How to Connect External Monitor to MacBook Pro

Apple’s Mac line-up is its premium offering, and there are many different Mac models available. Because of its uncompromising raw power, it is also very well-liked by experts and aficionados. Owners of Macs who want to connect their computer to an external monitor should follow these instructions. The procedure for connecting an external monitor to a MacBook Pro is described in this guide. Let’s get going.

Here’s how to determine how many screens your Mac can support.

Before we talk about how to connect an external monitor to a MacBook Pro, you need to know how many external monitors you can attach to your computer at once. It is crucial, especially if you want to connect your Mac to several external monitors. Here’s how to find out how many screens your Mac can support.

  • After unlocking it, go to Apple Menu.
  • Go to About This Mac right now.
  • Select Specification from the Support Tab by clicking on it.
  • A webpage showing the number of external monitors connected to your Mac will now display.

How to Connect Your Mac to an External Display

If you precisely follow each step to connect your MacBook to the monitor, connecting an external monitor to your MacBook Pro is surprisingly simple.

You must first determine the kind of port that your Mac has. It is an important step since it will be challenging to connect an external monitor to your Mac if you buy one with a different port than the one on your computer.

Right now, locating the Port is simple. Your Mac will have Thunderbolt 3 ports if it was manufactured in 2019 or later. Similar to this, if your Mac is an older model, the Mini Display Port Connector is probably present. To find out what ports your Mac has, you can Google the version.

You can buy an external Monitor with the same Port and attach it to your Mac once you’ve established which Port your Mac has.

Connect the MacBook to the external display, then close the lid to set up a MacBook with an external monitor. Make sure the external keyboard and mouse are connected as well. After you close the display’s cover, you may see everything that is on the screen.

Similar to this, you must use the system preferences to set up an external display as a second monitor on your Mac.

  • On your Mac, simply launch System Preferences.
  • Visit the Display section now.
  • Go to the Arrangement Tab once you’re in the Display area.
  • In the bottom left corner, uncheck the Mirror Displays option.

Now that you have enough room, you may use your external display as a second monitor and run all of your apps.



How Do I Connect My MacBook Pro to an External Monitor?

It is simple to connect a monitor to a MacBook Pro. Connect an external keyboard and mouse to your MacBook Pro once you’ve connected an external monitor. Close the lid after it is connected to turn on the display.

Why is my MacBook failing to recognize an external display?

The following problems may be to blame if you have followed all the steps and your MacBook still does not recognize your external monitor.

Mac Detect Displays:

Make sure the cable is firmly fastened to the Mac.

Make sure the cable you’re using is in good condition as well.

Can I use an iMac with two monitors?

Yes, an iMac can easily accommodate two monitors. Then, go to System Preferences > Display > layout tab, select “Mirror Display,” and then connect the external displays to your iMac. Your two monitors ought to be working now.

Can I use a Mac and a Non-Apple Monitor?

It is feasible to use a Mac and a non-Apple monitor. Use the proper cable to first verify that your display is compatible with your Mac.

Can I use a Mac and an HP Monitor?

Yes, you can quickly connect your HP Monitor to a Mac, and doing so shouldn’t cause any issues. Make sure you get the right kind of connector so it can connect to your Mac without a hitch.

Can I use my Mac to connect multiple external monitors?

If your Mac has this functionality, you can connect a MacBook to external monitors with ease. The number of external monitors your Mac is compatible with may be found via Apple Menu > Support > Specifications, which is the quickest way to tackle this problem.

Which port on my monitor should I use to connect it to my Mac?

Mac computers used to have a variety of ports, but in 2019, newer models started to feature Thunderbolt 3 connectors. To connect your Mac to your external monitor if you have a current model, you will need a Thunderbolt 3 cable.


All right, people, that’s all. You learned how to connect an external monitor to a MacBook Pro in this guide. We also showed you how to figure out how many external monitors can be attached to your Mac at once. If you have any questions about how to use an external display with your Mac, please post them in the comments area below.

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