10 Best Free Ad-Blocking Software for Windows That Are Free

On mobile devices, people utilize browsers and apps for a variety of activities, including watching videos and reading material. However, pop-up advertisements are a problem that everyone must deal with, regardless of the browser or gadget they use.

Although there aren’t many adverts on some websites, most consumers still find them bothersome. Additionally, some advertisements might include malware or dangerous materials.

To stop the persistent stream of adverts when using a website, app, or service at this stage, it’s beneficial to use the Best Ad Blocker plugin, program, or extension. Here, we discuss the top free ad blockers available. Pick the option that best suits your needs.

10 Best Free Ad-Blocking Software for Windows That Are Free

While being utilized, there are several suitable forms of ad blockers for Windows that prevent advertisements from displaying. Most of the options we discovered are compatible with several current browsers. We compiled a list of the top 10 tools for those block adverts that we could find.

1. Avira Browser Safety


Avira Browser Safety


One of the greatest ad blockers for Windows users can utilize to effectively shield themselves from advertising is Avira Browser Safety. Users of the Avira Antivirus program can acquire this add-on for free to help safeguard their browsing and privacy.

Since it prohibits phishing and other harmful websites, Avira Browser Safety’s features focus entirely on ensuring that browsing is secure. It is simple for the system to identify and block an infected ad when it appears.

The add-on service also assures the security of transactions and communications and guards against tracking and browser hijacking. You can also decide what to restrict, including online tracking, advertising, and social media tracking.


  • Automatically blocks risky or too-busy websites.
  • Discovers tracking and blocks it using advertisements.
  • Search for unwanted applications to make their removal easier.
  • Prevents attempts to take control of the system or browser.


  • Changes to settings are simple, thanks to the user interface (UI).
  • The Dark Mode choice is available.
  • The functions are simple to use.


  • This is a free add-on for the Avira antivirus program.
  • Edge users cannot access it.

2. AdBlocker Ultimate


AdBlocker Ultimate


Without question, one of the top ad blockers for Windows users is AdBlocker Ultimate. It is compatible with several browser types and includes powerful features that provide users with the finest security and privacy.

With little hassle, this free browser plugin prevents unwanted adverts, risky websites, and online trackers. Additionally, it lacks the “approved advertisements” option, which allows users to set some adverts on the website to be acceptable.

Users have complete control over the kind of advertisements they view and can add any necessary websites directly to their “safelist.”


  • Users can block specific sections of websites to improve their usability.
  • All of your information is securely protected while you browse.
  • An “advanced allowlist” allows users to directly select which ads to accept or prohibit.
  • Strong ad-blocking software that guards against all forms of advertisements.


  • Use on any device without cost.
  • Simple to ban various ad types.
  • Compatible with several web browser types.


  • There is no pre-set Acceptable advertising.
  • Beginners might initially struggle with it.

3. AdLock




The greatest free ad blocker for consumers to utilize to avoid all kinds of adverts while browsing is AdLock. It safeguards user data and makes it simple to prevent ads and pop-ups on websites. Additionally, the AdLock plugin prevents users from seeing video and crypto mining adverts.

AdLock users can anticipate less energy use and data protection for their mobile devices. This solution searches for broken links as well as bugs and adware. Additionally, it performs an excellent job at concealing all user data.


  • Protects your browser and data from tracking advertising.
  • Eliminates all ad types.
  • While a video is playing, it locates and disables adverts.
  • Additional features, such as a spam alert.


  • Each AdLock package allows users to use several devices.
  • Your money can be refunded.
  • Customer service is available round-the-clock, every day of the week.


  • Does not have the capacity to allow websites to display acceptable advertisements.
  • The best features are found in plans that cost money.

4. Stands Fair AdBlocker


Stands Fair AdBlocker


This is the most effective ad blocker for Windows, and it operates quietly. Although Stands Fair AdBlocker is mostly useful for Chrome users, it is not a browser extension that is compatible with other browsers. However, Stands Fair AdBlocker does an excellent job of blocking adverts when it comes to how it operates.

It effectively guards against a wide range of advertisements, including display ads, adverts on social media platforms, and autoplay video ads. You may also quickly modify the kinds of advertisements and material you want to see, as well as add specific websites to an “allowlist.”


  • Pick the advertisements you want to see.
  • It takes less time to utilize software that is simple to use and doesn’t take up much space.
  • Along with adverts, viruses and trackers are also blocked.
  • Users can approve sponsored websites.


  • Sites with an effective, safe listing feature.
  • Prevents all types of advertising from appearing in browsers.
  • flexible options for ad blocking


  • utilizes just Chrome browsers.
  • Not much to offer.

5. Adblock Plus


Adblock Plus


On the list of the Best Ad Blocker for Windows, Adblock Plus is yet another excellent option. Users can install this to their browser and begin browsing more easily without being bothered by advertising.

It’s a good thing that this plugin isn’t too large because it won’t cause the system to lag. This immediately blocks all intrusive advertisements on websites. You have the option to pick which websites display adverts. Additionally, it is already established which adverts are permitted on which websites.


  • Ads of all kinds, including pop-ups, videos, banners, and others, are prohibited.
  • A browser should be quick to load and simple to use every time you use it.
  • The software automatically permits adverts on a list of websites that are appropriate.
  • It is quick to remove adverts thanks to an easy-to-use interface with lots of capabilities.


