8 Best Free Document Editing Apps for Android & iOS In 2022

Mobile phones are an integral component of our daily operations. Occasionally, it is extremely important and essential to create or amend a document. If you do not have your laptop with you, you can create and modify documents at any time and place with document editing apps for cell phones.

The main issue is that the market is saturated with document editing applications, making it difficult to choose the best one. Choosing the appropriate document editing application is crucial since it will play a significant part in streamlining your workflow. The superior your editing software, the more you will utilize it.

This article provides a selection of the top document editing apps for mobile devices. Using these applications, you may easily create and edit documents on the fly. Here is a list of the best mobile document editing applications.

8 Best Free Document Editing Apps for Android & iOS In 2022

We have compiled a list of the Best Free Document Editing Apps. Let’s have a look at the list given below.

1. Google Docs

Google Docs


Google Docs is without a doubt one of the greatest document editing tools for mobile devices. The app’s cloud-based functionality enables real-time document creation and editing. The application also enables collaboration with a large group of individuals.

Using Google Docs, you can simply annotate, edit, and correct documents, as well as share them via links and control permissions. The software also permits you to download a document in a variety of formats. It works offline as well, and the user interface is excellent.

2. Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word


Microsoft Word is the next entry on the list. Yes, Microsoft has Office software for smartphones, which is also one of the most well-known document editing tools for smartphones on the market. Similar to the PC version of Microsoft Office, this application makes it simple to edit, create, and view documents. Additionally, the application operates smoothly both online and offline.

The finest aspect of this application is that you do not need to worry about the file type because it supports all of them. Additionally, this software offers excellent integration with Microsoft Teams. So be sure to examine it.

3. OfficeSuite



If you are seeking a basic and intuitive document editing application, Office Suite is an excellent choice. First, the application provides 5 GB of cloud storage for document storage. In addition, it connects well with other cloud services.

Regarding document editing, this application is exceptional. You can search, edit, copy, paste, and delete text with ease. Additionally, the software allows you to create ZIP files, a unique capability.

4. Documents (Office Docs)

Documents (Office Docs)


Documents (Office Docs) is one of the most widely used business applications in the world. This application enables mobile document editing. The application syncs with your iPhone and iPad with ease. Consequently, you can change simple texts and create new documents in any location.

The app’s user interface is excellent and works in both portrait and landscape mode. Regarding document formats, the application supports a variety. Also included are formulas, charts, and graphs. This application allows you to edit documents regardless of your location.

5. Pages



pages you are searching for a document-editing program that enables you to collaborate with your team online and in real-time, you should download Pages. It facilitates the creation and editing of documents on mobile devices.

Using the app’s share functionality, document sharing is effortless and straightforward. The application reveals who is collaborating on the document and can safeguard the original text. Also, it has some nice editing options, so check it out.

6. Evernote



Some of you may consider Evernote to be an odd inclusion on the list. However, Evernote has excellent document editing and file management capabilities. Evernote facilitates the creation and editing of any document.

Evernote’s only drawback is its abundance of in-app purchases, which can be bothersome at times. However, Evernote is also an excellent note-taking application in addition to document editing.

7. SmartOffice – View & Edit MS Office files & PDFs

SmartOffice – View & Edit MS Office files & PDFs


SmartOffice is another excellent, simple, and user-friendly document editing application. Using this application, users may effortlessly generate and edit documents on their cell phones. The application is pretty quick and responsive, and you will love using it.

SmartOffice features excellent templates that may be used, and it also allows you to print from a mobile device. This program allows you to save your document in PDF format as well. Be careful to investigate it.

8. PDF Editor – Sign PDF, Create PDF & Edit PDF

PDF Editor


Every user must deal with PDFs, and this tool is fantastic if you need to alter or add your signature to a PDF. It’s used extensively by the majority of business professionals and has over 100,000 downloads.

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