17 Best Book Websites For Book Lovers In 2022 

Nobody wants to spend money on a new book through a book suggestion engine just to be let down when it doesn’t live up to their expectations. Check out a book recommendation engine and a couple of book review websites before you visit the bookstore. You can be more certain that you’ll like the title by gathering a wider range of opinions. Which book review websites, book rating websites, or both should you check out? The best book websites are listed here.

17 Best Book Websites For Book Lovers In 2022 

The best book websites are listed here.

1. Goodreads




Goodreads is unquestionably the best website for book recommendations. Nearly every book that has been published has quotes, rankings, and reviews. Furthermore, you can monitor your own reading. You can share your opinions about the books you’ve read by putting them on display using the book recommendations engines Read, Currently Reading, and Want To Read on shelves. On the basis of the finest books and websites on your shelves, Goodreads offers trustworthy recommendations. Additionally, there is a tonne of “similar books” for you to check out on book review websites for each book you read or look at.

2. Whichbook




On plot components, this website makes novel recommendations. Depending on what you want to read, you can select from a variety of factors. For instance, happy or unhappy, anticipated or unanticipated, etc. The website offers the top book websites based on your selection of four characteristics. By establishing book lists on book review websites, you can also store your books.

3. Bookish




A NetGalley editorial blog called Bookish, also known as We Are Bookish, aims to provide an independent voice to highlight books and a bookish way of life. The five tabs on the website are Must Reads, Exclusive Interviews, Book Club, Bookish Lifestyle, and NetGalley. This is one of the best book review websites if you like to read the author’s interview first.





For book recommendations, especially for young adults, check out Epic Reads. Everything a book lover could possibly best book websites want is on this website. Along with book recommendations, it offers amusing content like quizzes, videos, and book review websites. You can search for books using a variety of parameters, including category, author, top charts, and other book suggestion websites.

5. LibraryThing




2,550,000 people make up the book-loving community on LibraryThing. Because it enables you to display your digital library for other users of book recommendation engines, it has been termed the “Facebook of Book Nerds.” It is a superb cataloging tool that top book websites connect persons with related interests. The Wall Street Journal referred to it as “MySpace for bookworms,” and they were right about book review websites! You can choose the next quite easily by looking through the libraries in other people’s accounts.

6. Likewise




Similar to how it makes it simple to find book recommendation engines, it also makes it possible to share new suggestions for podcasts, movies, and TV episodes in addition to books. Using the information you previously provided, the program suggests you. Your recommendations become more individualized to your interests and preferences as you read more of the top books’ websites’ suggestions because the algorithm is fed more data.

7. TBR




TBR is a Book Riot subscription service where you will be put in touch with a professional bibliophile who will create a customized book suggestion engine for you. Simply state your reading preferences and the types of book review sites you are seeking. Next, you must decide which plan best meets your needs.

8. Olmenta




Olmenta is a great alternative if you don’t want to register for a website or generate book lists. The website for book recommendations is quite straightforward and easy to use. Additionally, the recommendations are not personalized on book review websites.

9. BookBub




You must sign in to BookBub with either your email address or your Google account. You can use the website’s book recommendation engine to find the greatest deals on popular ebooks. One of the best websites for book recommendations is BookBub, where you can also find the best free and deeply discounted books that match your interests. The app also features time-limited promotions on books from book recommendation websites every day.

10. BookSloth




With BookSloth, you can connect with other readers who share your love of books and get the most personalized reading experience. One of the best book suggestion systems, BookSloth, recommends books based on your reading preferences and behaviors. You can also look through curated lists on book review websites that feature best-sellers, highly regarded novels, and other things.

11. Shelfari




A social book cataloging website like Wikipedia for books is called Shelfari. Its users can rate, review, tag, and debate books and build virtual shelves of books they’ve read. Users can also create groups and participate in discussions by visiting the top books’ websites. The real value of Shelfari lies in its thorough descriptions, character lists, quotes, settings, and other elements seen on other book review websites. Despite being owned by Amazon, Shelfari is a wholly autonomous website.

12. Readgeek




The books you wish to read but don’t know where to find are known to Readgeek. You won’t have to rely on best-seller lists or well-intentioned suggestions to locate exactly what you’re looking for on a book recommendation website. Far outside of the norm. To figure out what you desire, we use statistics and a few calculations.

13. The Fussy Librarian


The Fussy Librarian


The Fussy Librarian was the first website to pair readers with books based on their preferred content preferences as well as the book genres they enjoy. Do you only read mysteries without profanity, bloodshed, or sex? Then we’ll only discuss cozy mysteries with you. Do you exclusively read gruesome memoirs and horror books? Not a problem with book recommendation websites.

14. Forewordz




Forewordz is a group of book aficionados that links authors and readers with daily eBook specials, a book suggestion engine, and exclusive promotions. They combine an affordable eBook suggestion service, a tool for finding books, and a platform for promoting authors, all of which are united by a shared and enduring passion for reading.

15. Bargain Booksy


Bargain Booksy


The finest deals on old books and ebooks are sought after by Bargain Booksy. Get amazing savings on the best-selling books of all time. They’ll track down the perfect book for you. Select the appropriate format and genres for your book recommendation website, and they’ll take care of the rest! The best fiction, nonfiction, and best-selling ebooks are displayed on the website.

16. Amazon




And while we’re talking about Amazon, if you’re looking for a book you’ve read or heard about, the “Customers who bought this item also bought” section can offer some great title suggestions. There are editorial evaluations, customer reviews, and sampling despite the scant suggestions. Additionally, lists and genre-specific searches are available.

17. Riffle




It has been said that Riffle is the “Pinterest of literature.” A smaller version of Goodreads with a Pinterest-like aesthetic is Riffle. The Riffle book suggestion engine proposes people follow once you specify the genres you like and submit a few books you’ve read. If you enjoy the books they suggest, great; if not, it’s simple to unfollow them. You can add more lists to follow and contribute your own as you grow more accustomed to the website and its features.


There are, in my opinion, a lot more web-based options available for book recommendations. Whichbook contains a tonne of criteria, therefore I definitely prefer it while looking for a book. On the other hand, Reddit should be at the top of your list if you have certain requirements, like a novel without the main character or a spooky series. Finally, download Goodreads if you wish to use an app.

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