  • This is an open-source project.
  • Every feature is free to use.
  • It is compatible with a wide range of browsers.


  • It could make it difficult to get rid of any form of advertisement.
  • There aren’t as many features available here as there are with other selections.

6. AdGuard




One of the finest completely free solutions to block adverts is the AdGuard addon. One of the smallest and most practical ad-blocking browser extensions, it ensures that you can browse without being interrupted by adverts.

All browsers are protected by the program from various ad types, including banner, pop-up, video, text, and interstitial advertising. Users can also block certain components or sections of a website using the built-in ability to block elements.

AdGuard Assistant is a standalone program with powerful filtering capabilities that performs in a similar manner as this addon.


  • It can remove programs that attempt to bypass Adblock.
  • AdGuard disables a variety of adverts, including pop-up, text, and browser-based advertisements.
  • You can use AdGuard Assistant on several desktop computers for comprehensive screening.
  • Data privacy can be preserved in a number of ways.


  • On GitHub, there are both communal and private repositories.
  • Prevents video advertisements.
  • Prevents user-tracking cookies from entering the system.


  • As an extension, it can’t prevent all forms of advertisements and hazardous information on all browsers.
  • Only 14 days of free testing are available for Windows users.

7. Tor Browser


Tor Browser


The best ad blocker for Windows currently on the market is the Tor Browser. It offers customers cutting-edge technologies that shield them from surveillance, prevent tracking, and help them control what they see online. It may be utilized in numerous locations and is multilingual, allowing a large user base worldwide.

This extension can prevent the operation of malicious third-party browser plugins that can access private data, like QuickTime, RealPlayer, and others. For greater privacy, Tor Browser automatically blocks them.


  • Prevents censorship of the material.
  • Protection based on excellent observation.
  • Protection from tracking software or advertisements.
  • Go to Network Settings and create a bridge so you can use this app when you are somewhere that doesn’t support it.


  • Numerous languages are supported, including English, German, French, Finnish, Spanish, and others.
  • Tutorials are a good resource for new software users.
  • Three levels of encryption are used.


  • Because of the inadequate security, there are worries about your safety here.
  • For most folks, not good enough.

8. TrustNav AdBlocker


TrustNav AdBlocker


Another popular ad blocker that many people find beneficial is TrustNav AdBlocker. It is an effective ad-blocking solution that can immediately prevent various advertising from functioning. Whether watching movies or reading blogs, our ad blocker always shields users from intrusive adverts.

The concept behind the web browser software extension is the significance of privacy protection. It accomplishes this by collaborating with search engines, ad networks, and the SafeSearch function of Trustnav Security.


  • On multiple devices, software that doesn’t consume a lot of space will run more quickly.
  • The sophisticated capability to locate and block ads.
  • Pop-up advertisements that automatically close
  • sophisticated controls for ad-blocking video.


  • Simple user interface.
  • Ensures privacy when browsing so that advertisers cannot see what you are doing.
  • A function that makes browsing easier and safer is called SafeSearch.


  • Filters that prevent users from blocking adverts can quickly locate it.
  • Microsoft Edge and other contemporary browsers struggle with it.

9. Privacy Badger


Privacy Badger


A popular Best Ad Blocker alternative that works across all platforms is Privacy Badger. You can download the extension for Firefox, Opera, or Chrome if you have a Windows-based device. The browser add-on is more than simply an ad blocker, though. It emphasizes safeguarding your privacy instead.

Users may prevent third-party adverts from following them when they browse websites, thanks to the addon. The software will ban all adverts from an advertiser if it discovers that they are particularly targeting you and monitoring your internet activity.


  • A third party’s fingerprints can be used to check usage.
  • A “Do Not Track” signal is available for unique ad-blocking features.
  • Advertisements that track you are blocked.
  • It is GPC-compliant if it complies with all of the Global Privacy Control’s guidelines.


  • The software tracks ads and their origins when the learning feature is activated.
  • Before deleting any, it examines all of the browser cookies.
  • The most critical issue is privacy protection.


  • Edge Legacy is no longer supported by it (Microsoft).
  • As a privacy tool, this is more effective than an ad blocker.

10. Ublock Origin


Ublock Origin


It would be inaccurate to refer to Ublock Origin as an ad blocker because it filters a variety of content. But because it accomplishes the same tasks as any top-rated free ad blocker and does them well, it is one of the best solutions.

This little gadget makes sure that users can navigate more quickly. The RAM and CPU of the device are not too taxed. The EasyList feature, which eliminates advertisements, and the EasyPrivacy feature, which prevents tracking, are only two examples of the software’s powerful filters.


  • Open-source.
  • Advanced filtering to remove unnecessary advertising.
  • Protections against malicious software.
  • If you don’t have a VPN, prevent the loading of pre-fetched URLs.


  • It is open to everybody and free to use.
  • You can ban specific advertisements and online pages.
  • Not too hefty and simple to use.


  • Not the best option for those just getting started.
  • Some types of ad blocking present issues.


For the greatest browsing experience, use an ad blocker to remove all the unnecessary advertisements. We believe that Avira Browser Safety and AdBlocker Ultimate are the best ad blockers for Windows, even if all of the aforementioned alternatives are excellent at what they do.

Before selecting one, make sure it is compatible with several browsers to determine which one will benefit you the most. If you have other inquiries regarding the software, look through our other posts similar to this one.

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