How to Download Videos from Instagram in the Year 2022

Instagram doesn’t let users save photos or videos, but some apps and websites let you save video clips.
There are several ways to download videos from Instagram on both Windows and Android, which is good.

This article will show you the best ways to save Instagram videos on Android and Windows.

Instagram, a well-known site for sharing photos and videos, has quickly become one of many users’ favorite sites.
You need to make an account to look at photos and videos on Instagram.

If you’ve been using Instagram for a while or have spent a lot of time there, you probably want to download some cool videos from the site.

2 Methods To Download Instagram Videos from Android & PC

1) Download Instagram Videos On Android

Users must download an app from the Google Play Store to save their favorite Instagram videos. Many apps on the Google Play Store do the same thing as InstaSaver, but InstaSaver is the best one.

So, in this method, we’ll use InstaSaver to download Instagram videos on Android.

First, get InstaSaver and put it on your Android phone by downloading and installing it.

2. After downloading the app, open it, and you’ll see a screen like the one below.

3. Now, open Instagram and look for the video you want to save.

4. Tap the menu with three dots and choose “Copy Link.”

5. Open the Instasaver app on Android and tap “Insta Post Downloader.”
Paste the link you just copied there, then tap the Show the content button.

6. You will now see a sneak peek of the video.
Tap the “Save Video” button here.

7. Hold off until the download is done.

That’s it; you’re finished!
Here’s how to use Instasaver on Android to download Instagram videos.

Video Download Instagram Photos & Videos On Android and iPhone:

2) Download Instagram Videos On Windows

Getting Instagram videos on Windows isn’t as hard as getting them on Android. To download Instagram videos, you don’t need to use any software. Just do some of the easy things listed below.

Open the Instagram video you want to download first. Then, click on the menu with three dots and choose “Copy Link.”

Now, open a new tab and go to the website for DreDown.From here, you can go straight to the website.
Tap the Instagram logo.

3. Paste the link that you just copied in Step 1. When you’re done, click “DreDown.”

4. Wait a few seconds, and the video will play a preview. It will give you the link you need to download the MP4 file. Click the “Download” button to save the video to your computer.

Video: Download Instagram Videos on Windows

That’s it; you’re finished! This is how to get Instagram videos on your Android or Windows device. Tell us in the comment box below if you have any questions.

How to Download Videos from Instagram to PC/Laptop/Computer

  • You can download Instagram videos from several different websites, and they all work the same way.
  • Copy the video’s URL from the address bar at the top of your browser, then go to the Instagram video downloader page.
  • To use the best of the best, you must first go to Instagram and look for the video you want to use.
  • The URL should be able to be pasted into a text bot on their dashboard.
  • Once you’ve done this, give it a few minutes to analyze the video, and it will start downloading.

How to Download Videos from Instagram in 2022

  • Instagram makes it easy to find and save videos you want to watch later, but it doesn’t have a built-in way to download videos you want to keep later.
  • You’ll need help from a third party if you want to download your Instagram videos.
  • So, you can download Instagram videos using a tablet, a smartphone, or a computer.
  • Here are some that we think are good.

1. Snapdownloader

If you want to download all your favorite Instagram videos and do it for both Windows and Mac, Snapdownloader will take care of everything for you.

They can help you with videos from Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and even Vimeo. You can download their software and try it out for free at first.

You can also read reviews from past customers that give them five stars, making them a reliable choice in this field.

You can also change the way your favorite videos look.

2. 4K Download

  • With 4K Download, you can get your favorite videos anywhere.
  • As you might have already guessed, this kind of software will make it very easy to download your favorite videos in 4K, so you don’t have to sacrifice quality when downloading something to watch later.
  • You can turn any YouTube video into an MP3 file and download videos from sites like Instagram, TikTok, and others.
  • You can even take the audio out of a video.

How to Download Videos from Instagram to Android in 2022

  • You can download Instagram videos in several ways if you have an Android phone. Some of these ways are web-based, while others are apps.
  • Video Downloader for Instagram is a free app that you can use. The only downside to being free is that you will have to deal with ads.
  • In the Instagram app, go to the post you want to save the video, tap the three dots in the upper right corner, and tap “copy link.”
  • Go to the Video Downloader app and choose “Paste” from the menu.
    All done.

How Can I Pay for My Instagram Downloader?

  • Now that there are so many ways to pay for services online, it makes sense for Instagram downloaders to offer more than one way to pay.
  • Many services like these make it easy for you to pay for their features with PayPal, a credit card, and sometimes even cryptocurrency.
  • You just need to ensure this is true before you sign up, so you know they will take your payment the way you want.

Will the Person I’m Downloading the Video from Know I’m Downloading It?

  • The good news is that the person whose Instagram video you’re downloading won’t know that you’ve done it. Most of these sites let you download videos without being known.
  • Just so you know, though, there are some sites out there that might not have the same security features, especially if you find them through Google. This is another thing you need to make sure they cover before you sign up with them.

Is Customer Support Important?

  • No matter what industry you’re looking at, when you’re using an ongoing service with online features, you need to be able to reach a customer service team whenever you need to.
  • Even some of the best services in the business will have problems from time to time, so the sooner you can get in touch with someone when this happens, the easier it will be.
  • A direct line of communication is very important and will make your life much less stressful.

Final Thoughts

So, now you know how to get Instagram videos onto your iPhone, Android, or PC.

It’s not as hard as you might think, so you can save all of your favorite Instagram content without getting too complicated.

When you save your favorite content, you can also share it with others and boost your other social media platforms.

That’s all you need to know about downloading Instagram videos in 2022.
Good luck!

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