Best 15 Discord Alternatives for Gamers in 2022

Are you sick of your Discord chatbox being full and raids happening all the time? Do you want some good alternatives to Discord? Well, here are some great alternatives to Discord.

Humans are social animals. They want to talk to people, get attention, interact, and pass on words.

The people who make Discord were nice enough to make a VoIP app that lets PC gamers talk to other PC gamers.

Players are thrilled to have found such a flexible solution for instant messaging and team chats (Discord).

The chat apps serve all-rounder features, from sharing your gaming tactics with your buddies to sharing routines.

But they can be scary because your personal information is not safe there.Are you sick and tired of server raids, chat flooding, and harassment complaints against Discords?

Well, don’t feel blue. We have some great alternatives to Discord for gamers.
They are safe, strong, and good for the server.

15 Discord Alternatives All Gamers Need to Try!

When you are deep in conversation with other gamers and then strangers come into your chat, it can be scary.
You can make your own central servers, though. Still, there aren’t many choices.

Because of this, we’ve put together a list of 15 other Discords, especially for gamers.

1. Element (formerly Riot)

Element is here to help all gamers if their game server goes down while they are playing. Element, which used to be called Riot, can do better. The best thing about this VoIP app for Discords is that it has a simple user interface. Because of this, it will be easy to understand. This alternative to Discord has end-to-end encryption to keep you safe from raiders. Want to video chat with your gaming group? No problem, just end the calls without disturbing other people.

2. Slack

Do you have a big group of players who want to trade and talk with their friends easily? With this new addition to our list of the best Discord alternatives, it’s time to say goodbye to all invaders.

Slack’s interface can be used by anyone who likes to look at things. The amazing way it works with more than 800 third-party tools. With Slack, you can make smooth text, video, and voice calls and share files to improve your gaming experience.

3. Telegram

If you’ve been looking for alternatives to Discord for gamers, you can’t have missed Telegram. It’s not a replacement for Whatsapp or Discord, but it does have some things that make it stand out.
Do you want to reach a larger group of people? Then you should do it. You can get the best of both worlds with this app.It has bots that let you add almost 2,000,000 members. You can even share your game plans with a large number of people through channels.

4. Steam Chat

Are you the kind of gamer who likes to stream with just a few close friends? Then Steam Chat might be just what you need. The game has the feature that you can only play with friends. Aside from that, PC gamers love this app because it doesn’t need any other apps to work. You can stream and talk just fine with Steam. Are you prepared to take charge of your serve? Then try this one as one of the alternatives to Discord.

5. Mumble

This alternative to Discord has to be the most popular among all gaming communities.
The most reliable thing about it is that you don’t have to set it up in a complicated way as you do with other Discord alternatives. You can download Mumble to your browser and use it to play online games for free.It is known for not making mistakes and having good sound quality. One more thing about it is that it keeps your chats safe. So, no one outside of the Discord community can invade the privacy of its users.

6. Overtone

All gamers are the only ones who can use the technology of Overtone.Vivox is used by the chatbox, which is simple and competitive (with an ultimate integrated voice chat feature and echo cancellation services).Vivox is a service that is used by popular video games like PUBG, League of Legends, and Fornite. It has everything you need for texting, including video, voice messages, and group chats. You can always go out and meet new people who like the same things you do. You can get it right now on your browser and listen to endless conversations about games.

7. Skype

Skype is one of the best alternatives to Discord if you don’t need all the bells and whistles and extra features on your chat box. It’s worth the time to be able to use voice, audio, and video chat features. This VoIP app has all of the usual features for use in games. All gamers now have a very easy time when they play games.

8. Microsoft Teams

The team helps you set up a team chat group where you can stream your game and talk to other players at the same time. This app helps everyone organize their online meetings so they go smoothly. The person in charge of the meeting can always add people or kick them out. The unique thing about Microsoft teams is that you are in charge. You can always post your gaming schedules and other relevant information in the discords.
So, how does it compare to other alternatives to Discord for gamers?

9. Mattermost

Are you concerned about data privacy issues? Do you want to show your skills to the gaming community without worrying about your safety? Then Mattermost is your best option for gamers.
The open-source software has a lot to offer. It is the best alternative to Discord for better team management and the most customization options.

10. Jitsi

Are you all ready to use the amazing video features of Jitsi? Video conferencing can be taken to a new level by all professional and experienced gamers. You might want to get ready for some advanced ideas about how video routing works.
With the amazing additions of bandwidth estimations or scalable video coding, the gaming world is about to get really excited.

11. Wire

The Wire is here to make your life easier by giving you a better user experience, custom integrations, and encrypted chat. It is one of the best alternatives to Discord for gamers because it lets them talk and work together quickly and in real-time. You can even talk to people all over the world who are watching.
Wire increases productivity because of this.

12. Ventrilo

Ventrilo is the best choice for gamers when it comes to the best alternatives to Discord.
It has a lot of in-game support features, like high-quality voice quality and a design that uses processors in a light way. Ventrilo is the best because it has backup power, low latency voice messages, maximum uptime, and enough internet bandwidth.

13. Zoom

I know what you’re thinking: Is Zoom good for gamers? Well, you might hate it because you have online classes or things to do for work. But if you take a step back, I’ll show you some of the surprising things that gamers can do with Zoom. It has everything that other alternatives to Discord do. You can share your awesome game pattern with your real friends in the best quality possible.
Go now to save a few Mbs and take advantage of how easy it is to use.

14. TeamSpeak

No experienced gamer doesn’t know what TeamSpeak can do. The most popular chat box on the list of best alternatives to Discord is the oldest one. The chatbox offers chat services that don’t require a lot of personal information. It also has great support, great security, communication that doesn’t lag, and advanced permissions. Have you ever wanted to gossip with a close friend without telling the rest of the group? Well, you don’t have to get your phone anymore. With the whisper feature in TeamSpeak, you can now talk about other people with your friends.

15. RaidCall

Everyone who streams on Raidcall through Discord feels like they’ve won the lottery. Why? Because it has a lot to offer that is useful. Users can look for and join the groups they want to be a part of. You can also talk to more than 100,000 other members at the same time. While you talk, you can also talk to coworkers or watch shows on YouTube and Twitch. The steps are the same even when a big group stream games together. On the other hand, you see a lot of different people.


All experienced gamers must have scoured the seas to find a list of discord options. Some people worry about their privacy, while others have had enough spam. So, we have made a list of the best alternatives to Discord. They can make it easy to stream and work together. So, what are you waiting for? Go live on the communication platforms you want and show off your wild skills.

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