Top 15 Best Disboard Alternatives on 2022

Disboard is a bot that can be used for many different things and lets users create their own server in Discord.
It has a lot of commands and helps users build their own communities and teams of moderators.It also has an automated system for managing roles that gives users roles when they are invited to the server and takes them away when they leave.The best thing about Disboard is that it lets you make your own server in Discord.
But there are some bad things about this feature.Without making a role, you can’t add channels or invite people (unless you are the owner of the server.

You can’t delete all of a user’s messages (unless they were mentioned by name), and you can’t delete all of a channel’s messages either.You can choose from good alternatives, which is good news.Here are the 15 best alternatives to Disboard.

List of Best Disboard Alternatives

1. is the first choice.A website with multiple servers that can be used both for business and for personal reasons.It has more features than Disboard, like the ability to sort, tag, and is different from Disboard in that it uses a different method and gives real search results.The website has an API that lets you use standard HTTP requests to get information about servers.This makes it easier to use services like IFTTT.

2. is a website with a list of many servers that can be fully customized so that you can control the voting gives server owners a unique dashboard where they can change what content users see when they vote for their server. It has a different voting system where you have to vote for other servers to get yours listed. This is called “doing good for the good of the community.”The page is updated in real-time by Discord. st.


Next on the list is Top. gg, a website where you can review and rate the best Discord bots. It’s hard to market a bot, but Top. gg can help you get a larger number of bots for the Discord bot you own. The site gets people to vote by giving them rewards like roles, server bots, rewards for voting often and inviting friends, and many more.Top. gg tries to be easier to use and lets its users directly and for free advertise their bots.

4. is the best choice if you want to make money without having to do much. Here, all you have to do to make money is share shortened links. It’s pretty easy to figure out how it works. When someone clicks on the link after you’ve shared it, they go to a page with an ad that stays on the screen for at least 15 seconds. Then, they can skip the ad and go back to the site they were looking for.Linkvertise, unlike Disboard, makes sure you get to the site you want to go to.Linkvertise is easy to use, has high CPM and conversion rates, and lets people skip ads. So, it’s the better choice.

5. Discord. me is another server you can use instead of Discord.A web-based Discord server that lets you tell a lot of other Discord users about your server. You can share images, chat with other users, share videos, links, and a lot more in places called works great for temporary servers, while Disboard is better for servers that will stay up for a long time. You can put your server on the list by using the paid features that are is a platform that is free and easy to use.


If you like meeting new people and playing games with different people, you should join the Steam community.
The platform is owned by the company Valve. You can talk to other Steam users, play games, and even buy games through the Steam platform.Disboard does have a lot more features than steam platforms.
But this makes the sites big. While Steam community works better because it is focused on specific areas.


Discordbotlist makes it easy to find bots by giving you tools for moderation, ranking systems, and a website, among other things. You can search for bots on both Disboard and Discordlist. But features like sort by category and tags make it easier to find things on Discordbotlist. There is one big problem with the website.
If you are not verified, the Discordbotlist API will only show you the top 1000 bots and only give you some information about them. To be verified, you have to work to figure out how many servers you are on.

8. is last but not least. The people who use Mee6 bot can add commands to the server.
You can set rules for your server and let people know about changes in any channel. It’s pretty easy to use things like leveling systems and custom commands. The platform doesn’t cost has tools that make it easier to run the server than Disboard.Mee6 works better because it can automatically assign roles and has tools for moderators like “kick” and “ban” that help keep things in check.

9. is a website that has a list of thousands of Discord servers and makes it easy to find what you’re looking is easier to use than Disboard, which is a bit more complicated and can be harder to find your way around if you don’t already know it.The best thing about compared to Disboard is that its search tool is much easier to use.On, you can search for specific keywords or genres with a simple search bar at the top of the page. This saves you from having to scroll through a lot of pages or switch between different categories.You can add your server to the list on the site.This list has a category system that lets people look at servers based on what they are interested in.There is a lot of information about Discord on the site itself, like how to make bots and much more.

