports Alternatives in 2022

In this post, we will talk about the best and most popular alternatives to GHD sports. The GHD Sports app is still a free alternative to the paid sports app. It has a simple and unique user interface. GHD Sports makes it easy to watch cricket, football leagues, the Indian Super League, the Indian Premier League, tournaments, the Olympics, and live TV. This is unique because GHD Sports runs most of these services without requiring users to sign up, even though they are all free and there aren’t many ads that bring in money. If you like sports and want a full Android app with all the latest news, GHD Sports is the best alternative.

It has all the latest features that will make your fun even better. You can also find out the latest news about your favorite sports from all over the world. For example, this sports app has news about all cricket leagues, football, soccer, and many other sports. On top of that, it sends live news and streaming channels to India. Best ThopTV Alternatives & Best Pikashow Alternatives apk could be your one-stop shop for finding the best live sports app in India.

14 Best GHD Sports Alternatives in 2022

We have compiled a list of the Best GHD Sports Alternatives. Let’s have a look at the list given below.

1. Disney + Hotstar



Disney’s Hotstar is the place to go if you live in India and want to find an alternative to GHD Sports that lets you watch as many live sports as you want for free. It offers live sports content with a 5-minute delay for free users, as well as live streaming without ads for $20 per year and $5.4 per year for VIP users.

There are a lot of popular Indian plays, soap operas, movies, and TV episodes on the website, which makes it a great place to find Indian entertainment. Because Hotstar has a lot of Hollywood movies, it was released through content libraries in the US and Canada to make sure that no digital rights were being broken. Check out Footybite as well

2. Hulu



Hulu has a lot of different channels that let you watch movies of all kinds, TV shows, sports channels, history channels, and other channels. This is the best place to find content from local and regional channels, both new and old.

There are a few different ways to subscribe to Hulu TV. There are ads in the app, just like there are ads in any online platform or library. If you sign up for a premium download package, the ads will appear less often.

3. YipTV



YipTV is one of the most popular over-the-top (OTT) TV content providers. It lets people watch more than 90 channels in many different languages on their TVs, tablets, laptops, and phones. YipTV is a great alternative to GHD for sports fans because it offers live TV for free all over the world and has a membership model that is similar to Hotstar’s freemium model.

Free members can watch any of the 18 international channels they want. In the first week, they will also get 9 more free channels. You don’t need a credit card to do any of this. If I need to, I can pay just $14.99 per month for a premium membership that gives me access to all 90+ channels without having to worry about renewing my subscription.

4. BeIN Sports Connect

BeIN Sports Connect


Let’s say you’re looking for a sports site like GHD, but you want one that only streams live sports events and give detailed, analytical descriptions of each one. If this is true, beIN Sports Connect is a great deal. On the beIN SPORTS app, you can watch live sports broadcasts from popular leagues. You can also check out news, videos, highlights, results, leaderboards, and more.

Log in to the website of your TV provider to watch live events on beIN SPORTS. In the first programs, only English and Spanish were taught. You can use the app to access all beIN Sports channels and networks to meet your sports needs.

5. Bleacher Live Report

Bleacher Live Report


Our sports streaming platform gets better every year. You can access and send high-quality information through both free and paid subscription plans. Show and play the most interesting parts of the show, such as live broadcasts, comments, NBA, UEFA, and other sports news. This website, which is easy to get to, streams free live shows all in one place. In the US, people can watch AEV wrestling and other popular shows for free without having to sign up for a subscription. Check out the best HD Streamz alternatives and the best Oreo TV alternatives to watch and download live football, cricket, IPL, and tennis games for free.

6. 365 Results

365 Results


365Scores is an app that works on any platform and lets anyone start their own sports station. In addition to real-time results, they also offer news coverage and featured videos. Fans want to know what’s going on with their favorite teams, but they also want to be a part of the community, which 365Scores gives them. Fans from all over the world can use 365Scores as a virtual stadium.

