11 Best Phone Cooling Apps for Android and iOS In 2022

Regardless of the technological equipment in question, heat is always a major deterrent, especially in the case of mobile phones. Longer usage hours cause overheating in many mobile devices due to the increased rpm of the processor fans, which can have a direct impact on the device’s lifespan and lead to hardware degradation. Typically, this is due to poor application management by the phones, in which a background app or process continues to run without permission, draining the battery and causing extra load on the phone’s processor. As a result, we have various on-set apps that assist in cooling down smartphones, and this article will list the best Android and iOS phone cooler apps. Before we continue immediately to the list, let’s examine their method of operation.

11 Best Phone Cooling Apps for Android and iOS In 2022

We have compiled a list of the Best Phone Cooling Apps. Let’s have a look at the list given below.

1. Cooler Master

Cooler Master app


Cooler Master tops our ranking because of its user-friendliness. A simple tap is all it takes to cool down your Android device. As soon as the software is launched, the RAM and CPU percentages are displayed. If the software notifies you that the temperature is unsuitable, tap the blue button below, and Cooler Master will scan your installed programs. You have the option to deselect an app if you believe it is not necessary. To assist in reducing the temperature, clicking the Let’s Cool Down button will close all of the applications on the list. Ensure that your phone is not exposed to direct sunlight during the cooling-off phase, as this will interrupt the process.

2. Phone Cooler CPU Cooler Master

Phone Cooler CPU Cooler Master


A phone Cooler is one of the best Phone Cooling Applications that regulates the temperature of the device while cooling it. Your phone will operate faster because it manages and terminates resource-intensive programs. It reduces the CPU’s workload, hence enhancing performance. The Phone Cooler can improve performance and also addresses and resolves other concerns. The Play store offers it for free.

3. Battery Doctor

Battery Doctor


Battery Doctor is a popular app that extends the life of your phone’s battery and enhances its overall performance. It is also one of the best phone-cooling apps for Android and iOS. In addition, it is an excellent Android phone cooling application that can help you keep your phone free of unnecessary files.

4. Cooling Master – Phone Cooler

Cooling Master


Cooling Master is a formidable addition to the collection of Phone Cooling Apps that reduces temperature and boosts wifi performance. The overheating will soon return to normal, and your CPU’s performance will improve. This software alerts you to power-hungry and heat-generating applications so you can avoid them. If you do not want your favorite app to be uninstalled when cooling your battery, set it in the ignored category. This app also informs you of the current temperature, RAM, and charging condition of your device.

5. All-in-one Toolbox: Cleaner

All-in-one Toolbox: Cleaner


Super Phone Cooler is included with All-in-One Toolbox software and can reduce your smartphone’s temperature while monitoring its overall performance. It is an effective garbage collector that prevents the device from overheating by deleting unnecessary data and cache. This one is ultimately useful for checking the temperature of your gadget.

6. Assistant for Android

Assistant for Android


Assistant for Android is one of the greatest and most comprehensive management tool apps for Android, which helps your Android phone function more efficiently. It is also one of the best applications for clearing caches. It provides you access to 18 of the best functions for managing your smartphone quickly and efficiently, and it keeps your device cool as it deals with overheating issues. In addition, it reveals the programs that impeded performance improvement.

7. CPU Cooler – Antivirus, Clean

CPU Cooler – Antivirus, Clean

This one of the phone cooling applications offers an eye-catching icon that simulates the surrounding cold air. A single glance at the sign has the same effect as a single tap on a mobile phone. The CPU cooler software enables you to quickly identify programs generating heat issues. Depending on your selection, the app will eliminate them so that you can detect a discernible change in the phone’s temperature. In addition to cleaning RAM, regulating CPU temperature, and monitoring energy use, this phone cooler application also defragments RAM. Your phone’s overall performance and speed will increase.

8. CPU Cooler – Cleaner, Booster

CPU Cooler – Cleaner, Booster


Don’t be confused by the resemblance of the names to the previous one. Although it performs a similar function, CPU Cooler – Cleaner, Booster allows you to instantly reduce your phone’s temperature by pressing a single button.

9. Cleaner master – Super cleaner

Cleaner master – Super cleaner


The intelligent cleaner Cleaner Master can help you detect and delete duplicate photos and videos, merge duplicate contacts, and create a backup of your phone’s contacts so that you may eliminate superfluous data and boost performance. It is one of the greatest phone-cooling apps for Android and iOS. This outstanding program removes junk from the phone and addresses issues with lagging and overheating. Positive reviews for the finest Android and iOS phone Cooler apps are flowing in from all over the world. By purchasing a Premium membership, you gain access to more advanced features.

10. Cool Down Phone: Cooling Master & CPU Cooler

Cool Down Phone: Cooling Master & CPU Cooler


It comes as no surprise that this phone cooling app functions similarly to the others on the list. This application functions as a battery cooler and logs all actions without impairing the phone’s performance or needing excessive time. Using the Chill Down Phone: Cooling Master & CPU Cooler application, you can cool your device with a single tap. It analyses, diagnoses, and eliminates any obstacle-causing issue instantly. Users find it easier to use and less complicated.

11. Phone Master–Junk Clean Master

Phone Master–Junk Clean Master


Phone Master – Junk Clean Master is a well-known phone cleaning and cooling application. Cache, junk files, RAM, and other objects are removed by the application’s cleaning function.

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