The website also comes with a Discord bot that acts as a middleman between the website and the Dyno bot on your server.If you play games or make content, these bots are great for automating tasks like moderating chat, posting messages, and running giveaways.It’s one of the most popular bots on Discord, with over 90,000 active servers and over 3 million unique users each month.

10. is a fairly new Discord bot list that is meant to replace the old, buggy Disboard.The bot list is run by a few friends, which makes me biassed, but I can guarantee that even though it is new, they have worked hard to make it great.Just like on Disboard, you can use the website to add bots to your server.
You can also add and promote your has a lot more features than Disboard, like the ability to have multiple servers on one account and settings for automatic moderation (which are useful and offer better support for mobile users).On, you can make your own free Discord server.
You can use this website to make a Discord server for any reason, including gaming, business, school, work, etc.
There are so many options!

11. is a list of servers that are only for Discord.It has a rating and review system that lets you find the best Discord servers.Users can rate and review servers, which gives people who are interested a better idea of the communities they might want to join.The server listing works almost the same as the listing on Disboard, but it has some improvements, like a working “tag” system that sorts results based on the tags you choose and more detailed descriptions of the servers.It was made to replace Disboard, which had become so big that it was hard to use.Even though Disboard is still a good website, it is not as fast or easy to use as Discordhome.

12. is a list of all the Discord servers, and anyone can join for free.The main goal is to make a community where anyone can find the perfect place to meet and talk with new people who share their ranks servers based on votes, members, how recently they were updated, and more.
Users can also put each server in their own order by hand.CleverBot is a chatbot that uses to respond to your questions or commands in the chatbox on the right side of the page.Cleverbot is an AI chatbot that learns from what you say and then tries to answer you with something similar to what you just said.CleverBot is mostly for fun, but it can also help you find answers to questions you have about (if any) is a better alternative to Disboard because it helps you find new servers to join with better suggestions.Their website isn’t as heavy as Disboard, so slow computers, laptops, or phones won’t have to wait as long for it to load.

13. Cosmic List

Cosmic List is an advertising platform for Discord servers.It’s a great place to get people to join your server and spread the word about it.There are different sections on the server.There is a channel for each category where you can talk about your server.The order of the channels is based on how many people are on the promoted server.This means that when you scroll through a category, the best servers will show up first.Cosmic List also has an economic system that lets you earn credits by advertising your server, voting for other users, and more!
Then, you can use these credits to give your own servers a boost.

14. DiscordL

DiscordL helps you find the best servers out of the thousands that are out there.This subreddit is all about helping people find their perfect server. It does this by letting the moderators of those servers advertise them here.The algorithm also has a “boost” system that gives servers points when they reach certain goals, like getting their first vote or member.This gives new servers a chance to compete with older ones and be seen by more members.It all comes together to make a fair ranking system that lets anyone with a good server get noticed without spending money or time advertising it elsewhere. That’s why it’s such a great alternative to Disboard!DiscordL is a better alternative to Disboard because it doesn’t have ads, is less cluttered, and loads faster.

15. DiscordApp

DiscordApp is a text, image, video, and audio messaging and streaming app that lets users talk and type in a chat channel. It can also stream audio and video.Windows, Android, iOS, macOS, Linux, and web browsers can all run Discord.By making their own servers, people from all over the world can get together with DiscordApp.Then, they can invite other people to join them on their server, where they can talk about anything, from the game they’re playing to what’s going on in their lives.For a monthly fee, the Discord App’s Nitro lets you use more features like HD streaming and animated servers.You don’t have to pay to use it unless you want to join Nitro.

Conclusion and are two of the biggest list sites for Discord.We’ll tell you why these two sites are better than Disboard and why you should use them instead.The first reason to use or instead of Disboard is that they have a lot more users than Disboard. This means that if you use one of these sites instead of Disboard, your server is much more likely to get more and have much more advanced filtering systems that let you filter by category, genre, or language. This means that your server will be able to find people who are interested in what it has to offer.

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