Their platform has the most complete content from thousands of sources around the world. It also supports ten different sports in 24 different languages. 365Scores is meant to keep sports fans interested by giving them the best experience possible. As an alternative to the GHD Sports app, they give them the right setting to reach their goal, where they can combine their love of sports and technology in a multicultural setting.




ESPN is known for having some of the best sports shows and being one of the best sports channels to watch. Offline, people have said good things about the channel, which is in line with the good things people have said online about how well it streams. The number of views on the channel has been going up steadily for days, reaching 100 billion. You can watch free sports, news, and analysis from your favorite team on any device at any time.

8. CBS Sports

Sports on CBS


This CBS platform for sports should be added to the list of alternatives to GHD sports. It sends live news, events, and games from sports broadcasters all over the world. You can play up to eight games at once on a single screen. The app has features that are simple and easy to use. You’ll also get a customizable navigation link, a weekly preview of upcoming matches, live match predictions, team standings, and more. The interface is easy to use and looks good. Get pop-up messages about live match results, stats, lineups, and more.

9. Supersport



You can watch live video streams of sports like tennis, cricket, rugby, and soccer with this program. Even people with no experience can use the user interface to watch live feeds of any club match. You will also like that SuperSport has live commentary, group chats, and online match chats. If you can’t go to a live match because it conflicts with something else you have to do, this software can help you record it all on video after the match is over. Users can also follow their favorite team and get updates on games with this app. It also sends messages with the date and time of upcoming matches to remind people about them. Bluestar Cricket APK & ThopTV APK for IPL 2022 is one of the most popular live cricket streaming apps in India. It gives users instant access to 650+ TV stations, live cricket tournaments, highlights, and the latest sports news.




This is a very interactive piece of software for sports fans that gives them high-quality information and a lot of help with big games. There are way too many plugins for this environment, and all of them can be marked as favorites with ease. It lets people watch and listen to high-quality video and audio while keeping everything in sync. It lets you get quick answers for live games, and it can send you alerts at any time.

11. La Liga TV

La Liga TV


This app for smartphones lets people watch live streams of all women’s soccer games. As the name suggests, this software keeps you up to date on La Liga news, scores, and changes. It works well on both iOS and Android devices and lets you get to the premium racing season quickly. You can get updates in real-time about the games and how your favorite team is doing at different sporting events. This software, like YouTube, has a section called “Watch Videos Later” that lets users save videos to watch when they have time. This app is free to use and doesn’t take up much space on your device.

12. TheScore



TheScore is a free app that lets you see live scores, news, stats, videos, and other information about sports. It’s very easy to use and has a lot of full features that make it easy to watch the game. Check out Usagoals.com and Usagoals TV as well.

The app also has a customizable Feed feature that makes it easy and quick to get to the content that interests you. You can talk to other sports fans and share content with them through the chat box. TheScore is different from other GHD sports apps in the following ways: • Bet while playing the game • Customizable feed content • Live broadcast for each match • Chat with other fans

13. Fubo TV

Fubo TV


Fubo TV is a service that lets you watch TV over the Internet. And Fubo TV is a better choice than GHD Sports if you like sports. A big part of the app is live sports. TV is good for sports fans, but it is not just for them (NFL, MLB, NBA, MLS, and international football). News, TV shows and movies are also shown on Fubo TV. The app is free and can be seen online. It has a range of features and channels, from the most basic to the most expensive. The option that costs the least is $20 per month.

Since the police shut down Oreo TV, ThpTV, and Dare TV for showing illegal content, Fubo TV has become more popular. Go to the official Fubo TV website to watch some legal streaming videos while you’re waiting.

14. Flash Score



This free software can give you all the information you need about your favorite team and keep you up to date even if you can’t watch the game live. Users can also directly follow text comments to make sure they get all important updates. FlashScore gives you fast access to 5,000 games in 30 different sports. It also tells you when games are and what’s going on in the world.


If you liked the post about the best alternatives to GHD sports, please leave a comment below telling us which ones you like best and why.

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