How to Converted Online PDF to Word in 2022

PDFs are without a doubt the best way to share documents. It’s also a safe way to share documents because you can’t change the information inside a PDF. Because of this, businesses and people all over the world now use the file format a lot.PDFs can be changed, but you need a third-party app to do it. Also, to change PDF files, we have to go through a lot of steps. Users choose to change PDFs into Word before editing them. There are a lot of websites and tools on the web that can help you turn PDF files into Word files.

Here are some of the best online tools for converting PDF to Word. With these online tools, it’s easy to turn PDF files into Word files while keeping the original formatting.

1. Adobe PDF to Word Converter

Adobe also has a free online tool that lets you change PDF files to Word files. With Adobe PDF to Word Converter, it’s easy to turn PDF files into Word files. Adobe PDF to Word Converter is well-known for how easy it is to use and how quickly it can convert files. To turn a PDF file into Word, you need to drag and drop the PDF file onto the program’s interface and click the Convert button. The web tool will quickly turn your PDF into a Word file.You can also send the converted file to other platforms.

2. Docfly

Well, Docfly is a full-featured PDF editor that you can use online for free. You can use it to make changes to PDF files and see how they look, to make PDF files secure, to change PDF files into other formats, and much more. To turn a PDF into Word, you need to upload your PDF file and choose Word as the output format. Once you’re done, click the convert button to turn it into a Word file and download it. Docfly is, all in all, one of the best free online tools to convert pdf to word.

3. Small PDF

Small PDF is one of the best online tools for converting PDF to Word, and it gives users a lot of options for how to convert. The site can fix any problem with a pdf, and it gives users 16 different tools to do so.PDF tools include pdf converter, pdf splitter, pdf unlocker, and so on. The site also says that the files you upload there are automatically deleted.


PDFtoDOC is the best online converter to use if you want to turn more than one PDF file into Word.
The best thing about Pdf2doc is that people can upload more than one file at a time. It also gives users different ways to convert files. So, Pdf2doc is the best way to change a pdf file to a word file right now.

5. Online2PDF

Online2PDF is one of the best places to find converters from PDF to Word. The interface is the best part of Online2PDF. The interface of Online2PDF is clean, and users need to upload the PDF file and then choose the format.Online2PDF also has tools to merge PDF files, extract PDF pages, rotate PDF files, compress PDF files, etc.
So, Online2PDF is another of the best online pdf to word converters you can use today.

6. ILovePDF

ILovePDF might be the best online tool to use if you want to turn a PDF file into a Word document but don’t want to deal with a lot of trouble.ILovePDF is great because it gives users a lot of online tools for doing things like converting PDF files to docs, merging PDF files, splitting PDF files, cracking PDF files, etc.
Not only that, but you can also sign up for ILovePDF to connect your Google Drive and Dropbox accounts.

7. PDF Candy

PDF Candy lets you choose PDF files from Google Drive and Dropbox. But, like Foxy Utils, PDF Candy doesn’t have the option to process multiple files at once, and users also have to sign up to convert PDF files to doc formats.PDF Candy can save the files directly to your Google Drive or Dropbox account. Besides all of these, the tool keeps the formatting even if you change a document a lot while converting it.

8. Hipdf

Hipdf is another great web-based tool that lets users convert, edit, merge, split, and encrypt PDF files.
The best thing about Hipdf is that it’s free and there are no ads on the site. According to Hipdf, files that are uploaded are deleted from the server an hour after they are uploaded.
The online PDF converter can change PDF files into other file types, such as TXT, Doc, PPT, Excel, and so on.

9. SodaPDF


Another tool on this list of the best free online PDF converters has a lot to offer.SodaPDF has features like “Convert to PDF” and “Convert from PDF.”SodaPDF users can convert PDF to Word, PDF to Excel, PDF to JPG, PDF to PPT, PDF to HTML, etc., in addition to Word.

10. PDFtoWord

PDFtoWord is a website that does exactly what its name says: it lets people convert PDF files to and from any Microsoft Office format.PDFtoWord also lets users edit any PDF file, make PDF files, merge different documents, and so on.PDFtoWord stood out from the rest because of how easy it was to use.So, these are some of the best free online PDF to Word Converters you can use.If you think we forgot an important tool on the list, please let us know in the box below.

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